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Importance of Friendships


Every person wants to have good friends and acquaintances. Friends play a very important role in our lives. They make us complete whenever we encounter certain challenges or heartaches. Some people do unimaginable things in order to attract and keep their friends. I have been trying to identify new friends within the past two years. Human beings should have many friends in order to become happy. I have managed to form good relationships with individuals from various backgrounds. I am giving this speech in order to support the needs of more people.

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The Benefits of Meaningful Friendships

To begin with, friendships encourage more people to think differently and maturely. Friends give us a new pair of eyes in order to see things from different perspectives. I have made numerous friends from different socio-cultural backgrounds. This effort has encouraged me to appreciate their cultural practices and ideas. I have gained new ideas and skills that will help me in the future. For example, many friends have encouraged me to interact with every individual in a positive manner. I have also learned new practices that can produce healthy relationships. This exercise has made it easier for me to help every person in need. I have learned this powerful lesson from my friends.

I have also made useful observations that can support a good friendship. The first important observation is that friends should be able to trust one another. Good friends do not hide anything from their colleagues. Such individuals will always speak the truth. This practice will increase the level of trust. Good friends will offer the best advices and ideas to one another. Students, parents, and teachers can use this concept in order to support one another. Friends should also communicate with one another effectively. I will always support my friends whenever they are in need. This fact explains why friends should collaborate with one another. The presence of love and trust will make it easier for more individuals to achieve their goals.

Individuals should also identify the benefits arising from their friendships and relationships. Meaningful friendships make it easier for individuals to improve their communication skills. They also encourage individuals to embrace the power of critical thinking. A good friendship will also support the needs of every party. Good friends encourage one another in order to become good problem-solvers. My friendships have made it easier for me to widen most of these skills. Most of my friendships have equipped me with new concepts. Such concepts have encouraged me to support the changing demands of my friends, classmates, and relatives. The practice has also equipped me with new skills such as empathy and sympathy. Such skills will make me a successful person in the future.

Concluding Remarks

In conclusion, I am encouraging my listeners to form strong friendships with more individuals. It is necessary to identify and form good friendships with individuals from different backgrounds. This practice can equip every individual with better skills and competencies. Such skills will eventually make every person successful. Individuals should also embrace the power of teamwork in order to achieve their potentials in life. It is also important for individuals to address most of the challenges affecting their friendships. The ideas and skills presented in this speech will ensure every person becomes successful in life.

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