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Managerial Role in the Workplace and Organization

The modern environment gives rise to numerous challenges in the sphere of business. The increased number of opportunities also means a great rivalry. In such a way, there is a need for an efficient management system that will be able to maintain the functioning of a certain organization at the appropriate level. However, this could be a complex task because of the different obstacles that a manager should overcome to attain success. In this regard, the role of this specialist becomes extremely important for the functioning of any organization that is focused on the preservation of its leading status.

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Revolving around the role a manager plays in any organization, it is important to mention several points. First, there are different types and levels of managers. These could be first-line managers, middle managers, and top managers. Their responsibilities differ significantly and precondition the level of authority they possess. However, the majority of workers who join a company or organization will have to accept a certain managerial responsibility which means that they should monitor a working process and ensure its positive outcomes (Schermerhorn, 2011). For this reason, the managers role in the workplace could be associated with a specific activity aimed at the constant improvement of final results.

Moreover, managers are also responsible for the creation of a healthy atmosphere within a collective. This task is extremely complex as workers have different peculiarities of culture and mentality. It could result in the occurrence of numerous ethical issues and conflicts based on divergences in culture. A manager, as a person who possesses a certain authority, can organize the environment and make employees follow a specific model. However, he/she should understand the concept of social responsibility that becomes central to his/her functioning as it regulates relations within the collective and promotes improved cooperation.

That is why ethics should become one of the main landmarks for a manager. The fact is that the functioning of any company presupposes the close cooperation between numerous employees and potential partners. For this reason, the environment is extremely diverse, and a manager should be able to provide ethical support and demonstrate emotional intelligence to ensure that all demands will be satisfied (Schermerhorn, 2011).

Furthermore, the ability to consider cultural differences could also become crucial for a manager as it increases his/her efficiency significantly and preconditions the development of leadership qualities. In this regard, diversity is one of the most important factors that should be taken into account by managers in their work.

Finally, in his/her work, a manager should consider the most important organizations goals and objectives as they precondition the choice of strategies and methods. In general, the main objective of any organization is the preservation of its leading status and acquisition of a certain competitive advantage. However, an organization should also create a shared value model for workers to be able to enjoy the atmosphere and feel their involvement in the process (Bovee & Thill, 2015). In this regard, a manager becomes a person responsible both for a companys further development in terms of its current goals and for the atmosphere within a collective.

Altogether, a manager is one of the most important actors in terms of the modern organization as he/she accomplishes numerous tasks and possesses several responsibilities. This specialist can align the functioning of any company and assist it in acquiring a significant competitive advantage.

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