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Overview of Health Promotion


Modern society centralizes health promotion and advances it within different spheres of life. Whether a person sees an advertisement of a fitness club or an annual hospital screening, all of this is targeted at promoting wellbeing. Health promotion can be defined as a process that makes people choose healthier life habits and motivates them to become a better version of themselves. There are different strategies and approaches directed towards sustaining health promotion: counseling or educational programs encourage physical activity, healthy diets. Their common goal is to induce population care about health. These programs inform people about the harm of tobacco and alcohol because they undermine the whole body.

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Models of health issues

Many models represent health issues and their distribution. The one model concerns health promotion invented by Nola Pender and applied both theoretically and practically (Fertman & Allensworth, 2017). The model represents a system aimed at motivating people to achieve a better level of wellness. The central concept of the health promotion model is to prevent diseases and enable the function of sustaining better health conditions.

Many existing theories are directed to stimulate people to maintain sound wellness conditions. For the overview of such promotion, I will use the approach of the Health Belief Model that implies investigating the behavior of people who seek to lead a healthy lifestyle (Fertman & Allensworth, 2017). The theory is based on personal beliefs, potential barriers, and benefits (“Module 1: health promotion and disease prevention in rural communities,” n.d.). It presupposes one’s susceptibility to a disease, and the realization of this fact leads a person to a deliberate changing of their lifestyle.

Each health model or program demands research with the assessment provided. The evaluation of health promotion is conditioned by the necessity of documenting data, assessing the quality and effectiveness of the program, and impacts on one’s wellbeing (Eldredge et al., 2016). To carry out the evaluation, it is essential to collect demographic, medical, and biological information, to analyze data and conduct qualitative and quantitative research, and finally to share the evaluation results.


In my opinion, the Health Belief Model is efficient in assessing the movement of health promotion as it targets many health challenges that people face. It includes genuinely useful implementations concerning personal skills, knowledge, and self-efficacy. The other advantage of this model is that it can be applied in combination with different models and theories. This model is crucial for understanding human behavior and reactions.


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