Human Resources Sergeant in the Profession of Arms


It is not easy to define what it means to be a Profession. It encompasses the values, ethos, cultural aspects one can find in codes and creeds. An Army leader is a figure who needs to comprehend these guiding principles, accept them, and apply them to practice in any setting or environment. They not only illustrate what a Soldier is but also serve as a basis for maintaining the Profession of Arms (U.S. Army, 2010).

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There were quite a few conflicts in recent decades, and the US Army did not let down the trust of the American people. The Profession includes specialists who have certification in terms of land combat power and apply these skills and knowledge ethically (U.S. Army, 2010). Experts in the field of Human Resources (HR) provide administrative support to personnel; they are responsible for keeping and updating records and reports, maintaining healthcare records, and so on. In their job, experts contribute to maintaining peace and order on the American territories.

Further Discussion

All Army Leaders need to be able to balance between the different duties they have in their roles. HR Sergeants have the liability to keep an equilibrium between the level of responsibility of the profession’s HR Leaders (U.S. Army, 2010). The first aspect of the balancing role is related to the need to harmonize the interaction between the field of the Army. In addition, experts need to coordinate current and prospective operating environments. HR Sergeants make sure the Army possesses sufficient resources and staff. In addition, this role requires Sergeants to ensure no events or occurrences can threaten peace and security in the world (U.S. Army, 2010).

Another area of responsibility is facilitating the interaction between the culture and climate and implementing the existing institutional practices and strategies. This aspect implies that HR Sergeants have an impact on the Army specialists in terms of their well-being, emotional and psychological condition, and dedication. That is, HR experts, affect Army culture and climate directly.

Further on, HR Sergeants need to make sure they do their best in promoting the profession. They have the responsibility, as well as the opportunity, to advance the profession in various corporate management systems (Lucas, 2016). Experts execute control over staff development and have the authority and resources to stimulate individuals wishing to become Army professionals to reach their professional and career goals.

Moreover, HR Sergeant ensures tasks are delegated appropriately, and human resources are engaged in activities in accordance with the level of their expertise (Steadman, 2018). Soldiers operating in human resources coordinate and evaluate work and specify promotional strategies. In addition to that, HR experts are responsible for handling leaves, awards, and personnel readiness. Therefore, HR Sergeant not only handles soldier issues but also provides information management and ensures the well-being and security of soldiers.

Concluding Points

Thus, the role of the HR Sergeant is quite simple and complex at the same time. On the one hand, their goal is to balance the role of HR leaders and maintain the Army culture. On the other hand, this area of practice entails various liabilities. Sergeants need to assist in reaching the balance in the leadership role while promoting the profession and the provisions of this professional culture. Sergeants take on leadership roles in guiding and supervising junior soldiers. They also protect the values stressed in codes and implement the current practices and strategies. These responsibilities are essential prerequisites for achieving a mutual goal, which is protecting the US people.

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