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Information Gathering and Structuring Websites

Website for Internship Opportunities

The first idea that selected over other ones is a website that will provide information about existing internship opportunities for teenagers, those who have a gap year, or those who have not yet decided what occupation attracts them. People who have just graduated from high school often experience uncertainty because they do not know what business, industry, or profession is right for them. The company, in its turn, struggles to find motivated interns. This website will combine the needs of both parties and present them with a solution.

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This idea was chosen over other ones because it addresses the sensitive issue of unemployment, uncertainty, and dissatisfaction of teenagers and graduates. Information about internship programs is often unknown to them or hard to find. The inability to understand what type of work you like can lead to wrong decision-making in the future.

The members of our group and their friends have experienced this problem as well. The resources of our group allow us to create a pilot model of such a website by contacting local companies, gathering information, and structuring it on a website. Free services for website construction can help us see how many websites will be perceived.

The market of newly graduated teenagers who seek internships and other opportunities is wide, but, as Mullins points out, it is essential to find a smaller group within this vast market (10). The website will focus on adolescents who graduated high school. Employers often recognize the value of experience (Rigsby et al. 1137). The industry of websites is a wide one, but there is a scarcity of websites that provide information about local internships for teenagers (not students). At last, our group can communicate with employers and create a website to help teenagers and enhance their work experience.

Database of Eco-Friendly Brands

The second idea is a website that will be a database of eco-friendly clothes and brands that support such ideas. Not every brand labels its products as “eco-friendly”; furthermore, not all companies indicate that they test their products on animals or support deforestation. This website will be useful for those who want to stay aware of what brands and products they purchase and how it affects ecology.

The popularity of recycling and other environment-based behaviors is growing; the impact of climate change is undoubtful and concerning. With this idea, we would like to point out the current issues such as climate change, animal rights, and resource scarcity.

The information about eco-friendly brands can be easily found online; those enterprises that do not support it are often discussed in the media as well. Based on this data, a database will be created using free website constructors.

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Cherian and Jacob notice “when consumers are aware of eco-labels they react more positively towards knowledge of green marketing and the purchase of green products” (121). It is difficult to estimate the market size, but consumers’ interest in eco-centered products grows. Consumers in their 20s and 30s who can operate websites and computers are more interested in sustainable consumption. The product can be seen as a part of the online services industry, with the exception that it will present brands from different industries (textiles, food, drinks, etc.). This industry is overcrowded, but attractive because it has a low entry-level and does not demand serious investment. We as a group can create a website by gathering all the necessary data online and from the media reports.

Shop for Used Books

The third idea will also be based on an environmental problem. A small shop that will sell used books and magazines can be established near the campus to address students’ needs in textbooks and journals, as well as to stress the problem of deforestation and recycling. Books and magazines that we possess are often read only once and then forgotten; instead, they could be sold for a minimum price to those who need them.

This idea can be easily implemented and is based on the group’s values. Moreover, it addresses the problem of expensive textbooks and rare magazines, as well as unrecycled paper. Such a shop is highly needed in colleges and campuses because library books are often not available and new copies are expensive.

The market is attractive although the shop will have to compete with libraries and individual sellers who can also provide books for free. Moreover, websites such as AbeBooks or Amazon are often used by students to buy out-of-print books (Tafuri 23). However, shipping is often slow, and the book can be lost during it.

The industry, in return, is not attractive, but it is crucial to acknowledge that (Mullins 14). However, the shop will be introduced to a specific market (students at campus) that does not have any major players except for AbeBooks and Amazon. As was mentioned, these services are not convenient for everyone and have their disadvantages such as slow shipping and possible product loss. Moreover, the shop will also focus on spreading the awareness of deforestation and attracting customers via green marketing. The group can utilize used textbooks as the starting point of the sales. The market we want to serve consists of the customers who have the same aims as we do (studying).

Reviews of Unsuccessful Startups

A website that will review the unsuccessful startups might seem like an ironic idea to some, but in reality, it is a useful tool for aspiring entrepreneurs who want to understand what mistakes should be avoided and what ideas have been already implemented. This website can provide insights in particular cases and serve as a large case study for all students who want to become entrepreneurs; experienced entrepreneurs can use it as teaching material.

This idea was chosen because of its highest relevance to our group and our study – we need o to learn from our mistakes and mistakes of others. Teachers and professors, as well as our experiences, can serve as sources of information. The website will be filled with different reviews and articles about startups, entrepreneurship ideas, and news to help students avoid the same mistakes.

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The market is wide and will consist of students, aspiring entrepreneurs, experienced entrepreneurs, and those who are interested in the topic. A larger market is capable of stimulating entrepreneurship, but it can also lead to “a lower ratio of self-employment” (Sato et al. 1148). The industry also has high entry-levels because of the existing websites dedicated to startups. However, there is not any website that is focused on startups’ failures only, which can help the idea spread through the market and attract customers. It is reasonable to assume that students from the same programs and the same university will be interested in the website, which narrows the market to a particular group (Mullins 11). Although there are major rivals in the industry that also publish startup news, there is nothing for our product to imitate or duplicate; instead, it will focus on other news rarely discussed on websites dedicated to startups. Thus, this website will be both educational and entertaining. Our team is interested in the negative experience of others because it can help one avoid mistakes that repeatedly happen during the launch of projects and products. Our team is also motivated to point out these mistakes to other aspiring entrepreneurs.

Help Chat for First-Year Students

The last idea is highly relevant for first-year students at colleges and universities who need help with schedules, navigation, papers, etc. during their study. The aim is to create a hotline or a chat that will provide students with all the necessary information about the college, lectures, libraries, schedules, and other parts of a student’s life.

This idea was selected because it is relevant to many of us and other students who had a hard time (or still have) understanding how college works and what one needs to do. Guides assigned for this task cannot help many students at the same time, which results in anxiety and frustration. Our team can provide the needed advice and information, as well as guide some of the students if they are confused about their responsibilities.

This project can start at the educational facility we are familiar with; the market size will be small and changing every year. However, the only “rival” on this market will be the informational board and the advisor who has different aims. The industry of online services for college students is extensive, but in our case, it is a smaller part of it that is underdeveloped. American university culture highly values independence and the ability to “pave one’s pathways” (Stephens et al. 1185). This project will develop interdependence among students. Our group is motivated to enhance support among students, which can positively influence academic performance and reduce the level of anxiety and depression linked to pressure students frequently experience.

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