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Incident Report & Legal Department – Basic Info

There are a lot of cases when incidents occur and to make sure that everything is correctly noted and the appropriate measures are taken the specific procedure is invented. Incidents in the hospitals are controlled by the state and properly checked by the Quality Assurance department and Legal Department. The main purpose of this paper is to discuss the importance of reporting and to dwell upon the stages which are o be completed in case of an incident.

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The importance of reporting when an incidence occurs in a hospital cannot be overestimated. When an incident occurs it is important to understand the reason for the event. Many departments are interested in the quality of the services offered in the hospitals, they want to know whether the rights of the patients are followed, etc. It is really important to put in all appropriate data, to consider the data, to analyze it, and to listen to the feedback (Mahajan, 2010). There are a lot of reasons for the incident and the understanding of the most essential one and the measures taken to eliminate the possibility of the future should be the main purpose of report creation.

The main stages of the report are as follows. The first one should ensure that the patient is safe. Then, the incident should be measured, and depending on the difficulty, either immediate actions should be taken (if the incident is major or catastrophic) or the incident is to be completed if the incident is graded as moderate, minor, insignificant, or near miss. After an incident form is completed in moderate, minor, insignificant, or near-miss incidents, the Line Manager and he who is involved in the incident are to discuss the problem, they are to identify what, how, and why an incident occurred. Then, they should consider the contradictory factors which led to the incident and dwell upon the measures which are to be taken to reduce the risk of the case repetition. The incident form sent to the Senior Nurse or Manager should be resent to P&SS and feedback is to be given by the Risk Action Groups (Incident reporting, 2007).

In a case major or catastrophic incident occurs, the first step is to contact the P&SS team or/and Clinical Site Practitioner. Then the family should be ensured that the situation is under control and CE, MD, CN, SHA, and Press Office are to be informed. After this, one week is given to make an investigation of the Senior Nurse and/or Manager. His report is considered and the measures are taken. In 6 months the actions taken during the incident and after it are to be reviewed and feedback is to be completed (Incident reporting, 2007). The quality Assurance department and Legal Department are to conduct their investigation to make sure that the incident was not a reason for the criminal actions or irresponsible attitude to personal responsibilities.

In conclusion, it should be taken that the measures considered here and the stages of the reporting are just the guidelines. These stages are to be made, however, depending on the case situation, the steps may increase. Each case is individual. The hospitals are just to remember the main issues of the procedure. The individuality of each case makes the authorities check each incident thoroughly, using the experience from the previous evens.


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Mahajan, R. P. (2010). Critical incident reporting and learning. British Journal of Anaesthesia, 105(1), 69-75.

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