Information Technology Personnel’s Skills and Duties

​Database development

  1. Position title׃ Database developer
  2. Title of industry׃ Software industry with an emphasis on direct marketing solutions. This industry is not similar to my organization because I work in a firm where IT is a non-core function.
  3. Position description׃ To design and work with or change stored procedures within web-based applications. To use ETL requirements to change or work with MSSQL or TSQL. To work with other database developers during change management. To identify issues in current programming, and resolve them.
  4. Primary responsibilities׃ To work with other members of a cross-functional team to solve data-related problems. Cope with change control; Develop business solutions for the organization. Work with SSIS and SSRS to understand user needs or respond to them.
  5. Qualification׃ Must possess a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology (BSIT﴿ degree and a minimum of two years experience in a relevant field. Proficiency in SQL server administration as well as TSQL. One must have worked for three years in these areas. Experience in SSRS and SSIS is imperative. The concerned individual must understand data-related concepts. It is beneficial to have experience with Greenplum, change control, communication skills, and cross-functional team correspondence.
  6. Position׃ Full-time employee.
  7. Benefits׃ The successful candidate is eligible for an enumeration package of between $ 75,000 and $ 110,000. One can discuss the salary package with the employer.
  8. Glossary of IT terms used׃ MSSQL׃ this stands for Microsoft SQL Server. It is a relational database controller that aims at facilitating the development of web serving applications. SSRS stands for SQL Server Reporting Services. This is a system that allows the preparation and completion of reports through a software system. Greenplum׃ A cloud computing solution that dwells on data analytics or warehousing (Greenplum, 2010﴿. ETL׃ Stands for Extract, transform, and load. It is a procedure that IT personnel use to move data between databases.
  9. Critical questions׃ My organization should have this position because it will allow it to better manage its website, email data, or mobile data as well as personalize display information. Furthermore, the position ensures that the respective organization can synchronize its data processes adequately.


  1. Position title׃ Communications Technician
  2. Industry type׃ Energy and Utilities-Brazos Electric Cooperative is an electricity generating and transmission organization based in Texas. It is different from my organization because it deals with a non-retail sector.
  3. Position description׃ To work in telecommunications and energy-related systems to ensure that they remain reliable and efficient. SCADA system reliability analysis is also a crucial part of the role.
  4. Primary responsibilities׃ The responsibilities involve routine maintenance, testing, and repairs of telecommunications and electric systems.
  5. Qualification׃ Less than one year of experience in a relevant field. One must have a degree in electrical power or electronics. The person needs to have at least a certificate or high school diploma. He or she must possess a CET license. One must also have a driver’s license. It is beneficial to have a flexible timetable as night visits may be necessary.
  6. Position׃ Full-time employee
  7. Benefits׃ The candidate will negotiate salary packages with the employer. The successful candidate will enjoy 401 k as well as health insurance.
  8. Glossary of IT terms used׃ SCADA-stands for supervisory, control, and data acquisition. This is an IT system in which one collects and analyses data in real-time. The system is especially useful in the transport and energy industries.
  9. Critical questions׃ My organization should not have such a position because it is unique to utility-based industries, yet my firm is not one. Nonetheless, if the job description had been more general, then a telecommunications technician would be essential in the company.

​IT project management

  1. Position title׃ project manager
  2. Title of industry׃ Gaming – The Company is a gaming services provider that uses various platforms (such as the internet, streaming technologies, and android applications﴿ to provide games to clients.
  3. Position description׃ To generate, coordinate, and finish projects, the concerned individual, will work with his or her supervisor to handle various project aspects such as scheduling, scope, and need identification. The person will work with appropriate software such as MS Project.
  4. Primary responsibilities – The employee carries out project management, project planning, resource estimation, solves project related problems, tracks project milestones, works with other departments to get additional staff, and makes recommendations on completed projects.
  5. Qualification׃ One must possess a High School Diploma, and it is beneficial to possess an IT-related degree. The person must have a minimum of three to five years of experience in IT project management. It is beneficial to have Certification in project management, although this is not mandatory.
  6. Position׃ Full-time employee.
  7. Benefits׃ Employees will negotiate salaries with the employer. On top of that, employees are eligible for paid vacation, medical insurance including PPO, a 401k plan, and tuition reimbursement.
  8. Glossary of IT terms used׃ MS project – a software application in which one manages a project efficiently.
  9. Critical questions׃ My organization should have such a position. IT project management allows firms to have effective control over their projects through proper goal setting, time scheduling, and many more aspects (Cederholm, 2006﴿. My firm deals with a lot of projects and IT will optimize many of them. Therefore, it should consider such a position.

​System administrator

  1. Position title׃ System administrator for Java-Oracle
  2. Title of industry׃ NRG Energy Inc is an electricity-producing company in Texas and thus falls in the energy industry; it is different from my organization.
  3. Position description׃ To provide enterprise application maintenance, implementation, or migration through custom tools. The person will work with business communities to customize applications and grow their partners.
  4. Primary responsibilities׃ Offering support for enterprise software in various energy-related functions such as plant operations or energy trading. Recommending growth strategies or moves for the user groups, customizing applications, and integrating as well as maintaining operating systems or data networks.
  5. Qualification׃ One must have a Bachelor of Science degree in Information Systems or CSE. Alternatively, one may possess a training or equivalent programs. One must have worked in power trading, generation, or marketing for a minimum of two years. A minimum of five years of experience in application development is a must; the candidate should have experience in GUI, ERCOT Nodal market, Java and Oracle SQL, relational database management. It is beneficial to have an understanding of reporting outage requirements in the area.
  6. Position׃ Full-time employee.
  7. Benefits׃ Employees have health insurance and can negotiate salaries.
  8. Glossary of IT terms used׃ GUI-Stands for Graphical User Interface, in which humans interact easily with computers through icons rather than text-based commands only. ERCOT Nodal market-ERCOT is an acronym for Energy Reliability Council of Texas. The Nodal market is a cost estimation system in which one analyzes electricity generation or transmission through the delivery points. Oracle SQL – a Database technology that facilitates enterprise-related functions (Oracle, 2012﴿. Java – a programming language that facilitates internet use.
  9. Critical questions׃ This position should not be included in my organization because it is most relevant to energy or transport-related enterprises.

​System analyst

  1. Position title׃ Systems analyst
  2. Title of industry׃ Oil industry. This is different from my organization
  3. Position description׃ To ensure that the business systems and projects meet their technical requirements; To work on projects by analyzing needs and software programs needed; To cooperate with other users in development efforts.
  4. Primary responsibilities׃ Planning developing and managing business processes.
  5. Qualification׃ Candidates must have a bachelor’s degree in MIS, CIS, or IT. One must have a minimum of five years of experience in systems development. It is beneficial to have experience in Oracle EBS (3 years﴿.
  6. Position׃ Full-time employee.
  7. Benefits׃ $95000-105000
  8. Glossary of IT terms used – Oracle EBS-Stands for Oracle EBusiness Suite, which is a series of software applications that use relational database management from Oracle.
  9. Critical questions׃ This position should be included because it entails project management, which is an essential part of my company.

​Web development and design

  1. Position title׃ Web and Graphic designer
  2. Title of industry׃ Software company. CPanel is a software company that facilitates the transformation of standalone servers to automated hosting platforms. My organization does not belong here.
  3. Position description׃ Creation of stimulating graphics, integration of the same with CSS or blogs, and other similar websites.
  4. Primary responsibilities – Designing and controlling online properties for CPanel, building printable graphics such as business cards, brochures, and logos. Updating the company website, or identifying problems, Creating CSS and HTML web projects, and engaging in branding efforts for the company.
  5. Qualification׃ 3 years of minimum experience in Graphic design and CSS HTML coding. It requires a minimum of a high school diploma.
  6. Position׃ Full-time employee.
  7. Benefits׃ 401 k matching, paid leave, comprehensive health coverage, and reimbursement on tuition.
  8. Glossary of IT terms used׃ CSS-Stands for cascading style sheets which is a language that people use to style or create web pages that are available in HTML (Holzschlag, 2005﴿.
  9. Critical questions׃ This position should be included as it is essential in companies with an internet presence. My organization is one such example.


Cederholm, D. (2006﴿. Web standards solutions, markup, and style handbook. NY׃ Friends of Ed.

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Greenplum (2010﴿. Greenplum brings the power of self-service to data warehousing with its enterprise data cloud initiative. Web.

Holzschlag, M. (2005﴿. Spring into HTML and CSS. NY׃ Pearson Education.

Oracle (2012﴿. Oracle E-business Suite. Web.

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