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  1. American Revolutions in Early 19th Century
    The industrial revolution gave rise to another form of change referred to as the market revolution. The economy became more money based and more banks began to open.
  2. Main Historical Events of American Revolution
    After the conclusion (end) of the Seven Years War in 1763, British, facing no immediate threat from the French turned her interest to the colonies.
  3. The French Revolution and the Rights of Men
    The research paper will emphasize on the pre and post revolution with regard to technology and the effects on man’s way of life.
  4. The Industrial Revolution in Europe
    Most countries desiring to industrialize modernly are forced to mobilize the entire national power apparatus to push industrial revolution forward.
  5. Effects of French Revolution on European Peasantry
    French revolution (1789) is one of the greatest events not only in the history of France and Europe, but also in the history of the world at large.
  6. The Periods of Renaissance & Reformation, Industrial Revolution and Contemporary World
    Some of the most significant periods in history are the Renaissance and the Reformation in 1300-1650, Industrial Revolution 1700-1900 and the Contemporary World from 1945 to present.
  7. French Intervention in the American Revolution
    The American Revolution happened between the years 1775 and 1783. The revolution involved the United States, France, the Great Britain, Spain, and the Netherlands.
  8. Industrial Revolution Affects on British Workers Lives
    Although industrialization had caused a significant increase in the standard of living for the ordinary folk in industrial market economies, it came at cost.
  9. The Impact of the American Revolution on the French
    The American colonies were against the British authority over them especially British overseas rule, which denied them any form of representation in the parliament.
  10. History of the Industrial Revolution in Europe
    The European industrial revolution occurred between the eighteenth century and nineteenth centuries. The industrialization of Europe is often viewed as a sequence of separate ‘industrial revolutions.
  11. Iranian Revolution and Terrorism: the Rex Cinema Massacre
    This paper investigates events of August 1978, when people burn alive at the cinema in Iran. The fire could be a pretext for repressions against participants of Iranian Revolution.
  12. French Revolution and Latin American Independence
    This paper looks into how the French revolution encouraged Latin America to fight for their independence. To get background information, it will discuss French and Latin American Independently.
  13. The Dominican Republic Revolution
    The Dominican Republic went through phases of foreign occupation by the French, Spanish, and the American. Communist and capitalist forces were active under the direction of the United States.
  14. The African American Soldiers in the American Revolution
    The slaves joined the military with a patriotic spirit. This revolutionary army also included free African-Americans who willingly joined the fighting force.
  15. Social Media’s Influence: Activism and Revolution
    The primary benefit and problem of social media is that it allows freedom of speech and expression, irrespective of whether or not the views should be heard.
  16. The Role of Social Networks in the Political and Social Activism of Citizens
    Social media allows for enhancing people’s investment into the social and political changes by exposing the personal significance of the latter two for an individual.
  17. What Was the Industrial Revolution?
    The Industrial Revolution involved changes from the use of human power for production to machines, new methods of improvements in machine tools.
  18. The Importance of Social Media in the Activist Movement
    This essay aims at discussing the nature of social media, connectivity and access to information that has provided an ideal environment for activism and revolution.
  19. The Role of Social Media in Activism and Revolution
    This paper analyses social media in the recent uprisings across the Arab world. It aims at establishing that social media played a central role in the success of these uprisings.
  20. Social Media Role: Activism and Revolution
    The nature and lifestyle of people in the world have been influenced by social networks. Recent developments in social networks include: Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.
  21. Social Networking Media and the Revolution
    This paper discusses the roles, which Facebook, Twitter and YouTube have played in speeding up activists’ activities on the world stage in the past years.
  22. The Role of Social Media’s Influence on Revolution
    Recent revolutions were massively impacted by social media. With contemporary social media, properly selected content can create and direct the passionate crowd.
  23. Social Media’s Influence in Activism and Political Revolution
    This analytical treatise attempts to explicitly review the role of social media (Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube) on activism and revolution on the world stage.
  24. History: The Communist Revolution in East Asia and the Cold War
    The collapse of communism and the end of the Cold War de-legitimized the system and removed the rationale that initially had underpinned the global economy fragmentation.
  25. Industrial Revolution, Democracy and Equality
    The impact of the industrial revolution on society should not be understated. It transformed mostly agrarian economies into those oriented towards goods and services.
  26. History: Communist Revolutions in East Asia
    The Communist revolutions in East Asia were different in various states, but they had a number of common causes. The lack of social equality made communist policies more attractive to citizens.
  27. French Revolution as a Turning Point to Democracy
    The French Revolution is usually credited with overturning the monarchy characterized by royal absolutism and enforcing the Republic instead.
  28. Stories from the Syrian Revolution by Lafferty et al.
    The Fear of Breathing: Stories from the Syrian Revolution is a powerful, appealing and controversial play that provides insights into the real life of Syrian people.
  29. Merrill Lynch: Evolution, Revolution, and Sale
    Since its foundation in 1914, Merrill Lynch transformed from an investing consultant for small businesses to one of the largest firms in Wall Street.
  30. The Egyptian Revolution and Resulting Reforms
    This paper concentrates on the evaluation of economic, political, and social reforms implemented by the government after the Egyptian revolution.
  31. Print and Social Media in 2011 Egyptian Revolution
    This paper focuses on different roles print media, news agencies and social media played in the Egyptian revolution of 2011.
  32. Social Media’s Effect on Activism and Revolution on the World Stage
    Social media has remained very instrumental in fighting poor governance and has catalyzed political revolution and leadership change in countries.
  33. Cuban Revolution and Seven-Step War Model
    The Cuban Revolution can be considered one of the most famous events in the history of Cuba. The name of Fidel Castro is also known throughout the whole world.
  34. Radicalism Phenomenon During the American Revolution
    The main purpose of this article is to shed light on some of the aspects of the Revolution, which is typically viewed as a rebellion of the British colonies in North America.
  35. Cultural Revolution: Soviet Union and Kosovo
    The paper is a transcript of two interviews. The first one was made with a 40-year old female Russian resident. The other interview featured a 28-year old male Kosovo resident.
  36. The Lack of Industrial Revolution in China
    The following paper explains why the industrial revolution didn`t occur in China, and explores the various ways in which technology was invented in different countries.
  37. Poverty and Violence During the Mexican Revolution
    The Los Olvidados movie, The Plain in Flames by Juan Rulfo, and the mural art of that decade attest to the failure of the Revolution to resolve Mexico’s persistent problems.
  38. Revolution Leaders and Masses in Fanon’s Work
    Much of Fanon’s work explores his experience while the general background explored provokes a spell of bitterness, especially when he talks of colonization and its negativities.
  39. The Algerian Revolution and Its Causes
    This article discusses the French colonization of Algeria, the causes of the Algerian revolution, and the individuals who participated in the mutiny.
  40. Spreading Information with Social Media in Activism and Revolutions
    In this modern society, social media is like a traditional community, where aggravated individuals converge in a common place to plan for protests.

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  1. Why the Industrial Revolution Did Not Originate in China?
    China fell behind in its innovational development because it did not make a change towards experiment-based innovation and continued grounding the technological advancements on experience.
  2. Industrial Revolution in Great Britain (1760-1840)
    The Industrial Revolution contributed not only to the changes in the technological segment. It inevitably entailed social, political, and economic implications.
  3. The Communist Revolution in East Asia
    This paper looks into the historical significance of the Communist Revolution in East Asia. It also discusses the context and outcomes of the Cold War in East Asia.
  4. American History of the Revolution
    This paper discusses how did the British colonists evolve from good citizens to revolutionaries who could compose and back something as special as the Declaration of Independence.
  5. Blockchain Revolution in the Healthcare Industry
    How Blockchain Could Revolutionize the Healthcare Industry by Krupa Bathia examines how modern technologies can be considered to maximize or streamline healthcare delivery.
  6. How P&G Company Brought the Diaper Revolution to China?
    P&G realized that to be able to sell their products to the Japanese consumers, they would have to modify their products to suit the special needs of the consumer.
  7. Media Revolution and Advertisement Interrelation
    This paper discusses how changes in media technologies have influenced advertising and examine how advertising has affected the development of media technologies.
  8. Revolution Strategy and Tactics
    The author of this paper is an advisor to a revolutionary movement. His goal is to provide advice on the possible tactics and strategies for another, more successful revolution.
  9. Industrial Revolution in the Chinese History
    All the economic factors that led to the famous Industrial Revolution in England in the nineteenth century already existed in China four centuries earlier.
  10. American Revolution in Jonathan Boucher’s View
    The document provides the audience with the position of Jonathan Boucher regarding the situation in America as of 1775.
  11. Fanon Frantz on Revolution Leaders and Masses
    This essay provides an analysis of the differences between the masses and the leaders associated of a revolution based on Fanon Frantz’s The Wretched of the Earth.
  12. Communist Revolutions and Cold War in East Asia
    This analytical treatise attempts to explicitly review the historical significance of communist revolutions in East Asia, especially in China and North Korea.
  13. The Relationships Between American Revolution and Cultural Diversity
    In the course of history, the status of women underwent several dramatic changes. The American Revolution gave rise to the debate about the rights of women in the community.
  14. Industrial Revolution Causing Population Shift
    The industrial revolution resulted in immigration where a large population moved from Europe to the United States as there was a change in subsistence technology.
  15. Enlightenment Culture and 18-th Century Revolutions
    The essay outlines principles of XVIII-century enlightenment culture, analyzes Scientific, French, Industrial Revolutions, and studies Unique Forms of Continuity in Space.
  16. Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube Influence on Activism and Revolution
    Social media’s impact on the progress of social activism and revolution on the world stage is vital, as it provides the free exchange of data among unlimited numbers of persons.
  17. Social Media Activism in the Arab Spring Revolution
    Social media has become a central instrument in activism and revolution on the world stage. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and the like, have transformed social activism.
  18. Egyptian Revolution: Macrosociological Perspective
    The Egyptian revolution involved people from a common background who were tired of the oppressive regime. It was influenced by political, legal, social, and economic factors.
  19. San Diego Plan During the Mexican Revolution
    This paper outlines the plan of San Diego that traces its roots to the Mexican revolution that occurred in the north region of Mexico in 1910.
  20. The Industrial Revolution & the Rise of Capitalism
    The Industrial Age and early capitalism have made a significant contribution to the perceptions of wealth and business. This paper discusses this theme in presentation style.
  21. Economic Revolution: History and Theories
    The economic revolution is defined as the transition of modes of production from the hands of individuals. The change in the modes of production means a change in economic status.
  22. Isaac Newton and the Scientific Revolution
    This work is a research proposal to review some of the current myths about Isaac Newton that reinvented people’s perception of the universe and give credit to his discoveries.
  23. American Revolution and Its Justification
    The American Revolution was triggered by British taxation because the colonists were not willing to pay more for a wide range of products they required daily.
  24. American Revolution: The Coming of Independence
    This paper answers questions associated with the history of the United States in the revolution period and the coming of independence.
  25. Georges Seurat’s Revolution in Neo-Impressionism
    Georges Seurat is recognized as the pioneer of the Neo-Impressionist strategy, generally known as Pointillism, an approach related to a flashing surface of little specks.
  26. Industrial Revolution’s Input to Economic Growth
    The industrial revolution created many working places all over the United Kingdom, whereas the population of the state became more educated and competent.
  27. Revolution Roots: Political Action and Philosophy
    Revolution is a complex phenomenon, and it usually leads to changes in political regimes and values in the society.
  28. The Industrial Revolution: Culture, Work and Social Change
    The industrial revolution was a change of various individuals’ life situation that occurred in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries due to the interest to expand the technologies of industries.
  29. The Industrial Revolution and the First World War
    This paper summarizes certain aspects of the industrial revolution and the World War I, such as core industries, immigrants’ roles, imperialism, and foreign policy.
  30. Nationalism in the French Revolution of 1789
    The French Revolution led to the French Republic, guided by new Enlightenment and democratic ideals, the political philosophy of Jean-Jacques Rousseau.
  31. The Industrial Revolution and Economic Growth History
    The Industrial Revolution had an impact on various spheres of European society. Its primary consequence was urbanization; people started to move to cities to find jobs.
  32. The Cuban Revolution and Relations with the USSR
    The Cuban Revolution in the 1950s was one of the most significant socio-political events of the century in the Western Hemisphere.
  33. Taylorism as Ideology and Russian Revolution
    This report seeks to outline the basic concepts of Taylorism and discuss its influence on the revolutionary movement and ideals of the Soviet leadership emerging at the time.
  34. The Industrial Revolution and Economic Growth
    The Industrial Revolution began to lay the foundation for the first market economies where goods were sold and purchased, resulting in the exchange and accumulation of wealth.
  35. Porfirio Diaz in the Mexican Revolution
    The paper provides a biography of Porfirio Diaz, discusses the Mexican Revolution, his participation in it, and how this Revolution affected Diaz and other people of Mexico.
  36. Working Conditions During the Industrial Revolution
    The harsh working conditions for ordinary people marked the Industrial Revolution in England. This paper reviews the evidence from workers documented in the XIX century.
  37. Voices of the Revolution: Document Analysis
    Henry addressed his speech to approximately one hundred twenty delegates of the Second Virginia Convention who gathered to discuss the ways to negotiate with the Crown.
  38. Russian Revolution in Modern European History
    Russian revolution refers to a sequence of monetary and political turmoil in February 1917 that swathe downfall of Tsar’s rule and the coming up of the Soviet Union.
  39. Workers East: Taylorism and Revolution
    Many political leaders viewed Taylorism as a route to break off with prewar society and the most effective approach to social revitalization.
  40. Civil War: The Second American Revolution
    This essay describes the case of the American Civil War, the heroes created by it, a time of political, social, and economic chaos in a country.

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  1. Russian Revolution by Vladimir Lenin
    The Russian revolution occurred in 1917 and referred to the sequence of events that led to the transformation of the social nature within the Russian Empire hence the state.
  2. French Revolution and Dickens’ “A Tale of Two Cities”
    The major theme of Dickens’ “A Tale of Two Cities” is the French Revolution, especially the way in which it affected and changed the lives of many people.
  3. Revolution and the Union of Socialist Soviet Republic
    The Russian revolution was caused by many factors. The autocratic czarist leadership that prevailed at that time subjected the population to adverse social and economic conditions.
  4. China Cultural Revolution and the Great Leap Forward
    The China’s Cultural Revolution mainly affected people in urban centers but generally the consequences of the revolution were felt across the country.
  5. Views of Edmund Burke and His Role in Revolution
    The essay analyzes the views of the philosopher, writer, orator, and a prominent member of the British parliament Edmund Burke and his role in the American Revolution.
  6. “Son of the Revolution” Memoir by Liang Heng
    Liang Heng was born in the family of the influential Communist Party journalist and a secretary responsible for validating the arrest warrants for their whole city, Changsha.
  7. Fidel Castro and the Cuban Revolution
    To Cuban exiles, Cuba – prior to the mid 1950’s iconic Cuban Revolution – was a paradise, one of the most successful and advanced countries in Latin American.
  8. Tocqueville and the French Revolution
    Tocqueville gives his views on the French revolution and its effects social conditions on individuals and countries in the west.
  9. The American Revolution: Was it Inevitable?
    The period of the American Revolution was marked by great transformations in the social and political consciousness of states. It led to the formation of the state and the nation.
  10. The World War I and the October Revolution
    Russia’s participation in the First World War added to the misery of the people who not only had to suffer the poverty at home but also had to fight and support an unpopular war.
  11. Benedict Arnold as a Controversial Figure in the American Revolution
    In the article, the author highlights the role of Benedict Arnold in the American Revolution and tries to understand the reasons for his betrayal of the American side.
  12. The American Civil War: A History of the American Revolution
    The Southern states believed it is their right to own slaves and declared they do not want part of the Union. The government was forced to go to war to preserve the Union.
  13. The Industrial Revolution and Its Effects on America
    Since the industrial revolution, the face of America and other nations around the world has gradually been changing sometimes experiencing very drastic transformations.
  14. Scientific, Industrial, and Technological Revolution
    The technological and scientific advancements in the current world have rather similar features of the pre-modern revolutions in terms of their peculiar features.
  15. French Revolution: Memories, Symbols, and Rituals
    Historians examine the rituals and symbols of the French Revolution so that the excesses of the revolution will never again be visited upon the world.
  16. America and Great Britain on American Revolution
    American Revolution refers to the war that was fought between Great Britain and its colonies between 1775 and 1783.
  17. October Days During the French Revolution
    The evidence of the Versailles march of women of October 5 and October 6 clearly showed that the move was driven by revolutionary ideas.
  18. Russian Revolution of 1917: Two Sides of One Coin
    Speaking about Russian Revolution of 1917, we can say that it had features mentioned in the definition by Fitzpatrick. The reasons about its appearance are different.
  19. The Industrial Revolution and Class Conflict
    The Industrial Revolution brought about global changes, social divisions and urbanization. Capitalism has been assaulting laborers since the time the industrial revolution began.
  20. Was World War One the Main Cause of the Russian Revolution?
    This paper will explore the contribution of the First World War to the subsequent revolution that took place in Russia, analyzing whether the war was the main contributing factor.
  21. Martin Luther King`s Revolution of Values
    This article explains what King’s beliefs were and explodes if it is possible to get the revolution of values that King sought so earnestly.
  22. The Important of the Upper Paleolithic Revolution in the Development of Culture
    The cultural significance of the Upper Paleolithic Revolution is that this period oversaw a revolution in terms of technological progression and social diversity.
  23. The Second Industrial Revolution (1840-1900)
    Researchers and the students of world history have often mentioned the thing that the Industrial revolution helps to develop new technologies.
  24. The American Industrial Revolution
    The industrial revolution marked a period of the US transformation from a subsistence nation to a technologically developed country.
  25. Oral Histories of China’s Revolution by Jicai Feng
    This approach allows readers to percept the interviews as separate documentary stories; at the same time, the interviews do not provide only dry facts.
  26. The Cuban Revolution: Causes, Events and Leaders
    The Cuban revolution was a successful revolt that delivered Cuban from Fulgencio Batista’s regime of dictatorship.
  27. Social Media Influencing World Activism and Revolution
    Social media networks play a crucial role in contemporary communication. They promote the unity of people in promoting common goals, initiating social change.
  28. Sugar Revolution in the Caribbean in the 18th Century
    The sugar revolution which was mostly experienced in 1700-1800 was marked by the increased sugar manufacturing and cultivation in the Caribbean region.
  29. The History and Overview of French Revolution
    The discussion will culminate in the evaluation of the reign and rule of Napoleon when he was the emperor of France.
  30. The Scientific Revolution: The Contributions of Copernicus, Kepler, Galileo, and Isaac Newton
    Philosophers such as Aristotle, Copernicus, Kepler, Galileo and Isaac Newton brought the scientific revolution.
  31. The Age of Revolutions and the Modern World
    The Age of Revolutions is most often dated 1775-1848 and is defined as a period of rapid evolutionary change from empires to constitutional republics in various parts of the world.
  32. The Role of Social Media in Activisms and Revolution
    It is very incorrect to blame social media for all the unrest in the world. Social media are a tool that societies use to highlight existing imbalances.
  33. The Second Industrial Revolution in World History
    By analyzing world history, one can see the fact that the second industrial revolution affected the political, social, economical, cultural and ideological life of modern people.
  34. The Americas in the Age of Revolution 1750-1850
    This paper presents different approaches to the evaluation of American history and culture by analyzing revolutions that occurred in their territories in different periods of time.
  35. The History of American Revolution and Revolutionists
    The revolution war placed ill-equipped, ill-trained American continental and the rag-tag army under the leadership of General Washington against the well-equipped British Army.
  36. The American Revolution Influence on the World’s Political Course
    The colonial rule of England was overthrown; an independent, non-monarchical state was formed and further advancement to Western lands was permitted.
  37. Comparison Between Animal Farm and the Russian Revolution
    This essay will compare characters in Animal Farm to people involved in the uprising: Old Major to Karl Marx, Napoleon to Stalin and Snowball to Trotsky.
  38. Opposing the American Revolution
    The controversy of opinions regarding the American Revolution is due to different priorities and values ​​promoted by the warring parties.
  39. The “Roaring Twenties”: The Sexual Revolution as a Reflection of a Broader Change in Society
    The 1920s, also known as the “Roaring Twenties,” are regarded as years of profound changes in US society, particularly concerning the sexual behaviors among youth.
  40. Sustainability in the Modern World and the Prospects of the Third Industrial Revolution
    The environmental and societal issues can only be addressed by focusing on sustainability by encouraging the use of green energy, the democratization of energy, etc.

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  1. Factory Life and Work Conditions in Industrial Revolution
    The use of child labor in the English industry was one way to reduce production costs. In the changed economic situation, the parents had to give the children to work in a factory.
  2. New Deal as the Second American Revolution
    It would not be an understatement to claim that the Great Depression was one of the darkest hours in American history.
  3. Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube in Activism and Revolution
    This paper will analyze the role of social media’s influence (Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube) in activism and revolution on the world stage.
  4. American Revolution: The Abolitionism Movement
    The abolitionism movement was a significant event in the history of the state, changing the views and legal treatment of slavery.
  5. The American Revolution: Causes
    Before speaking about the consequences of the American Revolution, it is crucial to learn what led to the American colonists’ rebellion.
  6. History of Textile Designing Craft Before the Industrial Revolution
    The paper is a clear demonstration of the transformation of the textile designing and production industry through the sixteenth until after the industrial revolution.
  7. The American Revolution and the Russian Revolution
    The purpose of this paper is to look at The American Revolution and the Russian Revolution from an eyewitness perspective and analyze its differences and similarities.
  8. Intimacy Implications and “Sexual Revolution”
    Global changes in people’s sexual behavior, called the “sexual revolution,” have been taking place in the world since the middle of the last century.
  9. The American Revolution in the History of the United States
    The American Revolution is one of the most critical events in the history of the United States that led to the birth of a new nation and shaped the core principles of its citizens.
  10. The American Revolution: Triggers
    The American Revolution was primarily triggered and catalyzed by a series of events, which are the Stamp Act, the Boston Massacre, and the Boston Tea Party.
  11. Political Science: Human Security & Revolution-in-Military-Affairs
    The major susceptibilities and challenges include protracted violence and political conflicts, diseases, epidemics, natural calamities, economic crises and ethnic violence.
  12. The Role of the American Citizens and the Ideology of the Revolution
    The American revolution turned the world of many citizens of the country; it made them think about the possibilities of economic prosperity and career growth.
  13. Hewes and the Ideological Premise of the Revolution
    The link between Hughes’ individual characteristics and the development of the Revolution proves that the alterations in the political field of a state are typically affected by individuals.
  14. The American Revolution: History of the United States
    The American Revolution was one of the most important military conflicts in the history of the United States, establishing the principles of independence from British rule.
  15. Successes and Failures of the Haitian Revolution
    This article describes the history of the Haitian Revolution, which led to the creation of the first black republic in the world that achieved independence from Europe.
  16. The Major Rights and Reforms Wanted During the French Revolution
    The revolution activists aimed to redefine the nature of political authority, address social reform, and fight the economic unrest and the wide disparity between the classes.
  17. Ideological Camps in the Mexican Revolution
    Revolutions are an unavoidable part of political and social life that allows the population to change the order that overlives oneself.
  18. The New Industrial Revolution: Autonomous Systems
    Nowadays, computer science concerns mostly developing autonomous systems. The machinery revolution has already allowed people to delegate different tasks among various fields.
  19. Effects of the French Revolution
    The revolt in France put forward nation-state ideology, matters about liberal nationalism, the Napoleon reforms, and the idea of conservatism after the defeat of Napoleon.
  20. Napoleon Bonaparte’s Biography and Role in the French Revolution
    Napoleon Bonaparte is one of the most remarkable figures in the history of humanity. Along with his outstanding military talent, this charismatic man.
  21. American Revolution as a Social Process
    The American Revolution was not only a political process but also a social one because it led to significant and almost immediate changes in the social makeup of the country.
  22. “Race and Revolution” by Gary Nash
    “Race and Revolution” by Gary Nash explains that as much as people differ in body features and color of the skin this should not be used to fuel differences.
  23. French and Indian War and American Revolution
    French and Indian War, which is also known as the Seven Years’ War, was the last in the colonial confrontation between England and France.
  24. American Revolution as the Turning Point in History
    This work presents an outline and annotated bibliography for an article on the causes, course, and consequences of the American Revolution.
  25. Texas Revolution of 1835-36 Causes and Texas Secession of 1861
    Texans had effectively rebelled against their states two times in a row, with merely a quarter of a century separating the Texas Revolution of 1835-36 and Texan secession of 1861.
  26. American Revolution Overview and Analysis
    The American Revolution is one of the most well-known events in American history. The Boston Massacre was one of the inciting incidents for America gaining its independence.
  27. The Haitian Revolution: A New Vision of Freedom
    The paper recaps the background and consequences of the Haitian Revolution, the way it affected people of different nationalities around the world.
  28. American Revolution and Republic
    A lot has changed since the American Revolution, and the government is an enormous machine that does not derive its power from the people.
  29. The Role of the Natives in the American Revolution
    This essay will provide a short account of the natives in the American Revolution and explain their reasons for siding with either party.
  30. Egyptian Protests and Revolution
    Revolution in Egypt is a series of street demonstrations and protests in Cairo, Alexandria, and some other cities (including in the capitals of foreign states near the embassies).
  31. The Declaration of Independence and the American Revolution
    The main reason for the Declaration of Independence and the American Revolution was the British refusal to recognize the colonists’ right to life, liberty, and property.
  32. The Radio Frequency IDentification Revolution
    RFID is fast taking shape, as manifested by the recent media blitz and newspaper articles about the technology.
  33. The American Revolution History
    Three main factors led the American colonies into the American Revolution. The inhabitants of the territories adherent to the given countries were affected in different aspects.
  34. Industrial Revolution and Sociological Theory Development
    The Industrial Revolution refers to the transformation of manufacturing processes in the United States and Europe from 1760 to around 1840.
  35. Monuments of the French Revolution
    This paper aims to discuss the French Revolution’s monuments as related to their role in the unification of the French population after the bloody battles.
  36. Evolution, Not Revolution: Gender Law and Women Rights in Saudi Arabia
    Saudi Arabian government should enact policies that promote women to take professional courses such as engineering, medicine among others.
  37. Impact of the Digital Revolution on the Labor Market
    The labor market bears the costs of an increased automation rate. The essay examines the impact of machine exploitation on the workforce and its activities.
  38. The American Revolution and its Consequences
    The American Revolution took place in 1765, and it was necessitated by political, economic, and social developments.
  39. Industrial Revolution and Immigration
    The outcomes of the US Industrial Revolution had a recognizable influence on the consequent history of the country and of the world as a whole.
  40. Scientific Revolution and Technological Advancement
    Through the improvement in the technical standards due to the scientific revolution, human beings are now able to solve their problems through technology.
  41. Irish Revolution and Civil War of 1918-1923
    This paper analyzes Walsh’s ideas about the place of the Irish Revolution and Civil War in the context of the postwar world and the struggle for self-determination.
  42. American Revolutions in Early 19th Century
    One of the defining moments in American history is the industrial revolution, a term used to refer to a period in the early 19th century.
  43. Influence of Enlightenment and the Great Awakening on the American Revolution
    The Revolution depicted a period of political and ideological transformation in North America between 1765 and 1783.
  44. The American Revolution as a Historical Event
    The British approach to managing its colonies is the main reason behind the quest to gain self-rule by most of them.
  45. Abraham Lincoln and the Second Revolution
    The first chapter of the book Abraham Lincoln and the Second American Revolution by James M. McPherson touches on the subject of the so-called second Revolution
  46. Liberty and the French Revolution Reflections
    The essay examines how the French Revolution was an event, signifying an overhaul of the public’s opinion, considering the quest for liberty espoused by the revolutionaries.
  47. Enlightenment and Its Impact on the French Population and the Industrial Revolution
    The work examines the connections between the Enlightenment and the French people’s academic achievements, and its relation to the Industrial Revolution.

❓ Revolution Essay Questions

  1. Why the Industrial Revolution First Occured in Britain Assignment?
  2. Can Technological Change Account for the Sexual Revolution?
  3. Who Won the Mexican Revolution and When Did It End?
  4. Why Did the Orange Revolution Happen in Ukraine?
  5. What Did the Haitian Revolution Do to End Racial Slavery?
  6. Why Did the Industrial Revolution Begin in Europe? Assignment?
  7. What Were the Achievements of the 1848 Revolution and Why Did It Fail?
  8. Why Did the Communist Revolution Originally Seek to Quell Confucianism?
  9. What Was the Transportation Revolution, Why Was It Needed and What Did It Tie Together?
  10. Why Did Nova Scotia Fail to Join the American Revolution?
  11. Why Did the 1905 Revolution Fail to Overthrow Czardom?
  12. Why Financial Accounting Thought Is Undergoing a Revolution?
  13. Can Central Banking Survive the It Revolution?
  14. Why Did Revolution Break Out in Russia in 1905?
  15. Which Leader Best Carried Out the Ideals of the Russian Revolution: Lenin or Stalin?
  16. Why Did the British Lose the American Revolution?
  17. Why Did Martin Luther’s Teachings Cause a Revolution?
  18. Why Did the Tsar Survive the 1905 Revolution but Not the 1917 Revolution?
  19. What Were the Most Important Causes of the French Revolution?
  20. Why Did the French Revolution Start in 1789?
  21. Why the Scientific Revolution Was in Europe and Not China?
  22. Why Was the Irish Revolution of 1919-21?
  23. What Did Lenin Mean When He Says That the 1905 Revolution Was a Dress Rehearsal?
  24. Why Did the Industrial Revolution First Begin in England?
  25. Why Was the Russian 1917 Revolution Successful?
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