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  1. Voltaire’s Vision of Religion and Enlightenment
    Voltaire`s vision of religion, society, and the main moving forces of its development resulted in the formation of the modern mentality.
  2. Religion in Enlightenment Literature: Moliere’s Tartuffe
    The paper aims to explore religion, holiness, and hypocrisy that were used as currency in a power struggle at the time of reform and renewal in the context of Tartuffe.
  3. Enlightenment Culture and 18-th Century Revolutions
    The essay outlines principles of XVIII-century enlightenment culture, analyzes Scientific, French, Industrial Revolutions, and studies Unique Forms of Continuity in Space.
  4. Theology in the Enlightenment Age
    The enlightenment age started gaining momentum in the 13th when Thomas Aquinas recovered the Aristotelian logic that was primarily used in defending Christianity.
  5. Candide and the Context of Enlightenment
    Enlightenment is an imperative term of political philosophy that urges the application of intellect and logic to discover truth and reality from natural and social phenomena.
  6. The Period of Enlightenment
    During the period of Enlightenment, there existed considerable dissonance between the philosophers and the people they animadverted, in particular, religious and political reactionaries.
  7. Adam Smith and The Age of Enlightenment
    As for the historic figure of Adam Smith, he is recognized as the Father of political economy and he is an outstanding moral philosopher as well.
  8. The Ideas of the Enlightenment
    One of the key ideas of the Enlightenment having a profound effect on the modern west world is the idea of popular government.
  9. The Age of Enlightenment and Its Issues
    The Age of Enlightenment is a controversial period in history, and its evaluation should include both advantages and drawbacks of the time.
  10. Puritanism and Enlightenment Writers
    Puritanism swayed many people to believe that God had all answers for their problems. The roots of Enlightenment can be traced in the humanism of the Renaissance Era.
  11. Enlightenment Ways of Thinking
    This paper tells about classical liberalism views human nature from a skeptical perspective. This perception is similar to that of conservative liberalism.
  12. Kant’s Ideas About Enlightenment
    Kant’s reasoning on the public use of reason and private reason concerns the benefits that each form of thinking brings.
  13. “What Is Enlightenment?” by Immanuel Kant
    One interpretation of the Kantian text – enlightenment can be read either as a historical document, or one can see in it an appeal to everyone and all outside of time and space.
  14. What Is Enlightenment? By Immanuel Kant: Analysis
    Immanuel Kant set a high bar for the European part of humanity – the task of living relying on the conclusions and paths of his reason.
  15. The Enlightenment Era Thought
    Enlightenment thinkers influenced the history of European countries and, consequently, affected the United States’ politics.
  16. Influence of Enlightenment and the Great Awakening on the American Revolution
    The Revolution depicted a period of political and ideological transformation in North America between 1765 and 1783.
  17. Enlightenment and Its Impact on the French Population and the Industrial Revolution
    The work examines the connections between the Enlightenment and the French people’s academic achievements, and its relation to the Industrial Revolution.
  18. The Death of Enkidu and the Enlightenment of Gilgamesh
    The great epic poem of Gilgamesh explores a vast number of themes, but the one that sets the epic into motion is the subject of friendship between Gilgamesh and Enkidu.
  19. Media Influences: Art of Enlightenment and Selling
    The media industry is a powerful weapon that allows influencing the masses of people and a means that can both strengthen the state system and disrupt it.
  20. The Great Awakening and American Enlightenment
    The history of Christianity includes the Protestant branch most represented in America and the most influential in America.
  21. Enlightenment-Inspired Documents
    This paper discusses enlightenment-inspired documents, namely the American Declaration of Independence and the French Declaration on the Rights of Man and of the Citizen.
  22. Scientific Revolution and the Enlightenment
    The scientific revolution introduced individualism to a society that was largely conformist and communal at the time, with little regard for the accomplishments of select people.

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  1. Absolutism During the Period of the Enlightenment
  2. John Locke’s Teachings during the Enlightenment Period about the American Revolution
  3. Candide, the Enlightenment, and the Birth of Tolerance
  4. Adorno and Horkheimer’s Dialectic of Enlightenment
  5. Economists and the Enlightenment in Spain, 1750-1800
  6. Darwin and Freud’s Opposition to Enlightenment Thought
  7. Enlightenment Against the Old Order in European Societies
  8. Changes During the Enlightenment Period of the Eighteenth Century
  9. Enlightenment Arguments for and Against Separation of Church and State
  10. Medical Sciences During the Age of Enlightenment
  11. Developmental Trends, Thought, and Thinkers in the New Enlightenment
  12. Enlightenment and Scientific Discovery of the 17th Century
  13. America’s Constant Quest for Freedom was Evident in the Enlightenment Era
  14. Reformation and Enlightenment Europe: Absolutism or Democracy
  15. Comparing and Contrasting the Enlightenment, Transcendentalism, and Puritan Theology
  16. Inferno: Dante’s Journey Toward Enlightenment
  17. How Enlightenment Shaped the Birth of the American Republic Between 1775 and 1787?
  18. Enlightenment: Can Mankind Live a Moral and Ethical Life Without Religion?
  19. Anti-Semitism: Before and After the Enlightenment
  20. The Advancements and Restructuring That Dominated the Renaissance or Age of Enlightenment
  21. Despotism During the Age of Enlightenment
  22. Enlightenment Ideas Inspired the American and French Revolutions
  23. Continuity and Change From the Dark Ages Through the Enlightenment and Beyond
  24. Debates During the Eighteenth-Century Age of Enlightenment
  25. Benjamin Franklin’s Ideas and Attitudes in the Spirit of the Enlightenment Movement in America

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  1. Enlightenment Philosophy and Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass
  2. Benjamin Franklin: The Enlightenment Figure
  3. Carbon Emission Trading System of New Zealand and Its Enlightenment for China
  4. Enlightenment and Implicitness: Devine and Gender Images
  5. Deep Ecology, the Holistic Critique of Enlightenment Dualism, and the Irony of History
  6. How Marx and Durkheim’s Theories Expanded on Enlightenment Thinking?
  7. Enlightenment Through the History of Economic Thought
  8. Comparing and Contrasting Philosophers of the Enlightenment: Locke and Rousseau
  9. Kant’s Enlightenment and the Evolutionary Model of Progress
  10. Enlightenment and Environmental Creation by the Scientific Revolution
  11. Comparing the Pope’s and Voltaire’s Perspectives on Enlightenment Being the Vanity Age
  12. How the Enlightenment Philosophers Impacted the Progress of Society?
  13. Democracy Wall and China’s Enlightenment
  14. Metaphysical Thoughts During the Enlightenment Period
  15. Enlightenment and Romantic Views on Nature
  16. Contemporary Thinking and the Influence of Existentialism, Romanticism, and the Enlightenment
  17. Into the Abyss: Marquis de Sade and the Enlightenment
  18. Frankenstein: Enlightenment After Wretch’s Struggle
  19. Reasons Why Benjamin Franklin Represents the American Enlightenment
  20. How did the Enlightenment affect Christianity?
  21. Dangers That Might Result From Being So Optimistic About Human Progress and Enlightenment
  22. Science Fiction Influenced Teachings of Enlightenment
  23. Enlightenment and Political Transformations in Europe
  24. Doubting the Enlightenment and the Future of Western Civilization
  25. Economic Development, Enlightenment and Creative Transformation: Creative Industries in the New China
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