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Job Analysis in Employees Management


Job analysis is the use of various techniques to determine the requirements of a job so as to specify it. Specification helps in determining the minimum requirements of the job holder like academic qualifications and the basic skills he should posses. Job analysis also entails coming up with a performance plan, creating a criteria for awarding promotions and developing a compensation plan. There are several methods that are used to collect the above data. The job analyst can conduct interviews with the prospective applicants, various employees and the managers supervising them.

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He can distribute questionnaires at the workplace so as to get the opinion of the various employees. Or, he can simply observe the various activities at the workplace and collect whichever data he considers relevant. The entire process of job analysis should be reliable and up-to-date so that the knowledge and skills required to perform the particular job can be clear to the worker and the employer. These skills vary from academic qualifications that a worker may need or a training program he must undertake so that he can be able to perform the job. On the part of the employer, job analysis assists them when they are setting up the pay structure for the specific employees. Through analysis, they can be able to compare the given task with those available in the market. Also it helps in setting up a compensation plan since the employer will be able to determine the output of each employee and the risk factors he will be exposed to when carrying out his duties.

Compensation Professional

The main purpose of compensation professional is to come up with a pay structure that goes hand in hand with the job being carried out and the qualifications of the employee carrying out this task. First of all, the pay levels should be almost at par with the similar jobs that are available in the market. These pay levels should be able to retain your current staff and even motivate them to put in more effort when carrying out their duties. Should a person’s duties and responsibilities change or increase at the organisation, an increase in their salary grade should be the proper course of action. Lastly, the pay structure should be appealing enough to attract prospective job seekers but not at the cost of indebting the organisation.

Disability Insurance Programs

These are programs set up at work to ensure that a worker continues to get his income even if he is unable to work due to some debilitating factors like falling sick or getting injured to a point that carrying out their duties would be impossible. The various forms of compensation include a paid sick leave and being awarded disability remunerations which can be either long term or short term. Disability insurance programs come in various forms. There are those provided by the national government for its people and this is the most common in developed countries. The second most common is the one provided by the employer to compensate a worker in case he is hurt while carrying out his duties.

The other one is workman’s compensation which on top of compensating workers in case of injuries, it also reimburses them in case of job losses and can occasionally pay the medical bills. Statistics have shown the probability of someone getting a disability for at least 90 days while working reduces as one grows older. However, the probability of someone dying from injuries sustained at work greatly increases as one grows older. These two factors play a part when employers are selecting disability policies. While younger people have a higher likelihood of getting injured at work, their ability to recover from their injuries is almost four times higher than senior citizens. It will therefore be more prudent to keep your almost retiring senior staff members as far away from the conveyor belts as possible; lest they die from their injuries and their pension funds will look like a joke compared to the claims you will be paying out.

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