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Internet Effect on Different Cultures


Culture has been defined as the favored behaviors of a certain social group. The study by Heresniak, (1998) shows that culture in one group is being shared among other groups because of the internet which has broken down physical, political and social borders and barriers. Then with this in mind, this paper typically analyses how the internet has broken these barriers and borders to unify different cultures.

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Voiskounsky (1998) states that the internet is the third party between people’s communication and business in remote activities like pen-pals and facebook. It involves acquiring and using internationalization processes where the external tools are brought to human being through association

Promotion of western values

The net promotes the western values through the attractive publications hence degrading the cultures which don’t rhyme with western ideologies. The internet provides room to express the backwardness of other cultures for example given by Guangrong (1998) some demonstrate the backwardness of China. This interferes with other people’s culture as they tend to simulate other peoples culture. The moral views are affected by some of these attractive exhibitions for example pornographic materials from the pornographic sites which provide sex information of all kinds which has led to the spread of prostitution.

Internet role on improvement of science

The scientific improvement in the internet as discussed by Holmes (1997) has resulted to different behaviors and everybody’s views have been altered. The internet society is on the unknown trail due to the rise in inventiveness in the masses hence everybody is on the run not to be left behind with his/her culture. This science advancement is making people to be linked hence killing face to face interactions since is being perceived to be expensive in terns of time and money to be used in traveling, so opting for internet communication. More people are opting for this culture. The problem with this internet communication is that hackers use this opportunity to con other people’s information and money.

Exhibition of different cultures by internet.

The western life-styles is encouraged by the internet through the exhibition of different varieties of western existence, especially positive ones resulting to believe that the western culture is paradise especially to youngsters who then incorporate these styles in their own culture hence unifying the cultures. Through the internet, the dominant behaviors affect and normalize inferior cultures because of their popularity. Use of the internet has weakened most cultures such as French and Chinese by adopting western country culture and way of life. Foreign dominant cultures of the developed countries had developed use of internet much earlier than developing countries. Hence, most of their culture is what is found in the internet and as the developing countries are implementing internet infrastructures they are embracing foreign country culture therefore distorting their cultural practices (Guangrong, 1998).

Effect of internet to language

This also has an effect on language since only dominant languages are used in the internet to give instructions to the right of entry to different databases. Since the internet has become a global facility then people with inferior languages have to learn dominant languages to access the net. So the internet has enhanced mankind linguistic. Apart from that it also encourages pidgin formation which occurs when two or more languages are in contact but one language dominates. This may also emerge when inferior language speakers mistakenly introduce a number of features of their native languages into the system.


In conclusion though the internet has tried to unify all aspects of culture but it is creating a barrier between those who know and are interested in it and those who don’t know, not interested or can’t access.

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