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Islamic State and Values of Human Rights


Muslims worship a God known as Allah. The believers acknowledge that there are numerous similarities between religion and Christianity. This paper gives a reflection and analysis of Islamic culture using the ideas gained from the movie “Islam in America”. The essay seeks to explain how an Islamic state can be founded on values such as human rights and pluralism.

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Movie Reflection

The film “Islam in America” begins by explaining why Islam has been misinterpreted by many people across the world. In the United States, Islamophobia has become a common concern that affects the nature of relationships between Christians and Muslims (Islam Web, 2016). The narrator indicates that the current situation can be transformed if more Americans appreciated the teachings and values propagated by religion.

The film reveals that Islam is a monotheistic religion. Its worshippers follow the teachings of Allah. Although Christians focus on the Holy Trinity, the audience observes clearly that there is no significant difference between Allah and the God of Christians and Jews. Followers of Judaism and Christianity believe in a Supreme Being. Similarly, Muslims acknowledge that Allah is a Supreme Being who created the universe (Considine, 2017). This knowledge shows conclusively that Muslims and Christians have a common religious past and history.

Islam is supported by five pillars that guide every believer. These include pilgrimage, witness, worship, fasting, and charity (Islam Web, 2016). Worshipers must embrace such pillars to remain faithful to their creator. Such attributes guide them to support one another and do what is right. Additionally, the film indicates that Muslims are encouraged to follow specific values such as order, justice for all, modesty, law, and morality (Considine, 2017). Such concepts resonate with the ones upheld by various mainstream religions such as Christianity. These practices guide Muslims to interact with other people peacefully.

The film gives a detailed analysis of the problem of Islamophobia in the country. Many Muslims have encountered numerous challenges such as discrimination and prejudice in the United States. Additionally, terrorism is an issue associated with this religion (Considine, 2017). These concerns explain why it has been impossible for Muslims to be appreciated in the country.

Personally, the film has informed me about the stereotypes and lies associated with religion. I have understood how religion is governed by powerful values and the concept of fairness. Its followers are peaceful individuals who lead normal lives. Many people believe that Muslims do not engage in exercises or educate some of their girls. Surprisingly, the viewer realizes that they undertake various duties just like Jews and Christians (Islam Web, 2016).

Although Islam is a religion shrouded in fear, ignorance, and mystery, it would be agreeable that its essence is to bring every believer to Allah and establish a world characterized by tranquility. The information gained from this movie guides the viewer to acknowledge that Islam is a religion of peace (Islam Web, 2016). Since its believers pursue democratic values such as harmony, human rights, and pluralism, it can be possible to establish an Islamic state.

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The selected film informs the viewer about the true nature of Islam. It explores how and why Muslims are alienated in American society. However, Islam promotes values such as love, justice, equality, and stillness. This movie is, therefore, recommendable to every individual who wants to tackle the problem of Islamophobia and promote coexistence. This move will encourage Americans to appreciate and respect other people’s religious beliefs.


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