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Improving Performance in Disease-Specific Indicators

There are situations when organizational goals contribute to improvements and have no positive outcomes in the same sphere. Despite following the recommendations of the Medicare Hospital, the hospital performances for pneumonia, acute myocardial infarction (AMI), and congestive heart failure (CHF) vary. According to Spath and Kelly (2017), effective goals usually lead to effective performance, but each goal may have certain positive and negative characteristics. However, in Genesis 24:21, it was said that people could wait “without saying a word” “to learn whether or not the Lord had made his journey successful” (New International Version, 2011). It means that the contributions of people matter, but there is additional power that either supports or prevents. Thus, organizational goals lead to both improvements and failures equally, and the following worksheet shows the pros and cons of the same goals.

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Goals Worksheet

Goal Statement Pros Cons
Improve performance in all the CMS disease-specific indicators. Hospitals get an overall plan of work with patients who have the same disease. Staff need additional guidelines to understand their responsibilities because this goal is too general.
Ensure all patients admitted to the ED with the diagnosis of AMI receive aspirin within ____ minutes of admission. Aspirin helps reduce blood clots and improve symptoms in AMI patients, meaning that this goal is easy to evaluate. Some patients may be allergic to Aspirin, and more time is required to check the medical history.
Improve performance on the following AMI indicators:
  • Timeliness of administration of aspirin
  • Prescribing aspirin at discharge
  • Smoking cessation counseling
Indicators show healthcare providers clear instructions to be followed and the expectations to be met. Not all patients may gain benefits because of allergies or other specific health conditions.
Research the available clinical guidelines on care of the patients with AMI, and implement a guideline that
  • demonstrates a strong degree of evidence;
  • ensures meeting all regulatory and payer requirements; and
  • permits ease of documenting, retrieving, and reporting the necessary performance indicators.
The goal is specific and explains what to be achieved and how, with certain benefits for care providers. Although it is directly related to patient care, no clear benefits for patients are observed, and no contributions from patients are discussed.
Reduce the number of patients with AMI who are discharged without smoking cessation counseling and a prescription for aspirin. The problem is properly introduced, and healthcare providers understand what they should do at the moment of discharge. The negativity of this goal lies in the fact that some patients still do not want to quit smoking and reject counseling, which provokes negative attitudes and unwillingness to continue interventions.


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