69 Legal Issues Essay Topics

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  1. International Legal and Ethical Issues in Business
    The ethical issues and their influence on business operation are discussed, as well as the incidences that have occurred in the Shell and BP companies.
  2. Organ Donation: Possibilities, Threats and Legal Issues
    By introducing stronger principles to the organ donation procedure and reinforcing the law, one can possibly avoid some of the urgent problems like human trafficking.
  3. Sea Dumping: Legal and Ethical Issues
    The paper explores legal and ethical issues regarding the sea dumping and examines the approaches used by cruise lines to increase the social responsibility.
  4. Nursing Legal and Ethical Issues Case
    The paper studies a case of a woman with Alzheimer’s disease and her family who have to decide whether it is correct to provide her with machines to support life.
  5. Online Counseling: Ethical and Legal Issues
    This paper discusses the ethical and legal issues associated with online or technology-assisted counseling and advises how to address the issues of online counseling.
  6. Criminal Evidence and Legal Issue
    The paper reviews special balancing test used in evaluating the admissibility of prior uncharged felony, the pretrial identification procedures, due process and exclusions.
  7. Artificial Intelligence: Ethical, Social, Legal Issues
    The field of artificial intelligence indeed brings numerous ethical, social, professional and legal issues; but are those so disturbing as some people claim?
  8. Future Legal Issues in Education
    This paper discusses some of the legal matters in education that the courts are expected to face in the future. The relevance of the legal issues and their essence will also be outlined.
  9. Counterterrorism: Constitutional and Legal Issues
    The paper reviews the article “Should the ticking bomb terrorist be tortured? A case study in how a democracy should make tragic choices” by Alan Dershowitz.
  10. Ethical and Legal Issues of the Physician
    Physicians have to focus on the ethical guidelines and legal requirements before making a decision in response to the patient’s non-compliant nature.
  11. Case of the Killer Robot: Ethical and Legal Issues
    This paper is to assess the stakeholders’ points of view, facts, ethical and legal norms related to the Case of the Killer Robot, and the possible options for its resolution.
  12. Engineering Ethics, Patent and Legal Issues
    The issue of an engineer failing to communicate with his employer about the legal implications of patent rights does not create favorable conditions for his efforts.
  13. Ethical and Legal Issues in Nursing
    While legislation is crucial in nurses’ practice, communication is vital for both providing a rewarding working environment and ensuring patients’ welfare.
  14. Artificial Technology’s Ethical, Social, Legal Issues
    Artificial intelligence (AI) refers to the creation of intelligent machines that can perform actions that were traditionally reserved for human beings.
  15. Human Tissue Ownership: Legal and Ethical Issues
    The right to private ownership of the tissue samples and biological materials is the issue of controversies from legal as well as ethical perspective.
  16. Employee Monitoring, Its Legal and Ethical Issues
    Employee monitoring ensures the proper use of company technology in the workplace, but the extent of the supervisory control and violation of privacy should be limited.
  17. Legal Issues of an Advanced Practice Nurse in the Workplace
    One of the major goals of the healthcare sector entails ensuring that all stakeholders, including nurses, employees, and patients, operate in a secure environment.
  18. FlowTow Web Application’s Legal and Ethical Issues
    Web applications raise a myriad of ethical and legal issues, especially in cases of user-generated content, as is the case with the FlowTow web application.
  19. PharmaCARE: Ethical and Legal Issues
    The case of PharmaCARE entails a scenario of manipulating the intellectual property rights responsible for safeguarding the production rights of PharmaCARE.
  20. Ethical and Legal Issues in Education
    Child educators are constantly faced with ethical dilemmas. They are expected to uphold their ethical responsibilities towards the children and their parents.
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  1. Israeli Settlements in Palestine: Legal Issues
    Israel was created to settle Jews in the lands separated from Palestine. The conflict between Palestinian Arabs and Jews has not been resolved, and it can be observed even today.
  2. Abortion: Legal, Medical, Moral, Religious Issues
    As an ethical dilemma, the decision of whether to permit or forbid abortion deals with a variety of justifications grounding on several arguments.
  3. Social, Legal, And Ethical Issues in the Modern Database Era
    In the past two decades, database-relevant issues have become intense, considering the all-penetrating nature of the data collection.
  4. Nurse Misconduct and Drug Diversion as Legal Issue
    The paper analyzes the case of nurse misconduct associated with drug diversion and identifies improvement strategies to avoid the problem in the future.
  5. Legal Issues and Benefits over Surrogacy
    Surrogacy offers couples the ability to become parents when nature and medical science have not been able to assist them.
  6. Health Services Administration: Legal and Ethical Issues
    The Health Services Administration Department outlines several values that guide and empower healthcare administrators.
  7. Euthanasia Law: Legalization of Euthanasia Issues
    One of the more controversial subjects in the medical field and elsewhere for many years has been the question of euthanasia, otherwise known as mercy killing or assisted suicide
  8. Death Penalty: Legal and Moral Issues
    Discussion of the legal and moral issues that literally are of life and death importance and is a major barometer when measuring a society’s collective conscience.
  9. Legal Issues Analysis: Sexual Harassment
    The issue of sexual harassment has of late become thorny in society. Workplaces have been dogged by claims of sexual harassment to female employees.
  10. Ethical, Moral and Legal Issues in Assisted Suicide
    If the patient requests her nurse to assist her in committing suicide, the nurse should consider many legal, ethical, and moral issues before making the appropriate decision.
  11. Overview of the Abortion as a Legal Issue
    This paper deals with abortion from a legal standpoint and provides a brief historical overview and three relevant legal cases.
  12. Legal Issues Regarding Medical Records
    Subpoena duces tecum from an attorney is not supported by a valid form of release of information that authorizes the disclosure of information.
  13. Ethical and Legal Issues in Healthcare Services
    The article is an analysis of a number of situations that a patient may face and contains a detailed analysis of each of them from a legal and ethical point of view.
  14. Oncology Nurses’ Ethical and Legal Issues
    The paper aims at identifying primary areas for legal and ethical issues faced by oncology nurses and discusses strategies that could help in working with the challenges.
  15. Legal, Financial and Legal Issues Surrounding Meaningful Use
    Meaningful use of health information technology is negatively impacted by legal, financial, and ethical issues.
  16. Legal and Ethical Issues in Nursing
    The purpose of this article is to address the legal and ethical issues that Judy faced while working as a nurse manager.
  17. Fire in the Company: Legal and Managerial Issues Arising
    The purpose of this article is to discuss the legal and management issues that arise in the event of a company fire.
  18. Moral, Ethical & Legal Issues: Caring for the Mentally Ill Patient
    The nursing profession is an ever-changing profession that has a responsibility of responding to issues concerning protecting a patient, human rights and maintaining their dignity.
  19. Medication Errors: Legal and Ethical Issues in Nursing
    The nursing profession should underscore the impact of medication errors and train all stakeholders as a means of eliminating the frailty.
  20. Legal and Ethical Issues in Nursing: Difficulties in Decision Making
    The deficiency of palliative care programs in the US, which is a great ethical failure, is slack on the responsibility of health institutions.
  21. Ethical and Legal Regulation of Human Tissues and Stem Cells Research in the European Union
    Major advances in biological sciences have yielded new ways of tackling various environmental and health problems.
  22. The Legal System Issues in Law and Public Health
    Theories of democracy can describe why it is the collective duty of government to provide health amenities to the communities.
  23. Instagram: Ethical and Legal Issues in The Content Production and Distribution
    Instagram’s moderators rule the process by deciding which images and videos have a right to be publicly seen, and it is unfair in terms of equity.
  24. Legal Issues in Higher Education
    In managing the facilities of the institutions and supervising student events, administrators will need to be knowledgeable about the law of torts.
  25. The Legal System & Framing Issues in Law and Public Health
    The government evaluates the capacity to provide public health services. The government ensures that its capability to handle public health issues is maintained at high levels.
  26. Legal and Ethical Issues Concerning Abortion in the United Kingdom
    Samantha can legally have an abortion if she meets the legal requirements stipulated in the United Kingdom abortion Act of 1967.
  27. The Renewal of the Indian Power Plant: Legal Issues
    In this paper, the author will seek to identify and analyze the legal elements of the problems associated with the closure of the plant.
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  1. Legal Issues Involving Internet Usage and Minors
  2. Canada and Legal Issues Involving Regulation of the Internet and Computer Hacking
  3. Juvenile Offenders in Criminal Court and Adult Prison Legal Issues
  4. Ethical and Legal Issues Involved in E-Commerce
  5. Personal Values, Ethical Codes, and Legal Issues in Human Services
  6. Computer Hackers and Internet Regulation in Canada: A View of the Legal Issues
  7. Irresponsible Attitudes Towards Contraception of Teens, Legal Issues
  8. Ethical and Legal Issues in Interviewing Abused or Neglected Children
  9. Things You Need To Know About Divorce Law Changes
  10. A Systematic Review of Ethical and Legal Issues in Elder Care
  11. Ethical and Legal Issues of Information Security
  12. Assessment of Legal Issues and Problems Faced by Indigenous Peoples
  13. Blockchain and Associated Legal Issues for Emerging Markets
  14. The Legal Issues Involving Drug Testing in the Workplace
  15. Social, Ethical, and Legal Issues in Computer Graphics
  16. Professional, Ethical, and Legal Issues for Software Engineer
  17. Legal Issues, Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility on Business Planning
  18. Stem Cell Research Legislation and Related Legal Issues
  19. The Moral and Legal Issues with Death and Dignity Laws in America
  20. The Legal Issues Surrounding Free and Open Source Software
  21. Workplace, Sexual Harassment, Legal Issues, and the U.S. Supreme Court
  22. Legal Issues Surrounding Consensual Sex Within Prisons
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