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  1. American Airlines’ and US Airways Merger
    The merger between American Airlines and US Airways was attributed to various reasons, particularly countering intense competition and increase capabilities in several fronts.
  2. United States Banking Merger Relevance
    In the banking sector, mergers and takeovers have become very common. In this paper, the researcher will look at the relevance of banking mergers in the modern market.
  3. Baker Hughes and Halliburton Companies: Mergers and Acquisition
    This paper explores strategies used to merge Baker Hughes with Halliburton. It also evaluates potential mergers and acquisition that can increase shareholders value.
  4. EU Regulations of Merger between EU and Chinese Companies
    While examining mergers and acquisitions, European regulators pay close attention to the risk of dominance. Much attention is paid to restrictive practices and monopolistic behavior.
  5. Bancolombia, Conavi, Corfinsura Merger’s Cultural Issues
    With the merger of Bancolombia, Bancolombia, Conavi, and Corfinsura, the new bank that was in place has a challenge in the area of human resource.
  6. Banking Merger, Its Benefits and Consequences
    The paper seeks to discuss the effects of mergers in the banking industry on the public especially in the United Kingdom.
  7. Eastern Bank and First Bank & Trust Company Merger
    The Eastern Bank Corporation and the First Bank & Trust Company have different human resources policies. For the merger, a general HR management strategy should be developed.
  8. Royal Dutch — Shell Group Merger in Nigeria
    The paper analyzes the challenges facing the merger of the Royal Dutch Petroleum Company and Shell Transport and Trading, and recommends how they should be confronted.
  9. Zappos-Amazon Companies Merger: Organizational Culture
    The acquisition of Zappos by Amazon is a good example of the complications of combining two companies that have different organizational cultures.
  10. Merger & Acquisition vs. Other Growth Strategies
    There is a steady increase in acquisitions and mergers as opposed to joint ventures in the sphere of IT and High-technology.
  11. GlaxoSmithKline and Novartis Companies’ Merger
    In March 2015, GlaxoSmithKline plc, UK, and Novartis AG, Switzerland completed a deal that saw drug firm GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceuticals acquire Novartis’ vaccine business.
  12. Managerial Economics: Mergers and Acquisitions
    This paper discusses the questions of mergers in the banking industry and other issues related to managerial economics by using Samuelson and Marks book.
  13. Utah Symphony and Opera’s Merger and Motivation
    The number of non-salaried occasional workers that deal with the Utah Opera Organization is sufficient for employees to get worried.
  14. Google and AbbVie Merger-Related Issues
    Recent reports indicate that Google would be merging with AbbVie. Given Google’s environment, especially management, conflicts might indeed arise.
  15. Long-Term Investment Decisions and the Role of Government During a Merger
    Many times, companies look to increase growth, increase efficiency, and extract very real profit during a period of irrational exuberance.
  16. Tech Systems Inc.’s Failing Merger
    This mini-case analyzes the current state of affairs at Tech Systems Inc. The company has just undergone a merger, but pertinent issues have begun to emerge.
  17. Business Mergers’ Effects on Employee Loyalty
    The emphasis on intercultural communication and collaboration is justified by the recent increase in the levels of diversity observed in the business setting.
  18. Aspects of Marriott’s Merger With Starwood Hotels
    This report will investigate the relevant aspects of the Marriott’s merger with Starwood Hotels including strategy, portfolio, stakeholders, as well as industry and market analysis.
  19. How Affected Market by the Merger Electric and Honeywell Merger
    In fact, both of the companies operated in several markets but their merger would affect significantly the aviation industry in particular.
  20. Licensing, Joint Venturing, Mergers or Acquisitions
    Licensing is beneficial and especially when applied globally, as the market of the product is extended to the world.
  21. International Merger and Acquisition
    The success or failure of any merger depends on human resource management of the merging companies.HRM have significant impacts on international mergers.
  22. Corporate Mergers and Acquisitions
    This research paper will focus on exploring how corporate mergers and acquisitions affect a company’s financial well-being and the effectiveness of the employee’s performance.
  23. Starbucks: Merger and Acquisition Financing
    Companies such as Starbucks may use the strategy to merge or acquire larger corporations than them, such as Nestle.
  24. Mergers and Acquisitions: Time Warner Example
    Mergers and acquisition is a corporate strategy commonly used to increase the capabilities of different companies in the market.
  25. Mergers and Acquisitions in Business
    The process of mergers and acquisitions poses major challenges to the parties involved as it can be quite chaotic if adequate strategies are not instituted.
  26. The Role of Mergers and Acquisitions for the Financial Performance of Banco Santander
    This study examines the impact of mergers and acquisitions on the performance of Santander Group of banks between 2002 and 2010.

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  1. Bank Merger Activity: The Antitrust Perspective
  2. Investor Protection and the Value Effects of Bank Merger Announcements in Europe and the US
  3. Big Fish Eat Small Fish: On Merger in Stackelberg Markets
  4. Financially Assessing the Merger Between AOL and Time Warner
  5. Chrysler Corporation and Daimler Benz Merger
  6. Evaluating Administrative Efficiency Change in the Post-Merger Period
  7. DEC Compaq Merger and Information Technology Integration
  8. Leadership and Change Management in the Merger of Hewlett-Packard
  9. Boston Scientific and Guidant Merger and Its Legal Implications
  10. Creating Shareholder Value for Merger and Acquisitions
  11. Has the Compulsory School Merger Program Reduced the Welfare of Rural Residents in China
  12. Collaboration, Alliance, and Merger Among Higher Education Institutions
  13. Disney’s Merger With Marvel Comics: Will Marvel Suffer From This Merge
  14. Global Merger and Acquisition (M&A) Activity: 1992–2011
  15. British Columbia’s Customer Protection and Bank Merger
  16. Innovation and Social Desirability of Merger
  17. Downstream Merger With Oligopolistic Input Suppliers
  18. Calculating Net Present Value and Assessing a Merger
  19. Managerial Incentives, Merger Premiums, and Bank Acquisitions
  20. How Accounting Fraud Has Changed Merger Valuation

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  1. Acquirer-Target Social Ties and Merger Outcomes
  2. Improving the Merger Control Process in Ireland
  3. Bank Merger Policy and the New CRA Data
  4. Innovation and Merger Decisions in the Pharmaceutical Industry
  5. Endogenous Mergers and Size Asymmetry of Merger Participants
  6. Horizontal Alliances and the Merger Paradox
  7. Downstream Merger With Upstream Market Power
  8. Endogenous Availability, Cartels, and Merger in an Equilibrium Price Dispersion
  9. Efficiency Defense and Administrative Fuzziness in Merger Regulation
  10. Hypothetical Merger: Hartford Company and Yahoo.com
  11. Import Tariff, Intellectual Property Right Protection, and Foreign Merger
  12. Horizontal Mergers and Merger Waves in a Location Model
  13. Business Merger Between Lenovo and Motorola Mobility
  14. Eliciting Information From Interested Parties in Merger Control
  15. Bilateral Monopolies and Incentives for Merger
  16. International Trade and the Incentive for Merger
  17. Evaluating the German Bank Merger Wave
  18. Managerial Motives and Merger Financing
  19. Innovation, Merger Policy, and Technology Transfer
  20. Differentiation and Cost Asymmetry: Solving the Merger Paradox
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