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🏆 Best Essay Topics on Smartphone

  1. Smartphone for Deaf and Mute People
    Deaf and mute people living in Australia and members of Deaf Australia Inc. or Australian Association of the Deaf have been identified as the target audience for a smartphone.
  2. Blackberry’s Targeting Strategy in the Smartphone Market
    The Smartphone market has witnessed concerted growth. This situation has seen Blackberry lose out its long-held global market leadership to new players.
  3. India’s Booming Smartphone Market
    The article “India’s Booming Smartphone Market” by Sean Mclain, provides information concerning the development of the smartphone market in India while pointing out the tendencies.
  4. Smartphone Macro-Environment Analysis in the UK
    Smartphone manufacturers will be forced to consider the forces of the macro-environment to produce competitive products that resonate with the needs of the targeted consumers.
  5. Technology Description Diary: The Use of Smartphone and Diary of Observations
    Modern life is impossible to imagine without a great number of devices that make people’s lives easier and help to keep many things under control.
  6. Smartphone Evaluation and Use in Business
    Smartphone can be defined as a gadget that enables the user to make telephone calls and has additional features that would be found on a computer.
  7. The Macro-Environment of the Smartphone Industry
    This report examines the macro-environment of the smartphone industry in the United Kingdom. The United Kingdom is one of the most lucrative markets for most commodities.
  8. Smartphone Innovation and Powerful Marketing Plan
    The number of people purchasing and using smartphones has been on the rise. This change is catalyzed by emerging technologies such as applications and superior operating systems.
  9. Smartphone Addiction Among American Youth
    While the smartphone is a valuable tool that has benefited civilization, the ensuing mental addiction has a profound, lasting impact on individuals’ health.
  10. Smartphone Market Statistics in the United States
    Smartphones management on Google-backed Android software is in an advanced position in the United States market.
  11. Smartphone Operating Systems: Feature Writing
    Does the iPhone operating system beat the Symbian or the Android? As a tech-fanatic, I will put various smartphone operating systems through their paces.
  12. Smartphone Technologies: A Central Processing Unit
    Smartphones are powered by a central processing unit (CPU) which drives the device function and ultimately defines its processing power.
  13. Social Media, Smartphones Have Become Obsession
    Smartphones have become our obsession instead of being our helpers. They attract people to use all of the apps and social networks as much as possible.
  14. Analysis of Smartphones Life Cycle
    Smartphones are useful in many ways, including communication and getting news and updates, but they follow a predetermined life cycle, which shall be discussed in this paper.
  15. Impact of Smartphones on Work-Life Balance
    The use of smartphones has a negative impact on the work-life balance as employees are forced to respond to messages or calls after the end of the working day.
  16. Smartphone Application and Diabetes Reminder Management
    The proposed intervention implies the implementation of smartphone applications aimed at managing diabetes, the intervention has a lot of advantages.
  17. Smartphone Role in Type 2 Diabetes Self-Management
    The current research paper endeavors to explore mat-analysis studies and past research studies on the role played by smartphones in type 2 diabetes self-management.
  18. Global Marketing in the Smartphone Industry
    The purpose of the global marketing research is to find the impact of consumer perceived value (CPV) on a smartphone purchase intention.
  19. Smartphone as Contributing Factor for Loneliness
    Smartphones constitute a powerful contributing factor to the increased level of loneliness due to their unfavorable influence on social, personal, and romantic relations.
  20. Change Project in Healthcare: The Introduction of Smartphone Apps
    The introduction of smartphone apps in a given unit or facility is a revolutionary idea that can improve the medical outcomes of the greatest number of patients.

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  1. The Diagnostic Criteria for Smartphone Addiction
  2. Smartphone Market Trends With Pest Analysis in Korea
  3. Marketing Plan For Designing a Smartphone App
  4. Global Smartphone Audio Codecs Industry 2015 Market Research Report
  5. Samsung Smartphone Service Innovation
  6. Smartphone Use and Academic Performance: Correlation or Causal Relationship
  7. Global Smartphone Power Management IC Market
  8. Smartphone Application In Restaurant Business
  9. Smartphone Industry and Apples iPhone Analysis
  10. Using Smartphone Apps for Learning in a Major Korean University
  11. Smartphone Industry and Apples iPhone Analysis
  12. How Parent’s Smartphone Usage Impacts Their Children
  13. Smartphone: Mobile Phone and Excellent Time Killer
  14. History and Future Trends in Smartphone Technology
  15. Driving Forces for Smartphone Industry
  16. Diagnostic Criteria for Smartphone Addiction
  17. Walking and Talking: The Effect of Smartphone Use and Group Conversation on Pedestrian Speed
  18. Smartphone-Based Wound Assessment System for Diabetes
  19. Identifying and Quantifying Neurological Disability via Smartphone
  20. Smartphones and Its Integration Into Our Daily Lives

💡 Simple Smartphone Essay Ideas

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  1. The Emergence, Opportunities, and Importance of Mobile E-commerce Using Smartphones
  2. Strategic Marketing Plan for Windows Phone 7 Smartphone
  3. Marketing Mix for Samsung Galaxy Smartphones
  4. The Factors That Affect the Purchase Intention of Smartphones Among Year 3 Engineering Entrepreneurship Students
  5. Smartphone Habits Among Youth: Uses and Gratification Theory
  6. Telecom Firms Under Pressure To Keep Up With Smartphone Obsession
  7. Product Features Influencing Purchase Decision for Smartphone Handsets
  8. Indian Smartphone Users Spend More Time on Internet Than Voice
  9. The Pros and Cons of the Smartphone: Does It Help Our Lives
  10. Gender and Income Effects of Smartphone Use: The Case of Rural China
  11. The Smartphone Revolution and Its Effects on Business
  12. Overseas Student Smartphone Brand Preference
  13. Promoting Positive Effect Through Smartphone Photography
  14. Wearable Ecg Monitoring and Alerting System Associated With Smartphone: IHeart
  15. Smartphone Proliferation and Internet Penetration in India
  16. Smartphone Applications and Childhood Obesity
  17. Off-Farm Work, Smartphone Use and Household Income: Evidence From Rural China
  18. Smartphone Addiction and Its Effects on Society
  19. Why Can Samsung and Apple Dominate the Smartphone Market in Hong Kong
  20. Social Media and Smartphone Habits
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