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  1. Religious Values of Peace and War in Islam and Christianity
    The paper proves that it is not the religious beliefs that define people’s existential mode, but people’s racial affiliation defines the essence of their religious beliefs
  2. Mecca and Meccan Society Before Islam
    After the rise of Islam, Mecca developed exponentially. This paper discusses the Meccan society before the rise of Islam.
  3. Hristianity and Islam Differences and Similarities
    Islam and Christianity are monotheistic religions which originate from Judaism. Both religions refer to The Old Testament as the relevant source and the origin of beliefs.
  4. Religious Syncretism: Islam and Hinduism
    Religious Syncretism entails the integration of two religious beliefs into new system. This paper will explain how Sikhism originated, its doctrines and practices and how it has grown.
  5. Islam: Understanding the Religion
    Islam is followed by fully one-fifth of people in the world, and its essence is encrypted into the Quran, the holy book for all the Muslims.
  6. Muslim Culture in the “Islam in America” Movie
    This discussion gives a detailed reflection of the movie “Islam in America” to support arguments that Islam is a religious faith of peace.
  7. Qur’an, Sunnah, and Hadith in Islam
    The Qur’an, the Sunnah, and the Hadith are the three sacred texts that Muslims value and use for assessing the ethical behavior to be embraced in their societies.
  8. “Islam in America” BBC Documentary
    For the benefit of the one billion faithful Muslims all over the world, it is imperative to redefine Islam based on an idealistic interpretation of the said religion.
  9. Malcolm X and the Nation of Islam
    Malcolm X’s tragic death following the animosity between him and the NOI reveals that he had differed with the organization’s principles, and the leaders were not pleased.
  10. Cultural Misunderstanding in “Islam in America” Film
    The primary purpose of the paper is to focus on the movie Islam in America and provide reflection regarding discussed subjects.
  11. The Concept of Death in Islam
    According to Islam, death is the soul’s return to its creator, who is Allah. Thus, this religion regards human life as a complex of severe trials, which always end in death.
  12. Modern Morocco: Islam, Society, and Politics
    Morocco is a country with a history that has absorbed millennia of traditions into its culture. The imprint of several ancient civilizations can be strongly felt in it.
  13. Islam and the Rise of the Islamic Community in the US
    Islam in America is a growing community with people from different racial and ethnic backgrounds. One reason for the rise of the Muslim community in America may be marginalized minorities.
  14. Islam in Zaid Shakir’s and Reza Aslan’s Views
    Though Islamic the fastest growing religion in the world, it is remains shrouded by ignorance and fear. This paper discusses what the essence of this ancient faith is.
  15. Islam and Politics’ Relations
    The political processes, ideas, and views of Islam were directly influenced by religion, so it is important to study different political roles played by key actors in Islam.
  16. Sufism: Islam’s Contribution to Metaphysics
    This study endeavored to investigate the impact of Sufism on the larger religious model and to elucidate the contribution that Islam has made to the study of metaphysics via its ascetic arm, the practice of Sufism.
  17. Islam in America: History and Present-Day Status
    Historians do not know exactly when the first Muslims came to the USA. The earliest migration is believed to take place at the beginning of the 14th century.
  18. “The Crisis of Islam: Holy War and Unholy Terror” by Lewis
    Lewis’ book “The Crisis of Islam: Holy War and Unholy Terror” narrates the complex history of Islam and how most of its followers continue to reject modernism.
  19. Fear of Communism and Islam
    Joseph McCarthy was famous for his anti-communist rhetoric that resulted in the emergence of a trend called McCarthyism.
  20. Truman’s Speech on Fear of Communism and Islam
    The speech was a direct attack on President Truman’s foreign policy, which McCarthy claimed was treasonous because it allowed communist sympathizers to run the State Department.

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  1. Anti-Communist and Anti-Islam Rhetoric
    One of the bright examples of such manipulation is the cultivation of the irrational fear of communism during the Cold War by Senator Joseph McCarthy.
  2. Aniconism in “The Hidden Art of Islam” Documentary
    The Hidden Art of Islam is devoted to the history of aniconism in Muslim culture and its influence on Arabic calligraphy, geometry, design, and contemporary art inspired by Islam.
  3. Pillars of Islam Compared to Ten Commandments
    There are certain similarities between the Ten Commandments and the pillars of Islam in regard to the direction in which they are geared.
  4. Islam’s Fast Expansion: Strong Leadership or Merits?
    Early leaders of Muslims, together with the ideologies of the Muslims, played a key role in the expansion of Muslims.
  5. Middle Eastern History: The Five Pillars of Islam
    Islam is currently the second-largest and fastest-growing religion in the world. The pillars and tents are all vital to the basic coherence and purification of all Muslims.
  6. Hinduism Judaism, Christianity, and Islam: Comparison
    This paper compares Hinduism on the one part, and Judaism, Christianity, and Islam on the other part based on the existent points commonality in the Abrahamic religions.
  7. Judaism, Christianity, Islam as World Religions
    Judaism, Christianity, and Islam can be called world religions, which is contrary to specific national religions such as Hinduism and Buddhism have an international character.
  8. History of Islam: The World with Only 100 Muslims
    The history of Islam started from one single person that was Muhammad (P.B.U.H.) that came up bringing Islam as the last religion with a revealed book Quran.
  9. Ibn Khaldun’s Understanding of Civilizations and the Dilemmas of Islam and the West Today
    “Ibn Khaldun’s Understanding of Civilizations and the Dilemmas of Islam and the West Today”, strive for the idea of the peaceful coexistence of Islamic and Western civilizations.
  10. Islam and Muslims’ Life in Xinjiang Province, China
    In order to restore peace in Xinjiang’s autonomy, the government must respect Muslims and provide them with equal economic and social opportunities.
  11. Major Religions of the Modern World: Islam
    This paper discusses Islam as one of the major religions of the world today, the origin of Islam, and the authors of the Koran, the religious book used among the Muslim faithful.
  12. Christianity, Islam and Judaism Similarities
    The main factor in the three religions is that they are all Abrahamic religions. They identify with the same spiritual father called Abraham, the father to Isaac and Ishmael.
  13. Similarities and Differences Between Islam and Hinduism
    This paper answered the questions pertaining to the similarities between Hinduism and Islam and also the differences between the two.
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