76 Acquisition Essay Topics

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🏆 Best Essay Topics on Acquisition

  1. Federal Acquisition Regulation and Contract Provisions
    This essay explores the Federal Acquisition Regulation and contract provisions for protection. It reviews standard default clause to delay provisions and contract changes.
  2. Baker Hughes and Halliburton Companies: Mergers and Acquisition
    This paper explores strategies used to merge Baker Hughes with Halliburton. It also evaluates potential mergers and acquisition that can increase shareholders value.
  3. Computer Data Acquisition Related Issues
    The paper considers the knowledge of workstations and application-based file systems, application-oriented data acquisition methods, application-driven data forensic tools.
  4. Federal Acquisition Regulation Competition Requirements
    The purpose of this paper is to analyze the checklists that should be considered when acquiring a new tax processing software system at the Internal Revenue Service.
  5. Yahoo! Inc.’s Acquisition of Tumblr
    This paper embraces the circumstances that led to the acquisition of Tumblr by Yahoo! and the significance of the acquisition.
  6. Merger & Acquisition vs. Other Growth Strategies
    There is a steady increase in acquisitions and mergers as opposed to joint ventures in the sphere of IT and High-technology.
  7. Purchase or Lease Decision: Concrete Mixer Acquisition
    This study uses the Net Present Value to decide on the options of hiring or buying a mechanize concrete mixer for the hypothetical Concrete Masters Company, in New York.
  8. Managerial Economics: Mergers and Acquisitions
    This paper discusses the questions of mergers in the banking industry and other issues related to managerial economics by using Samuelson and Marks book.
  9. INA Corp.’s Acquisition in Islamic Republic of Iran
    A company that is an affiliate of the INA Corporation acquired significant ownership of an Iranian insurance company. It acquired 20 percent ownership in shares of Bimek Shargh.
  10. Why Do Acquisitions Sometimes Fail?
    When a firm proposes to buy the shares of another similar firm, it is called acquisition. The business acquisition has its challenges that hamper the success of the business deal.
  11. Pivotal Group and Sterling Chemicals, Inc.: Acquisition Strategy
    Two companies, Pivotal Group and Sterling Chemicals Inc., have resorted to using acquisition as the first strategy to increase market presence as well as widen brand name.
  12. Licensing, Joint Venturing, Mergers or Acquisitions
    Licensing is beneficial and especially when applied globally, as the market of the product is extended to the world.
  13. International Merger and Acquisition
    The success or failure of any merger depends on human resource management of the merging companies.HRM have significant impacts on international mergers.
  14. Impact of Acquisition: Amazon and Whole Foods
    The benefits of acquisition between Amazon and Whole Foods cannot be ignored. Both companies may discover new opportunities and improve their current positions in the market.
  15. Skype Limited Acquisition: Qik
    One of the surprise acquisition announcements that was made and closed within a single month was the acquisition of Qik by Skype Limited.
  16. Corporate Mergers and Acquisitions
    This research paper will focus on exploring how corporate mergers and acquisitions affect a company’s financial well-being and the effectiveness of the employee’s performance.

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  1. Acquisition of Foreign Companies
    The Asia-Pacific region is the most suitable to acquire a firm. This market is the fastest-growing region in the world.
  2. Starbucks: Merger and Acquisition Financing
    Companies such as Starbucks may use the strategy to merge or acquire larger corporations than them, such as Nestle.
  3. Lenovo’s Acquisition of IBM
    The given paper is going to demonstrate that the deal occurred but Lenovo also challenges after the acquisition and problems coming from China.
  4. Search Warrant and Data Acquisition
    it is essential to pack printouts and documentation as they often contain information about passwords or suspects’ plans.
  5. Mergers and Acquisitions: Time Warner Example
    Mergers and acquisition is a corporate strategy commonly used to increase the capabilities of different companies in the market.
  6. Mergers and Acquisitions in Business
    The process of mergers and acquisitions poses major challenges to the parties involved as it can be quite chaotic if adequate strategies are not instituted.
  7. The Role of Mergers and Acquisitions for the Financial Performance of Banco Santander
    This study examines the impact of mergers and acquisitions on the performance of Santander Group of banks between 2002 and 2010.
  8. Acquisitions and Total Shareholder Returns
    Acquisitions and cash stockpiling to be among the most beneficial strategy for improving total shareholder returns (TSR) of 2012.
  9. Designer Michael Kors’ Acquisition of Versace
    The paper states that the companies collaboration may lead to economic benefits, whereas Michael Kors will earn the spot in the luxury niche and Versace will become more modern.
  10. Mergers and Acquisitions in the Health-Care Industry
    Mergers and Acquisitions are becoming a common trend within the corporate arena and the same may be said of the health industry.
  11. Concepts of Mergers and Acquisitions
    Several new terminologies associated with global business have been seen to crop up. Mergers and acquisitions are such new terms that have gained much dominance in the last years.
  12. Contract Managers’ Code of Ethics in Acquisition
    In this paper, the discussion will be about defining, explaining and defending the importance of the code of ethics in contract managers.
  13. Mergers and Acquisitions in the Banking Sector
    This paper discusses mergers in the banking sector, reasons for a wave of mergers between banks, and difficulties that acquiring banks may face in the future.
  14. Apple Inc.’s Possibility of Merger and Acquisition
    The best choice for Apple concerning merger or acquisition is Samsung. This company has heavily invested in stocks and has a good record of financial performance.
  15. Oracle-Sun Merger: Mergers and Acquisitions
    Mergers and acquisitions usually characterize business expansions and strategies aimed at managing overhead costs as well as increasing the range of benefits accrued.
  16. Vipshop Holdings Limited: Merger and Acquisition
    Vipshop Holdings Limited is a Chinese online retailing company specialized in selling popular brands’ clothes, goods, and apparel.

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  1. Accounting and the State: Consequences of Merger and Acquisition Accounting in the U.S. Hospital Industry
  2. Competition and Strategic Information Acquisition in Credit Markets
  3. Accounting for Collective Action: Resource Acquisition and Mobilization in British Unions
  4. Bank Deregulation and Acquisition Activity: The Cases of the US, Italy, and Germany
  5. Acquirer’s Return and the Choice of Acquisition Targets: Does Acquisition Experience Matter?
  6. Merger and Acquisition Activity as Driver of Spatial Clustering: The Spatial Evolution of the Dutch Banking Industry, 1850–1993
  7. European Family Firms and Acquisition Propensity: A Comprehensive Analysis of the Legal System’s Role
  8. Acquisition, Assessment, and Use of Business Information by Small- And Medium-Sized Businesses: A Demand Perspective
  9. Workforce Integration and the Dissipation of Value in Mergers: The Case of USAir’s Acquisition of Piedmont Aviation
  10. Acquisition for Public Stockholding: WTO Rules, Country Interests, and Negotiating Pressures
  11. Contested Lands and Contentious Lines: Land Acquisition for the Railways in the Late Nineteenth and Early Twentieth-Century Delhi
  12. Brand Image’s Attitude and Perceptions Toward a Brand During the Course of an Acquisition in the UK Clothing Industry
  13. Foreign Direct Investment and International Merger and Acquisition Activity
  14. Disagreement and the Informativeness of Stock Returns: The Case of Acquisition Announcements
  15. Acquisition Versus Greenfield: The Impact of the Mode of Foreign Bank Entry on Information and Bank Lending Rates
  16. Economic Action Does Not Take Place in a Vacuum: Understanding Cisco’s Acquisition and Development Strategy
  17. Malaysian Acquiring Firms’ Shareholders’ Wealth Effect Following Cross-Border Acquisition
  18. Assessing Organizational Diagnostic Models for Use by Microsoft Following the Acquisition of Skype
  19. Factors Affecting the Long-Term Post-Acquisition Performance of BRICS Firms Engaging in Cross-Border Mergers and Acquisitions
  20. Economic Nationalism and Foreign Acquisition Completion: The Case of China
  21. Auto Service Stores Industry in Mexico: Theory of Industry Applied to the Acquisition of Giant Stores
  22. Business Cycles and Acquisition Policy: Analysis of M&A Deals of Metallurgical Companies

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  1. Acquirer Valuation and Acquisition Decisions: Identifying Mispricing Using Short Interest
  2. The Merger and Acquisition Process in the Electricity and Gas Industry
  3. Access Profit-Sharing Regulation With Information Transmission and Acquisition
  4. Customer Acquisition and Keeping Customers in Today’s Volatile Market
  5. Merger and Acquisition Market: From World Experience to National Practice
  6. Evaluating the Causal Effect of Foreign Acquisition on Domestic Performances: The Case of Slovenian Manufacturing Firms
  7. How Distress Acquisition Incentivized by Government Purchases of Distressed Loans Affect Bank Default Risk
  8. Banking and the Acquisition of Toxic Assets by the US Government
  9. Foreign Acquisition and Employment Effects in Swedish Manufacturing
  10. Acquisition and Joint Venture Behavior of Swedish Manufacturing Firms
  11. International Acquisition Accounting Method and Corporate Multinationalism: Evidence From Foreign Acquisitions
  12. Determinants and Performance Impacts of External Technology Acquisition
  13. Acquisition, Insolvency, and Managers in UK Small Companies
  14. International Joint Venture Acquisition by a Foreign or Local Partner
  15. Business Law: The Acquisition of Land by Foreign Entities in Egypt
  16. The Acquisition Machine: How Hanson Turns Around Non-profitable Organizations
  17. Acquisition Prices and the Measurement of Intangible Capital
  18. Firms’ Information Acquisition With Heterogeneous Consumers and Trend
  19. Acquisition Targets and Motives in the Banking Industry
  20. Investor Recognition and Post‐Acquisition Performance of Acquirers
  21. Buying, Renting, and Sharing: Investigating New Forms of Acquisition
  22. Foreign Acquisition, Domestic Acquisition, and Plant Survival
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