Integrating Data From Multiple Sources

Examples, where integrated data may help, inform the core business procedures of the larger organization

  1. A firm can use it’s Business Process Management (BPM) framework and service account from a Client Relationship Management (CRM) implementation can be integrated into a core data hub for one view of the client (Loshin, 2008, p. 69).
  2. By operating jointly, Intel’s CRM and ERP workgroups explore and standardize the transactional and organizational implementations (Tremblay, 2007, p. 16).
  3. A commercial airline gathers 10 terabytes of sensor information for every half-hour of flight mileage. Currently, such ETL technology may be profoundly applied for separate data banking. Data and knowledge management experts for the airline’s initiatives increasingly use ETL and data banking along with the intense “lifting” of their data. At the same time, the organization maintains its BU instruments with precision and updated data (Loshin, 2008, p. 71).

Role of the CRM system currently used by one of the business units in the consolidation of data to support the core business processes for a larger organization

The CRM framework assists the larger firm in organizing and handling its associations with clients. This means gathering and distributing all these data into the central business zones is part of the role of the CRM system. The objective of this role is permitting a larger firm to handle its clientele in an improved manner. This manner includes the application of unfailing frameworks and procedures that interact with the firm’s data and knowledge management experts and clientele. The CRM framework also acquires the maximum performance of the firm’s information expertise (Loshin, 2008, p. 85). Even though this role constraints the functionality, it is a tremendous step for consolidating the missing components in an entire framework. The CRM system also incorporates the workflow procedure computerization of the larger organization (Tremblay, 2007, p. 24). As a result, the software for the business units ends up supporting the overall transactions of the CRM framework by aiding it in automating, handling, observing, and measuring the principal business protocols.

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Challenges to the use of integrated data solutions may impact a multinational organization working in the United States and abroad

The key challenge is losing or misplacing data values (Tremblay, 2007, p. 28). A multinational firm may be unable to regain the data for employees or clients in other countries from data warehouses in the United States. More particularly, if the firm loses a worker’s name, the worker’s email address may not be enough ground for the firm to find the name from the human resources reference databank in the overseas company. Another risk is the duplication of data (Tremblay, 2007, p. 30). Integrated data solutions do not always provide distinctive identifiers. As a result, it becomes hard for the firm to spot data duplicates in data warehouses in both the United States and abroad. Even though the organization may consider using uncertain logic, carrying out inaccurate data matches cannot fully remove data duplicates.

Finally, integrated data solutions can cause varying data formats (Loshin, 2008, p. 92). In this situation, the organization may have data stored in a format that cannot be incorporated with other databanks. For example, the data format for an overseas multinational organization may not integrate with the data warehouse in the United States headquarters. Another example is the need to mix a multi-value address area with a databank that stores standardized address records (Loshin, 2008, p. 93). In this case, the organization may need to build logic to determine the required street address, city, state, nation, and zip code.


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