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Michael Reagan’s Role in Social Media

Politics, business, and media are the connected spheres, and the life of Michael Reagan supports this idea, serving as an effective illustration. Michael Reagan is a famous American author, columnist, political consultant and strategist, and the former American radio host. Reagan became known in the United States because of his “The Michael Reagan Talk Show” which was nationally broadcasted by the Premiere Radio Networks in the 1990s (“Michael Reagan Website”).

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Reagan’s career as a public speaker, radio host, and author is remarkable, and it is important to focus on the author’s certain life accomplishments in order to create the complete picture of a successful media person who contributed to discussing controversial social issues openly.

Referring to the aspects of the author’s personal life, it is important to state that Michael is an adopted son of Ronald Reagan. This fact influenced the man’s interest in politics and in discussing the acute social topics. Reagan attended Arizona State University, but he did not graduate it because of starting the career of a salesman and manager in different companies.

In spite of the incomplete higher education, Reagan always demonstrated the strict social and political position (Reagan 22). Michael Reagan’s active social position was also observed with references to his world records in power-boat racing and their role for supporting the charity movement in the country. Reagan paid much attention to supporting numerous charitable organizations in the United States during his career.

The popularity of “The Michael Reagan Talk Show” allowed Michael Reagan not only to support such charitable organizations as the John Douglas French Alzheimer’s Foundation and My Stuff Bags Foundation but also to organize the Reagan Legacy Foundation and the Michael Reagan Center for Advocacy and Research. These established organizations work to promote safety and stability of unprotected and vulnerable children and families.

Reagan’s efforts in the sphere of charity and promotion of the social stability were recognized by the government and public, and Reagan, as the active member of the American society, received the “Victor Award” for outstanding humanitarian achievement in the United States (“Michael Reagan Website”).

Michael Reagan also organized the “Citizen Legislature Now 2012” in order to contribute to the improvement of the part time legislature in the USA. Reagan’s focus is on changing the situation in California. Supporting his achievements in the sphere of public interests,

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Reagan regularly initiates discussions of the provocative or ineffective public policies and governmental programs (“Michael Reagan Website”). Thus, Michael Reagan is an active supporter of the idea of reforming the income tax policies in order to support the public needs and interests.

Reagan uses his show and columns in the newspapers and on the websites in order to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of different political strategies, economic reforms, and business approaches in order to address the public’s needs in finding the effective solutions to the social, political, and economic issues (Reagan 54). Focusing on the national issues, Michael Reagan succeeds in supporting his vision of the political and economic progress of the US society.

The popularity of Reagan’s position associated with opposing the increases in taxes, discussing political debates, and analyzing weaknesses in the social reforms is also a result of the author’s accomplishments in the sphere of writing. Thus, Reagan published autobiography On the Outside Looking In, the book The Common Sense of An Uncommon Man: The Wit, Wisdom and Eternal Optimism of Ronald Reagan, and the autobiographical story Twice Adopted (“Michael Reagan Website”).

Michael Reagan can be discussed as a prominent media person who succeeded in drawing the public’s attention to the discussion of problematic political, social, and economic questions while referring to his personal experience, origin, and achievements.

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