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The Army as a Profession of Arms


Human Resource Sergeants possess one of the varied roles in the military, and they should be capable of changing quickly in order to stay relevant. Human Resource Sergeants are the leader’s and troops’ direct lines of communication. Describing the essence of Human Resource in the Army, the paper is written in accordance with the “AG Effective Writing Handbook,” emphasizing that army language and text should be clear, brief, well-organized, and concise (Adjutant General School, 2013). The strength of the Profession of Arms is driven by Human Resources Sergeants, and the main objective of a Human Resource Sergeant is to acquire the trust and confidence of fellow service members.

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What it Means to Be a Profession

A profession is an organized set of people who follow ethical guidelines and present themselves as. They are recognized by the general public as having specialized knowledge and abilities in a well-established body of information. This domain can be obtained from high-level investigation, education, and certification, as well as those who are willing to employ their knowledge and expertise in the service of others. An ethics code can guide the actions of each profession, which is implicit in the general concept of a profession. Such codes impose standards of conduct and behavior that go beyond an individual’s subjective ethical responsibility.

The Balancing Role of the Profession’s Leaders

If Human Resource Sergeants fail to fulfill their responsibilities, the squad and Commander will lack trust in them and stop relying on them. The link they form with the division is dependent on how they use their competencies as Human Resources Sergeants in an ethical and outstanding manner. The Human Resources Sergeant is responsible for balancing the role or function of the Profession’s leaders. If Human Resource Sergeants are not cooperating with the unit, the Army will not be able to put troops where required. This is referred to as Man the Force, which is an HR core competence that is defined as an activity affecting an organization’s preparedness (Department of the Army, 2021). To highlight improvements and losses, the Human Resources Sergeant utilizes monitoring methods, for instance, reports.

The Army Professional Culture

Since the Army’s professional culture can shift, Human Resource Sergeants should enforce the standards and requirements. Technology and conflict are two causes that generally drive it to alter. Human Resources Sergeants must be adaptable leaders as a result of this. The responsibilities of a Human Resource Sergeant when assigned vary from those of a Human Resource Sergeant in a permanent setting. Human Resources Sergeants should pay particular attention to accuracy and guarantee that all job is completed correctly when deployed.

The HR Sergeant’s Role in the Army Profession

Sergeants in Human Resources play a pivotal role in the military industry. Human Resources Sergeants elicit, present, and summarize critical information for army rulership. In reality, they notify authorities and commanders on the practice’s capabilities, casualties, preparedness, mental wellness, and recreation assistance, as well as mobilization and redeployment activities. In terms of communication, a message, a memorandum, and a note are the three types of correspondence approved for use inside the Army under the rule (Department of the Army, 2020). The professional can apportion risk among the contending aims of mission completion, force protection, and preventing injury to non-combatants and innocents by using the standards of prudence, discrimination, and appropriateness (Dempsey, 2010). Thus, the Human Resources Sergeant should earn the division’s and Commander’s respect in order to be able to coordinate various activities.


To summarize, a Profession is a group of people who are structured and exhibit themselves in a certain way. The Human Resources Sergeant is in charge of ensuring that the roles and functions of the Profession’s leaders are balanced. Human Resource Sergeants should enforce the norms and criteria since the Army’s professional culture can alter. In the military, sergeants in Human Resources perform a critical role. Sergeants in Human Resources gather, present, and summarize essential information for army command.


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