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Information Technology in Gamers Heaven Company

Information technology has contributed to a massive development in the business field. Several similarities can be borrowed from the Industrial revolution where engines, electric power and machinery were substituted for hand labor to provide more efficient and effective techniques of production by use of electronic means. The end results were better commodities, faster production techniques, reduced prices and less human faults in the entire process. Therefore, any business or organization that incorporates information technology (IT) system into its services is able to provide quicker services and hence reduces the overall production cost incurred. For this reason, the IT system increases the chances of a business or organization to render its services more effectively and efficiently (Turtlmeat par.2).

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This essay will look into the different types of hardware and software that are used by the Gamers Heaven Company. Gamers Heaven Company is located opposite Sainsbury across Lewes Road in the United Kingdom. The company offers a designated and comfortable place to individuals who play video games and charges a few dollars for every hour of playing the very latest and hottest games on the market at any time of the day. The company has approximately two hundred computer stations of unique and real gaming excitement and a well furnished theater with sized monitors to enable viewers to observe in house movies or games as they play the games (Gamer Heaven par.1).

Having adequate power supply, Gamers Heaven has a gamming computer with double graphics, chips and 32 inches 95 watt at each gamming station. Flat monitors or 1200 watt screens with multi graphics processing unit (GPU), accepted power supply, wireless mouse and keyboard and headphones are also accessible( par. 2). There are two customer service stations that have a conventional position of sale software located behind their counter. The custom position of the sales software assists them in managing the time and payment of the clients playing the games and also the theater-sized movie and game viewers. The company also has Wi-Fi which is meant for parents and any other client who would like to surf through the internet as they wait or watch games or movies. In addition, the gamers Heaven company has 26 non-player characters (NPC) – 88G2 Synaccess, remote power management system, solar panels and net commander. All these systems are important for the effectiveness of the company as it entertains people through games, movies and tournaments (Meyers 3).

The company’s network runs a Mesh Topology having all pods in the local area network (L.A.N.) which is the gaming and internet access controller. Their customer service stations are linked to certain security rights or privileges to all servers who are connected locally to give network indicatives and time safety that are real. To allow for maximum utilization of the system, the company has an internet linkage line that has coaxial hubs and leads (Meyers 3).

Combination of the most reliable hardware and software is very essential to any organization in order to support personal, workgroup and enterprise computing.

In summary, in order to obtain maximum benefits in using hardware and software, an organization must evaluate the applications that can offer the greatest gain to the performance and productivity of the organization (Ragowsky, Arik, Stern, Myles, Adams & Dennis par.1).

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