Judaism and Christianity: Revelational or Worshipful? | Free Essay Example

Judaism and Christianity: Revelational or Worshipful?

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Topic: Religion

Ascher’s view on Judaism and Christianity as forms of revelational religion

It is hard to argue with the fact that many similar elements are present in Christianity and Judaism. Furthermore, Ascher suggests that they both may be regarded as revealed religions because it is a common theme in many writings. It is necessary to understand that revelation is an ability to see something that is hidden from people. Moreover, the highest essence has shown itself to humans throughout history. It is revealed only to patriarchs because they have the influence and ability to ensure that gained information is shared, and religion is promoted. The same situation has occurred with Christianity. One of the factors that have influenced the spread of knowledge is Christ’s prosecution because it was evident that many nationals need to be taught. He used revelations and miracles to make sure that people are aware of a higher power.

Mohammed did not intend to teach a unique religion, and he understood that people must be united. The fact that it is stated that both beliefs are under one shepherd also needs to be highlighted because it indicates that they are connected (Greenberg 318). It is necessary to mention that Christianity is the most wide-spread religion because of historical reasons. It helps to spread the aspects of revelation in Judaism because particular similarities between these beliefs are present. Moreover, this factor is important and should be taken into account because one of the primary goals of religion is to spread knowledge. Different religions should be respected, and it is necessary to find a connection that would lead to peaceful resolutions. Overall, it is possible to state that such ideas are reasonable and comprehensive.

Formstecher’s view on Judaism and Christianity as forms of spiritual worship

Formstecher thinks that both Christianity and Judaism can be viewed as of particular forms of spiritual worship. It is also necessary to comprehend that connection with nature is always present. The need to share the knowledge and information should not be overlooked. On the other hand, spiritual worship suggests that an individual’s mind is capable of living a personal life. Moreover, it is stated that any relationship with nature should be rejected because it can be viewed as idolatry (Greenberg 168). The idea that these religions are related to spiritual worship is supported by the fact that the primary purpose of these beliefs is to ensure that an individual can be free from anything that may harm their ability to reach a particular state. Moreover, one can see the absolute truth if a connection with the spiritual world has been established.

The idea that Christianity can be viewed as a particular type of bridge is fascinating and needs to be discussed. Formstecher thinks that it has helped transfer Judaism to the world of pagans, and ensured that possible risks are avoided (Greenberg 143). It is suggested that such approaches as monasticism have been utilized, and connection with nature has been established. Also, the resurrection of Jesus can be interpreted in several ways. Formstecher suggests that it returned him to the world of spirits and religion of Judaism. Moreover, it is stated that historical and global encounters have blended and led to the development of traditions. Overall, it is evident that a particular connection between these beliefs is still present, but the fact that dissimilarities are present should not be disregarded.