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Internal Problems of Mississippiville’s Police Chief Hiring Process

Internal Problems

Mississippiville is in a difficult situation, including a tense social environment, in part caused by the ineffective management of the previous chief of police. Many different problems need to be solved in coalition with the city authorities in order to bring safety on the street and respect for the police back to the city. Ethics, stigmatization of highly qualified personnel, impermissible attitude, and abuse of office coupled with non-observance of federal laws create an absolute desynchronization in the discipline. These problems can be divided into external and internal, which require appropriate decisions on the part of the authorities. The police should be an example for society, meet the requirements of social responsibility, and it is in the interests of the authorities to restore prestige to the department. As a result, a situation is created in which it is necessary to act both immediately and in the long term. As a candidate for the position of Chief of Police, I would suggest a comprehensive change program focused on each of the issues raised.

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Each question has gone far enough, given the constant media coverage of events and mistrust on their part, and similar attitude on the part of residents. First, it is worth noting that problems always come from internal processes. The previous chief of police did not pay attention to many things and maybe even promoted unacceptable behavior, for which he was justly dismissed. Inside the police, there is no ethics that underlie the work of any team. Given the specifics of policing, ethics must be applied by the police officer at every step while he or she is wearing a uniform. This profession places one of the most challenging responsibilities on a person; at the same time, activities are always associated with risks. In this regard, police officer always sets an example for other people – how to maintain order, how to behave in difficult situations, and how a person can ensure safety in an urban environment.

Lack of ethics, in this case, is unacceptable and leads to negative consequences, which the media often focus on. In this regard, in the police station, it is necessary to completely revise the codes of conduct within the team during working hours and rebuild the recruitment procedure. In this position, I intend to apply the model of transformational leadership – in other words, by my example, demonstrate the necessary behavior patterns. In the police case, one should talk about the rigor that will accompany any decision-making process, but their appropriateness can be discussed and challenged at the initial stages.

The hiring process should eliminate any preconceived stereotypes and evaluate the employee only for professional qualities. It is worth noting that getting a job in the police is a very difficult challenge, and it is unacceptable to burden the recruiting with personal preferences. In addition, when searching for new employees, it is necessary to exclude inappropriate attitudes at the stage of requirements for future police officers. It is a forward-looking event, but avoiding such an attitude now also requires quick and preventive actions. First, the current team needs to conduct an educational conversation, and in case of disobedience, the repetition of such cases – exit from the law enforcement agencies. The lack of personnel affects this decision because the mass purge jeopardizes the human resources of the police, which are already in a state of crisis. In this regard, each current employee will have a chance to recover in the eyes of the bosses, society, and the media. Second, it is necessary to solve the problem of sexual harassment at all stages to create a comfortable working environment for women in the department. It is also necessary to solve this problem, starting from the stage of hiring employees and prescribing these situations in the employment contract. Naturally, it will not be possible to eradicate this problem in one day, but create a system in which employees with inappropriate behavior will be fired, and women can count on the support of their superiors – perhaps as soon as possible.

External Problems

The next issue that needs to be resolved at the management level is compliance with federal mandates. First, this event will increase the police department’s reputation in the eyes of society and future police officers. In part, this can solve the problem of leaving officers with higher education who do not see development in this area. Second, respecting and honoring the rights specified in mandates will become part of the police department’s ethical philosophy. It will become the norm for new employees, and such behavior will be projected onto work processes and attitudes towards representatives of other races and women. As part of an educational conversation and a chance for correction, as a requirement, current employees will receive new directives regarding federal mandates. The number of sick leave will be reduced due to the application of a new discipline, which is an amicable way that should be the standard in any police department with the goal of public welfare and safety. Extracurricular activities should fade into the background or not interfere with the main work – all these changes will be discussed and presented as requirements for current and future employees to eliminate negative consequences in the future.

The Family and Medical Leave Act and Americans with Disabilities Act will be used by the department with all federal requirements. Employees will be able to receive assigned leave for health, parenting, and other cases prescribed by law, subject to compliance with the requirements at the workplace. Of course, the department’s bosses cannot go against the law if the case requires it, but until now, the prescriptions of federal laws have not been complied with at all. In addition, cases of discrimination based on age and pregnancy should be eradicated by a set of measures and a more precise and more explicit articulation of the requirements for an employee’s position. In a conversation with the mayor, it is necessary to prove that the chosen vector, although it takes time to change, in the long term, gives the police department to correct its reputation and prestige. Within the mayor’s rule framework, this is a highly positive sign for society, which always associates positive changes with those in power. The city council will bear more responsibility for egregious cases in the police department – the central control, as it should be, will pass into the hands of the authorities, who will strictly enforce the requirements for the profession.

Only one-third of the entire staff of the police department live within the municipalities. This problem cannot be solved by quick preventive measures, especially in the current context of unattractiveness for officers with higher education. By the way, the lack of highly qualified personnel contributes in every possible way to the development of negative influences of the undisciplined environment in the police. Impunity and lack of attention on the part of the mayor lead to negligence in employees’ work, who begin to be distracted by unnecessary things and allow inappropriate behavior. Therefore, a holistic approach to recruiting must also take this aspect of the problem into account. The priority in selecting police officers remains with professional qualities; however, a certain weight will now have a place of residence for the candidate. A person who knows his area better, who has lived a certain amount of time in the studied area, in any case, shows the best results of orientation in cases where time is of the essence. Knowledge of the area directly affects the complexity of professional qualities.

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The bias of white officers towards blacks in society, who, by the way, are in the majority, must also be curbed with strict and swift preventive measures. Fighting the higher-level officials of the department requires support from the higher-level officials in the city. If attention is paid off by the mayor and the city council to these cases and enter into an open dialogue with citizens, then there is a possibility of establishing an emphasis on the problem, which is already being trumpeted by the media. Stakeholders need to be brought face to face to curb this behavior. The authorities of the police department propose the following measures. First, it is creating a communication channel for anonymous or open appeals of citizens on discrimination and unfair treatment by the police. Secondly, it is necessary to establish stricter control over current employees and to include in the hiring structure, as a separate paragraph, familiarization with the requirements for social responsibility within the police structures and during the work process. The control systems will keep records from the recruitment process and continue throughout the police officer’s career. As an additional incentive, police officers who have not been convicted for many years of work experience can be assigned to local awards, paid bonuses, and granted special leave of service. These activities are not standardized and will be unique to the Police Department in Mississippiville.

Leadership Model

By applying a transformational leadership model, in this case, imposed on strict discipline, specific techniques can bring back the morale of black employees, the trust of women, and the trust of citizens and society at large. The plan outlined above responds to the essential components of a transformational leadership structure. First, individual consideration of the actions of each employee at first will require much time to identify the source of the problem, educational conversations, and establish new rules. The bosses are not planning a mass purge; for sure many of the employees are interested in keeping their positions, but now impunity is being replaced by strict requirements that form a responsible police officer. The bosses will always be open to communication and problem solving, especially if the employee himself goes to the meeting and understands the importance of raising the problem.

At first glance, it may seem that a series of significant changes are coming in the department, endangering the traditions and foundations of policing. However, on the other hand, the authorities only return the work of the police to the right track, as it should be, without offering anything radical. However, the ability to challenge the current state always leads to intellectual stimulation, which will allow police officers to solve familiar tasks in new ways, getting rid of stereotypes and behavioral habits. The role of bosses in this transformation is critical, as a clear vision of goals and a mission statement enables employees to be motivated. Involving employees in more global plans looks like a utopian event, but it is quite possible to increase their satisfaction. First of all, the bosses focus on the affected groups: representatives of other races and women. Otherwise, comfortable and equal conditions will be created for all police officers, especially if these officers comply with their requirements.

Other Changes

The technical equipment of the police department will also be reviewed for innovation. In addition, to improve the quality of work of the current employees, various technological solutions in the field of employee control systems will be considered. Naturally, complying with the laws on personal data, these control systems will operate exclusively during the working hours of the police (Rogers and Scally 105). If the systems prove to be good, namely to prevent sexual harassment or discrimination against anyone, then the authorities will look for a permanent provider of these services and technologies and ask for funding from the city council. The authorities should be at the same level interested in the ethical behavior of police officers on whom the safety in the city depends.

The honesty and openness of superiors, a proactive stance against sexual harassment and discrimination of any kind, and strict adherence to laws and goals will serve as an inspiring example for police officers. In the long term, these changes will bear fruit, and the reputation and public acceptance of the Mississippiville Police Department will gradually return. It is in the interests of the authorities – both the mayor and the city council – to stabilize the social situation in the city, where the police have such vast influence. Even if the mayor is focused on other activities, the new bosses of the police department can provide him with high ratings. On the one hand, the city council, which does not list the current mayor, may interfere with this program in its interests, but such activity is fundamentally contrary to common sense. Maintaining the previous foundations within the police department can lead to new casualties both within the team and among ordinary citizens, which the bosses cannot allow. The media will closely monitor the activities of the new department, focusing on mistakes, shortcomings, and difficulties, of which, at first, in any case, there will be a certain number. It will take time before Mississippiville’s city security becomes synonymous with the police department’s core function again. The authorities will be able to strengthen their positions, and the department, changing the dynamics to positive, will be able to count on the support of the mayor and the city council. The task of the bosses also includes, regardless of the results of the next mayoral elections, maintaining the planned vector of development of the conscientious attitude of employees to such a responsible profession as a policeman.

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