78 Ancient Greece Essay Topics

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🏆 Best Essay Topics on Ancient Greece

  1. Women in Ancient Greek Society
    Every discovery or literary work, or sculpture produced in ancient Greece is a work of men’s hands and minds.
  2. Women in Ancient Greece
    In ancient Greece, women performed three main functions – childbearing, fabric weaving, and managing household.
  3. Nature of Reality from Ancient Greek Philosophers Views
    The paper studies ancient philosophers’ views on nature of reality. It compares ideas of Heraclitus, Empedocles, Anaximander, Protagoras, Pythagoras, Anaxagoras, Plato, Aristotle.
  4. Ancient Greek Sculpture: Periods and Characteristics
    This paper presents descriptions of archaic, classical, and Hellenistic periods of ancient Greek sculpture with their notable characteristics, examples, and analysis.
  5. Ancient Egyptian and Ancient Greek’s Comparison
    The main religious and cultural ideas portrayed by the figures outline a series of differences that represent the history of both nations in the artistic fields.
  6. Ancient Greek Marble Column from Artemesium
    The marble column from the Temple of Artemis at Sardis showcases the most recognizable elements of ancient Greece’s architectural forms.
  7. Philosophy of Education in Ancient Greece
    How to educate the young most efficiently has been one of the central philosophical issues since the Ancient Greek period.
  8. The Ancient Greece Architecture Gallery
    The Ancient Greece Architecture Gallery, which is located at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, presents a piece of art that expressed the main features of Ancient Greek Culture.
  9. Hubris in Ancient Greek Tragedies
    One of the plays representing hubris is Hippolytus, an ancient Greek tragedy written by Euripides and first performed in Athens.
  10. Magic in Ancient Greece and Rome
    This paper presents an examination of magic in antiquity specifically in the Greco-Roman era. The paper focuses on this specific era because it represents strong magical elements.
  11. Nature of Reality in Ancient Greek Philosophies
    Heraclitus believes that reality could be equated with fire. Empedocles holds that true reality is constant. Protagoras believes that man is the measure of everything.
  12. Ancient Greek Tragedies: Agamemnon, Antigone and Bacchae
    This paper discusses three ancient greek tragedies: the Agamemnon, Antigone and the Bacchae. All three plays have themes that reflect some of the problems we are facing in the world today.
  13. Islamic Empire and Ancient Greek Philosophy
    Muslims collected works of such philosophers like Aristotle and Plato and translated them to make them understandable for the people of the empire.
  14. Ancient Greek Tradition and Influence on Modern Art
    Ancient Greeks can be regarded as one of the groups which have made the most significant contributions to the development of different types of art.
  15. Ancient Greece in the Modern US: Digital Field Trip
    One of the most recognizable and evident examples of Ancient Greek influence on the modern cultural patterns is the Capitol building in Washington D.C.
  16. Humanities from Ancient Greece
    Ancient Greece started with city-states’ formation, which was the critical political difference between it and other civilizations in the Ancient World.
  17. Ancient Greek Philosophers’ Impact on Modern Thought
    In this paper, several examples of Ancient Greek philosopher’s contributions to modernity will be presented including the achievement of Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle.

👍 Good Ancient Greece Research Topics & Essay Examples

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  1. The Impact of Ancient Greek Philosophy on Modern Day Thought
    A thorough study of modern thought shows that ancient Greek philosophy played a key role in its development, both with regard to people’s lifestyles and the advancement of specific disciplines.
  2. Homicide Perception in Ancient Greece and Rome
    The essay considers how citizens of Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome perceived homicide and the death penalty from civil, domestic, and political perspectives.
  3. Ancient Greece at the Met: Marble Column From the Temple of Artemis at Sardis
    Greek culture is considered to be one of the most influential cultures in the history of humanity. Its impact is particularly evident in architecture.
  4. Ancient Greece at the Met: Bronze Man and Centaur
    The culture of Ancient Egypt represents one of the earliest attempts at identifying a man’s place in the grand scheme of the universe and compartmentalizing the phenomena and objects comprising the environment.
  5. Women Roles During Wartime in Ancient Greece and Rome
    The very unusual rights that women from Sparta possesses occurred following the reason that women were expected to complete tasks that were especially valuable to men.
  6. Ancient Greek Colonization and Trade
    One of the characteristics of the history of many ancient nations is the colonization, i.n. the establishment of new settlements in foreign lands.
  7. Relationship Between Ancient Greek and Roman Architecture
    It is difficult to define the relationships between ancient Greek and Roman cultures. Analysis help to define that in architecture both of them have similarities and differences.
  8. Ancient Greece: Athenian Acomplishments
    Ancient Greece is considered to be the phenomenon of the development of human civilization. The association that arouses when hearing the word combination “Ancient Greece” is “genius”.
  9. Ancient Sexuality: Women and the Ancient Greek Symposium
    Greek Women played a very minor role in the affairs of Greek Society. The sexual province of women was under threat of usurpation by men in reference to the wide record of homosexuality.
  10. Development of the Figure in Ancient Greek Art
    The characteristics and ideals of art that were developed in Ancient Greece continue to play a major part in modern art. 
  11. Ancient Greek and Roman Governments
    The author states that Ancient Greek and Roman governments differed organizationally but were similar in many other aspects.
  12. The Ancient Greek Philosophers: The Heritage in Modernity
    The ancient philosophy has elaborated almost all basic principles that can be found in the philosophy of modernity.
  13. Comparison of Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome
    The paper aims at comparing and contrasting ancient Greece and ancient Rome in terms of the principles of government, art, economy, and religion.
  14. Creation Myths of Ancient Greeks and Egyptians
    The paper aims to compare the creation myths of ancient Greeks and Egyptians as researchers have thoroughly studied both mythic traditions.
  15. World History: Women in Ancient Greece
    Ancient Greece is one of the most well-known civilizations in human history. It is famous for its social and political development.
  16. Justice in Ancient Greece: The Liberation Bearers
    The essay will focus on Demosthenes’ speech, The Liberation Bearers, and the tales of the Eumenides to explicate the thesis.
  17. The Art of Ancient Greece
    Modern civilization owes much of its development to ancient Greece. This relatively small state has made a significant contribution to the global culture.

🎓 Most Interesting Ancient Greece Research Titles

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  1. Accounts Correlating Science and Technology in Ancient Greece
  2. Tragic Heroes of Ancient Greece: Agamemnon, Achilles, and Hector
  3. Ancient Greece and Rome: Society and Politics
  4. The Strict Laws and Penalties in Ancient Greece Market Places and the Male Domination in Greek Societies
  5. How American Society Has Greatly Been Influenced by Ancient Greece
  6. From Ancient Greece to Modern Times: The Importance of Rhetorical Choices
  7. Alexander the Great: The Gleaming Pearl of Ancient Greece
  8. Eternal Prominence: The Impact of Ancient Greece
  9. Procedural and Substantial Democracy From an Outlook of Uzbekistan and Ancient Greece
  10. Labor and Democracy: The Homo Faber and The Self-Governing Citizen in Ancient Greece
  11. Feminism and the Power Struggle of Women in Ancient Greece
  12. The Three Most Prominent Philosophic Schools in Ancient Greece: Platonic, Epicurean, and Stoic
  13. Ancient Greece’s Obsession With Beauty
  14. Morality, Institutions and Economic Growth: Lessons From Ancient Greece
  15. Gender Inequality Throughout Ancient Greece
  16. Ancient Greece and Its Influence on Western Society
  17. Democracy: Ancient Greece vs. Present-Day USA
  18. Two Different Major Forms of Government During Ancient Greece
  19. Advancements and the Development of Agriculture in Ancient Greece and Rome
  20. Determining Cultural Values of Ancient Greece and Rome Through the Study of the Theater
  21. Prophecy, Oracles, and Dreams: From Ancient Greece to the New Testament
  22. Degrading Attitude Towards Women in Ancient Greece
  23. How Tyranny Paved the Way to Democracy: The Democratic Transition in Ancient Greece

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  1. Plato’s Views About Conservative Christians Today as Compared to Ancient Greece
  2. Ancient Greece and Changing Attitudes Regarding Virtue
  3. Education, Military, and Governments in Ancient Greece
  4. Two Things That Ancient Greece Contributed to Western Civilization
  5. Ancient Greece: The Wars That Changed It Forever
  6. Path Dependence and Transitions From Tyranny to Democracy: Evidence From Ancient Greece
  7. Fate and Initiation and the Tragedies of Ancient Greece
  8. Sparta and Athens and the Greatest Societies of Ancient Greece
  9. Guest-Friendship, Heroism, and Pride in Ancient Greece
  10. Ancient Greece and Greek Scholars: Their Influence in the USA Today
  11. Happenings During the Archaic Period of Ancient Greece
  12. The Relationship Between Slave and Master in Ancient Greece
  13. Greek God Apollo’s Influence on Ancient Greece
  14. The Influence and Effects of Geography on the Economic, Religious, Philosophy, Art, and Literature Advancement of Ancient Greece
  15. How Ancient Greece’s Geography Affect Its Civilization
  16. Ancient Greece During the Archaic and Classical Period
  17. Letters Accounting Daily Life in Ancient Greece and Rome
  18. Ancient Greece: From Bronze Age to Classical Greece
  19. The Most Powerful Greek City of Ancient Greece
  20. Ancient Greece: Interpreting Herodotus and Thucydides
  21. Oppression and Sexism Among Women in Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome, and Ancient Maya
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