Cultural Diversity Audit for Grant Thornton Website


Currently, many organizations strive to embrace cultural diversity so that all their stakeholders can feel welcomed. However, achieving cultural diversity can sometimes be challenging. This essay, therefore, carries out an audit on the Grant Thornton International Web site evaluating its efforts to embrace cultural diversity. From the onset, the Web site asserts that the company’s working environment allows personal and professional growth to its stakeholders without discriminating based on race, religion, gender, or any other aspect of cultural diversity. As such, the Web site strives to operate in a relatively socially responsible way (Bakers, 2016).

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The accessibility of diversity-related material on Grant Thornton International Web site

The company’s slogan, ‘An Instinct for Growth’, alludes that the firm is committed to the best practices, which include embracing cultural diversity to ensure best results (Grant Thorton LLP., 2016). The only direct link on the homepage is the supplier diversity located at the bottom of the page. Additionally, indirect links leading to diversity-related materials on the homepage include the ‘Careers’ and ‘People’.

The ‘Careers’ link shows that the organization is committed to creating a conducive working environment for people of all cultures. The company’s employment policies promote equity and equality in employment. All employee’s development exercises, from recruiting to termination, are done fairly and without regard to any aspect of primary or secondary dimensions of cultural diversity. Under the ‘People’ link, it is evident that the people working for the firm cut across all races, gender, and age among other aspects of cultural diversity.

Further, results from the search box reveal considerably huge diversity-related materials. For instance, cultural diversity is emphasized in supply policies. Procurement opportunities are given to all regardless of minority group status or gender. As such, Grant Thornton’s Supplier Diversity Initiative ensures that certified firms owned by the minority and women get fair chances in supplying (Grant Thorton LLP., 2016). Additionally, the firm can outsource and use search engines to supplement data collection on cultural diversity-related issues (WordStream, n.d.).

Decisively, it is evident that the Grant Thornton International Web site is committed to diversity and inclusion due to the relatively available diversity-related materials.

Usefulness/pertinence/significance of the cultural diversity material

Information is said to be suitable when it is available when needed. Information is pertinent in the data analysis process (IGI Global, 2016). The material on the Web site can be termed useful. Potential employees can easily access the firm’s policies on hiring and cultural diversity. Conversely, suppliers can get informed through the Supplier Diversity Initiative on what is needed for them to secure procurement opportunities regardless of their gender or location, size, or any other aspects of diversity. Lastly, customers can see that the firm is committed to delivering the best services to all.

The firm aims for the best talents and adopting the best practices for global growth. As such, diversity materials available on the Web site show some correspondence to the firm’s mission, core values, and the ‘Instinct for Growth’ logo. Additionally, the company can achieve its mission while being socially responsible (Global Alliance, 2016).

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The Grant Thornton International Web site has somewhat up-to-date diversity-related materials. Some of the materials are as current as 2016. From the press release link, for instance, the firm has tried to include diversity in the top management such as the appointment of Vishal Chawla (from a minority race) in the Cyber Risk Advisory Services. Additionally, diversity policies material on suppliers is dated 2014 and, therefore, is relatively current.

Appropriateness of the photographs and graphic material

Primary dimensions

Grant Thornton uses appropriate pictures and graphic materials in its Web site. For instance, the main Web site shows a picture of the Global CEO. In addition, the ‘Meet our people’ page has real portraits of the executives with various positions from around the globe. All photos of persons are shown in black and white colors.

Grant Thornton’s ‘Locations’ have “over 42,000 employees spread across more than 130 countries” (Grant Thorton LLP., 2016, p. 1). A global map with various striking colors running uniformly is used to represent all employees. In this respect, one can conclude that Grant Thornton has not violated cultural boundaries and, therefore, it abides by cultural norms while ensuring that portraits and graphics are appealing to all visitors globally.

Secondary dimensions

The photos used in Grant Thornton Web site are not in any way provocative to the global community. They are acceptable to the public. For instance, it reflects a young woman as a possible candidate for a vacant position while an experienced executive is used for the same person. Thus, the company promotes gender equality and perhaps encourages females to apply.

Relationship to text

The graphics used also to support the intended text. For instance, one can see the global map and read the nearby text to strike the link between the two. This also applies to the ‘Career’ page in which texts support the two photos used. Hence, it is not difficult for users to interpret the intended meanings.

Reuse of graphics

The graphics used in Grant Thornton Web site are original and, therefore, do not infringe any copyrights.


Potential employee

Grant Thornton believes in creating a great place to work for potential employees. As such, it focuses on “attracting and retaining the best diverse talents” (Grant Thorton LLP., 2016, p. 1). Religion, race, disability, age, sexual orientation, gender, or any other issues related to diversity cannot deter personal and professional growth at the company. The company promotes a culture of collaboration, inclusiveness, and robustness to encourage employee contribution.

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For recruits, Grant Thornton wants to promote recruitment and retention of employees from diverse backgrounds, advance partnership and leadership roles through diversity consideration, encourage the use of unique individual attributes at work, and promote personal development at various stages of personal careers. These aspects of diversity demonstrate that Grant Thornton understands the needs of potential employees.

Grant Thornton takes a particular interest in women. Consequently, it has established the ‘Women at Grant Thornton’ program to promote women’s leadership.

Potential customer

Although there is no direct link to potential customers on diversity issues, Grant Thornton focuses seriously on providing a diverse range of inspiration and generous corporate social responsibility activities to communities in which it serves. As such, the company works with charity organizations, supports education, healthcare, and protects the environment among other activities.

These aspects of corporate social responsibility generally appeal to potential customers.

Potential supplier or subcontractor

At Grant Thornton, Grant Thornton’s Supplier Diversity Initiative offers procurement chances for qualified minorities and businesses owned by women. The company recognizes that supplier diversity is vital to its ultimate success. These initiatives account for procurement practices and reflect responsible practices. The Diversity Initiative offers economic opportunities for growth and ensures that the company remains a leader in the community. Overall, it ensures that the supply chain is revamped through competition, strengthens local economies, and develops shared interests with critical suppliers. All suppliers must be eligible and understand registration requirements to participate.

Internal Management Issues

The Board of Governors is responsible for overall authority and consists of individuals from Grant Thornton member firms worldwide. This approach ensures that all countries, races, cultures, nationalities, sex, gender, and ages among others are represented on the board.

Grant Thornton is a global company with senior executives. The executives have formed the global leadership team (GLT) to guide and promote the execution of the company’s global strategy. The CEO provides leadership for this team, which is a full-time management team responsible for the daily activities of the organization.

The communication aspect is not hierarchical, but rather is devolved and based on an agile approach to allow managers in various countries to make short, quick decisions to meet the needs of customers fast.

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The management team is responsible for promoting quality in all aspects of organizational operations, including tax, assurance, and advisory services globally.

The diversity approach has made Grant Thornton a truly global firm as reflected in its presence in over 130 countries.

Diversity Awards

Criteria and selection process

Grant Thornton has created a reputable brand that offers a unique combination of a global scale and technical excellence; focused attention from senior partners and executives; an agile approach; and a real interest in enhancing growth. Consequently, the company has won several awards, including World Most Attractive Employers Universum 2015; Top Companies for Executive Women 2015; Working Mother 2014; Ideal Employer in the US among students 2014; Oracle Excellence Award 2014; and MPF Awards for Management Excellence 2014.

Sponsoring organization

Grant Thornton has developed a commitment plan to engage local communities in what it refers to as ‘growing together in the community’. The company wants to promote individual involvement to demonstrate its possible impacts on local communities. Hence, several inspiring individuals from Grant Thornton globally have engaged in offering innovative and resourceful services to communities in which they live and work. Grant Thornton offers education, healthcare, environmental protection, financial education to students, and steering growth in local communities by working with other stakeholders (Plewa & Quester, 2011).


The paper audited cultural diversity at Grant Thornton International Web site. It can be observed that the Grant Thornton Web site presents issues of cultural diversity on both primary and secondary levels with the expected standards. As such, the company is culturally sensitive to diversity as it relates to employees, potential employees, potential suppliers, and communities in which it operates. That is, any person, irrespective of cultural issues, age, sex, gender, physical challenge, sexual orientation, religion, nationality, and race among others can apply for a position and get fair consideration at Grant Thornton.

Grant Thornton has created a great workplace by embracing all aspects of diversity that make it unique. Consequently, it recruits and retains top-class employees, women, individuals with disabilities, and minorities irrespective of their cultural orientation. Diversity and inclusion at the company have ensured that it can work well with local communities, suppliers, and recruit and retain professionals globally. It creates partnerships with professionals with diverse backgrounds and encourages such individuals to use their unique attributes to enhance productivity. Diversity is also developed to improve the personal and professional growth of employees while promoting women’s leadership.


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