81 Depression Essay Topics

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  1. Psychology: Postnatal Depression
    The study was aimed at estimating the prevalence of postnatal depression among 237 Bahraini women who attended checkups in 20 clinical centres over a period of 2 months.
  2. Depression in the Elderly
    Depression can be defined as a state of anxiety, sadness, hopelessness, and worthlessness. It can affect people across all ages, who present with diverse signs and symptoms
  3. Impact of Depression on a Family
    The article makes a very powerful argument about the effects of depression on the relatives of the patient by identifying the major factors that put the family into a challenging position.
  4. Major Depression’ Symptoms and Treatment – Psychology
    A continuous sense of tiredness, unhappiness, and hopelessness are key signs of clinical or major depression. Such mood changes alter the daily life programs of an individual for sometimes.
  5. Depression in the Elderly – Psychology
    This paper discusses how a person would know whether a relative had clinical depression or was sad due to specific changes or losses in life.
  6. Major Types of Depression
    This paper will review and analyze two scholarly articles concerning depression, its sings in male and female patients, and its connection and similarity to other disorders.
  7. Depression in Older Persons – Psychology
    This article presents the research findings of a study conducted in Iran to assess how effective integrative and instrumental therapies are in the management of depression in older persons.
  8. Clinical Depression Treatment: Issues and Solvings
    The paper describes and justifies the design selected for research on depression treatment. It also identifies ethical issues and proposes ways of addressing them.
  9. Patients with Depression’ Care: Betty Case
    Betty, a 45 years old woman, is referred to a local clinic because of feeling depressed. She has a history of three divorces and thinks that she is tired of living the old way.
  10. Depression Screening in Primary Care
    Screening for depression in patients suffering from long term conditions (LTCs) or persistent health problems of the body, could largely be erroneous.
  11. Care for Depression in Obstetrics and Gynecology
    This work analyzes the article developed by Melville et al. in which discusses the theme of depression in obstetrics and gynecology and improving care for it.
  12. Placebo and Treatments for Depression
    Natural alternative treatments for depression actually work better than the biochemical alternatives like antidepressants.
  13. Smoking Cessation and Depression
    It was estimated that nicotine affects the human’s reward system. As a result, smoking cessation might lead to depression and other mental disorder.
  14. Depression in Older Adults
    Depression is one of the most common mental illnesses in the world. Evidence-based holistic intervention would provide more effective treatment for elderly patients with depression.
  15. Postnatal Depression Prevalence and Effects
    The paper analyzes the prevalence and risk factors of Postnatal (Postpartum) Depression as well as investigates the effect on the newborns whose mothers suffer from this condition.
  16. Childhood Obesity and Depression Intervention
    The main intervention to combat depressive moods in adolescents should be linked to improving the psychological health of young people in cooperation with schools.
  17. Women’s Health: Depression as a Psychological Factor
    Women who identify themselves as lesbian are likely to experience depression. Biophysical, psychological, sociocultural, behavioral, and health system factors should be taken into consideration.
  18. European Alliances, Wars, Dictatorships and Depression
    The decades leading to World War I had unusual alignments. The European nations were still scrambling for Asia, Africa and parts of undeveloped Europe.
  19. Postpartum Depression as Serious Mental Health Problem
    The research study aimed to evaluate the effectiveness of a two-step behavioral and educational intervention on the symptoms of postpartum depression in young mothers.
  20. Counseling Depression: Ethical Aspects
    This paper explores the ethical aspects required to work with a widower who diminished passion for food, secluding himself in the house, portraying signs of depression.

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  1. Depression and Thyroid Issues in Young Woman
    Young people are busy at studies or at work and do not pay much attention to primary symptoms unless they influence the quality of life.
  2. Depression Treatment and Management
    Treatment could be started only after patient is checked whether he has an allergy to the prescribed pills or not. If he is not allergic, he should also maintain clinical tests for depression.
  3. Women’s Health: Predictors of Postpartum Depression
    The article written by Katon, Russo, and Gavin is focused on women’s health. It discusses predictors of postpartum depression (PPD), including sociodemographic and clinic risk factors.
  4. Treatment of Depression in Lesbians
    The aim of this paper is to review a case study of 45 years old lesbian woman who seeks treatment for depression and to discuss the biophysical, psychological, sociocultural, health system.
  5. Depression and Cognitive Psychotherapy Approaches
    Cognitive psychotherapy offers various techniques to cope with emotional problems. This paper discusses the most effective cognitive approaches.
  6. The Efficacy of Medication in Depression’ Treatment
    This paper attempts to provide a substantial material for the participation in an argument concerning the clinical effectiveness of antidepressant medications.
  7. Evidence-Based Pharmacology: Major Depression
    In this paper, a certain attention to different treatment approaches that can be offered to patients with depression will be paid, including the evaluation of age implications.
  8. Smoking Cessation and Depression Problem
    The aim of the study is to scrutinize the issues inherent in the process of smoking cessation and align them with the occurrence of depression in an extensive sample of individuals.
  9. Postpartum Depression, Prevention and Treatment
    Postpartum depression is a common psychiatric condition in women of the childbearing age. They are most likely to develop the disease within a year after childbirth.
  10. Depression in Obstetrics and Gynecology: Research
    This essay analyzes a clinical research article “Improving care for depression in obstetrics and gynecology: A randomized controlled trial” by Melville et al.
  11. The Postnatal (Postpartum) Depression’ Concept
    Postnatal or postpartum depression (PPD) is a subtype of depression which is experienced by women within the first half a year after giving birth.
  12. VEGA Medical Center: Detection of Depression
    Practice guidelines for the psychiatric evaluation of adults, and they can be employed to solve the meso-level problem of the VEGA medical center and its nurses.
  13. Post-Partum Depression and Perinatal Dyadic Psychotherapy
    Post-partum depression affects more than ten percent of young mothers, and a method Perinatal Dyadic Psychotherapy is widely used to reduce anxiety.
  14. Anxiety and Depression Among Females with Cancer
    The study investigated the prevalence of and the potential factors of risk for anxiety and/or depression among females with early breast cancer during the first 5 years.
  15. Postpartum Depression: Methods for the Prevention
    Postpartum depression is a pressing clinical problem that affects new mothers, infants, and other family members. The prevalence of postpartum depression ranges between 13 and 19 percent.
  16. Depression and Solutions in Psychiatry
    Depression is a state where a person has low moods and concentration is derailed. It is a condition that could affect a large part of the population if it is not controlled.
  17. Depression and Self-Esteem Relationship
    Self-esteem can be defined as an “individual’s subjective evaluation of his or her worth as a person”; it does not necessarily describe one’s real talents.
  18. Citalopram, Methylphenidate in Geriatric Depression
    Citalopram typically ranges among 10-20 antidepressants for its cost-effectiveness and positive effect on patients being even more effective than reboxetine and paroxetine.
  19. Lamotrigine for Bipolar Depression Management
    Lamotrigine sold as Lamictal is considered an effective medication helping to reduce some symptoms that significantly affect epileptic and bipolar patients’ quality of life.
  20. Depression and Its Treatment: Racial and Ethnic Disparities
    The racial and ethnic disparities in depression treatment can be used for the development of quality improvement initiatives aimed at the advancement of patient outcomes.

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  1. Predictors of Postpartum Depression
    The article “Predictors of Postpartum Depression” by Katon, Russo, and Gavin focuses on the identification of risk factors related to postnatal depression.
  2. Women’s Health and Major Depression Symptoms
    The client’s complaints refer to sleep problems, frequent mood swings (she gets sad a lot), and the desire to stay away from social interactions.
  3. Depression Management in US National Guidelines
    The project offers the VEGA medical center to implement the guidelines for depression management developed by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence.
  4. The Improvement of Depression Management
    The present paper summarizes the context analysis that was prepared for a change project aimed at the improvement of depression management.
  5. Bipolar Disorder or Manic Depression
    Bipolar disorder is a mental illness characterized by unusual mood changes that shift from manic to depressive extremes. In the medical field, it`s called manic depression.
  6. Postpartum Bipolar Disorder and Depression
    The results of the Mood Disorder Questionnaire screening of a postpartum patient suggest a bipolar disorder caused by hormonal issues and a major depressive episode.
  7. Mild Depression: Psychotherapy or Pharmacotherapy
    The research question in this paper is: in psychiatric patients with mild depression, what is the effect of psychotherapy on health compared with pharmacotherapy?
  8. Impact of COVID-19 on Depression and Suicide Rates among Adolescents and Young People
    The purpose of this paper is to explore the influence of coronavirus on these tragic numbers.
  9. Theories in Depression Treatment
    This study analyzes the theories pertinent to depression treatment, reviews relevant evidence, defines key concepts of the project, and explains the framework chosen for it.
  10. Health and Care Excellence in Depression Management
    The introduction of the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence guidelines can affect the accuracy of diagnosing and quality of managing depression.
  11. Problem of Depression: Recognition and Management
    Depression is a major health concern, which is relatively prevalent in the modern world. Indeed, in the US, 6.7 % of adults experienced an episode of the Major Depressive Disorder in 2015.
  12. The Geriatric Population’s Depression
    This paper discusses how does the implementation of National Institute for Health and Care guidelines affect the accuracy of diagnosing of depression in the geriatric population.
  13. Treating Mild Depression: Psychotherapy and Pharmacotherapy
    The project intends to investigate the comparative effectiveness of the treatments that are currently used for mild depression.
  14. Depression in Cardiac or Diabetic Patients
    The paper develops a framework through which risk factors associated with the development of MDD among adult patients with heart disease or diabetes can be easily identified.
  15. Depression in Female Cancer Patients and Survivors
    Depression is often associated with fatigue and sleep disturbances that prevent females from thinking positively and focusing on the treatment and its outcomes.
  16. Self-Esteem and Depression in Quantitative Research
    The topic that has been proposed for quantitative research pertains to the problem of the relationship between self-esteem and depression.
  17. Depression and Workplace Violence
    The purpose of this paper is to provide an in-depth analysis how can workplace violence and verbal aggression be reduced or dealt with by employees.
  18. The Impact of Depression on Motherhood
    This work studies the impact of depression screening on prenatal and posts natal motherhood and effects on early interventions using a literature review.
  19. The Relationship Between Depression and Self-Esteem
    The topic which is proposed to be studied is the relationship between depression and self-esteem. Self-esteem can be defined as individual’s subjective evaluation of his or her worth.
  20. Depression and Self-Esteem: Research Problem
    Apart from descriptively studying the relationship between depression and self-esteem, a more practical approach can be used to check how interventions for enhancing self-esteem might affect depression.

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