Human Resource Management Seminars

In the field of Human Resource Management, seminars are often perceived as effective tools of communicating organizational ideas or introducing new thought systems and technologies to selected audience (Naik 2009, para. 1). Their effectiveness is dependent on a multiplicity of factors that will be discussed in this paper. It is imperative to note that the cultural orientation and values of the attendees should be put into consideration when planning for a seminar. As the author of the article suggests, the ultimate priority focal point of any successful seminar program should be the careful selection of candidates. Below, this paper attempts to evaluate the author’s assertions about conducting seminars while making reference to Thai HR Environment.

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While it is true that observation and measuring techniques are essential tools in conducting a seminar, it is inappropriate to insinuate that anyone can be effective in conducting seminar sessions. Human resource professionals are in agreement that a successful seminar can only be achieved through thorough preparation of the presentation’s materials and resources (Naik 2009, para. 2). In Thailand, such preparations should consider cultural and religious alterations and influences since over 85% of the citizens are practicing Buddhists who view religion as a way of life (Gross 2001, para. 1). Adequate preparation is necessary to avoid any cultural, religious or legal misunderstanding.

I agree with the author that the right type of audience need to be invited to the interview using emotionally compelling themes and phrases. The author’s assertions that the audience selected should have time to attend the seminar, have some emotionally obliging issues that needs urgent attention, and have access to money are all in order. First, the HR seminar may serve no purpose at all if the targeted audience have no time to attend the sessions or are financially drained.

In modern times, some seminars are viewed as profit-making enterprises where HR professionals charge a fee to induct critical information and skills to employees and professionals in various fields (Shenson 1990, p. 53). In such seminars, it is critical to evaluate the availability and financial capacity of the target audience. I agree with the author’s assertion that retirees and business owners have the right financial capacity.

However, seminar organizers should go beyond that to evaluate the willingness of the target audience to use their financial resources on seminars. The audience may have the right kind of financial capacity but lack the ingrained culture of attending seminars. As such, it should be the duty of seminar organizers to cultivate a positive culture of attending seminars among its target audience before convening the seminar sessions (Shenson 1990, p. 28).

It is imperative for the seminar organizers to come up with an emotionally compelling topic that promises to address some problems or issues experienced by the audience. Indeed, the topic for your seminar should be hot, timely, and significant to your target audience. This way, the topic is more likely to spur attention from the audience, resulting in high attendance (Davis 2009, para. 4). In Thailand, topics in labor laws, benefits, HR management, staffing and employee performance still attracts a large audience especially in organizations. It is also totally in order for the author to assert that seniors and business owners forms the best target audience.

However, I feel that business managers should also be included in the target audience since their organizations are likely to sponsor them financially. Also, they have some emotionally compelling issues relating to the nature of their work. In Thailand, many HR managers are still struggling to deal with cultural and religious barriers that exist in work environments (Gross 2001, para. 8). The seminar topic or invitation is critically related to the emotionally compelling issues held by the target audience. The audience need answers to these issues, and may have waited for a long time for an opportunity to arise. As such, an emotionally compelling topic will invite an audience with emotionally compelling issues to the right place for the seminar.

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This method can be used in a HR seminar. HR professionals will attest the fact that human resource departments are filled with emotionally compelling issues since they are directly related to the management and wellbeing of employees. The departments deals with employee issues relating to benefits, compensation, salaries, job descriptions, policies and procedures, hiring, terminations, labor issues, performance, among others (Hot Topics 2007).

These are emotive issues that relates directly to the wellbeing of the employees and ultimately to the performance and productivity of organizations. The right type of audience must be invited to the seminar. Such an audience may include HR managers, line managers, and supervisors. As already mentioned, such audiences have emotionally compelling issues relating to their employees. They also have the right amount of money needed since they can be sponsored by their respective organizations.

It should be noted that a good seminar presentation using well prepared slides cannot do any harm. However, the nitty-gritty of how the seminar should be presented should never override the need to search for the right kind of audience. After all, HR seminars should focus more on the audience as agents of change.

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