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Technological Progress Nowadays

Technologies are everywhere in the contemporary world. It is so due to the progress in science and all applied disciplines which provide people with more facilities in life. The world is changing due to the development of the scientific thought. That is why with the flow of time technologies became an inexplicable part of my life. In this respect I try to do my best by means of technological approach trying to implement all possible measures or devices in education, work, and entertainment. Such idea goes beyond any understanding when it touches upon the ad absurdum way of reasoning about the issue of technologies’ use for mankind.

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When making a survey on my daily activities it is necessary to admit the beginning of it up to the end. The Internet resources and Web 2.0 technologies help me to communicate with friends and different communities whenever and wherever I want or need. It also considers them. Hence, after getting up I check on Facebook and MySpace status and look at possible messages from my friends living all over the world. It helps me also to communicate at once with more than one user. Then I check e-mail and comments on my blogs posted on different social networks. It helps me to share my thoughts and opinions throughout the communities of young people. The creativeness of youngster, as I see, is fully described and provided or informed via Internet resources. This is why virtual reality becomes more real.

When at college, I keep my I-Phone switched on with active silent profile in order to have SMS from fellows in neighboring classes, or for the purpose to inform somebody about a gathering. In this very device I save my photos and videos with friends and mates just to have fun and to be engaged in the process of global facilitation of nations with technological decisions. Also my I-Phone supports Wi-Fi, and it helps me to stay in touch with global community via supported services as MSN, ICQ, and Blogger. For youth it is too vital to upload some material out of the Internet and post some files in it as well. Thus, I try during a day to gather some informative materials, such as photos from parties, lunch at the refectory and kisses of couples, so that to represent these materials in the net.

Some people say that Internet and computer games do harm to the development of children and youth on the whole. Opposing to such assertion I use internet libraries and different sources for successful readings in education. It helps me to make parallels between different sayings or problems raised in classes, so that to provide personal view. Such opinion may be supposed with the relation to the Google services. Indeed, they are helpful for my educational development. For example, Google Books provides me with one of the biggest electronic libraries in the world. Moreover, there are also some materials being antique and, say, lost for centuries. Those materials which were under “Top Secret” mark are available today. Moreover, this technology saves my time because there is an appropriate fast search. So I can find any citation in a definite book.

To sum up, the world of technological progress is increasing every day. It is vital for a contemporary individual to be familiar with new technologies, because they can take more benefits then one can suppose.

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