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Health Resources & Services Administration Website

The HRSA (Health Resources and Services Administration) Data Warehouse is a website that “provides maps, data, reports, and dashboards to the public about HRSA’s health care programs” (“About,” para. 2) in the public domain. The programs are designed for people who are vulnerable in terms of geographical location, economic, and medical conditions. The website has such information as data on primary health care centers, health workforce shortages, funds programs to maintain maternal and child health, HRSA’s grants and scholarship programs, and many other health services and programs.

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One can view and analyze different types of data, learn more about the HRSA’s supported programs, see detailed results on HRSA activity, and download necessary information (“About”).

The tab called “Find health care” is a tool designed to search for health and organ transplant centers, health care programs, health center controlled networks available within a particular territory. All results can be exported to a PDF or an Excel file. The second tab – “Data” – provides information, in the form of a dashboard, about the HRSA’s impact across the country and both quantitative and qualitative data about the programs and services of HRSA.

The tab “Maps” provides informative maps and a map tool that can be used for someone’s research. Moreover, there is a tab named “Tools” that is a data explorer allowing access to data on grant funding recipients, current grant programs, and shortage designations. One can find reports on different topics according to health care services and programs using the tab “Topics.” Finally, a glossary, frequently asked questions, a site map, and “how-to” videos can be found when one clicks the tab “Help.”

The tools given on the site can be used for the analysis of Nevada. The tool called “Data by geography” is useful for seeking information based on a geographical characteristic. One can use the tool and find out the data that there are 215 shortage areas in Nevada and 54 ones in Clark, and 24 underserved medical areas, and nine ones, respectively. Moreover, the total number of reporting program grantees in 2017 amounted to 7 (“Data by Geography”).

The tool called “Fact sheet map” can be used for comparing the records of Nevada and Clark County with those of the nation regarding HRSA’s activities. According to the results obtained through the tool, in 2018, $9,700,530,910 was allocated for the whole nation, $51,706,177 of which is for Nevada, and $14,619,020 is for Clark. There were 2,672 grantees and 5,139 grants in the context of the country, 22 grantees and 44 grants in Nevada, and ten grantees, and 17 grants in Clark County (“Fact sheet maps”).

In comparison with Nevada and Clark, New York and the Bronx have more shortage and medically underserved areas – 471 and 133 in NY, 43, and 18 the region, respectively. Besides, there were 65 reporting program grantees in New York and eight ones in the Bronx that is more than in Nevada and Clark (“Data by Geography”).

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There are various medical providers of the HRSA program resources for HIV/AIDS in the Bronx, such as the Comprehensive Family Care Center, Jacobi Family Center, the Dominican Sisters Family Centers, and many more. HRSA funds more than 30 health centers in the county (“Find a Ryan White”).


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