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Operations Manager Key Responsibilities

The significance of the role of an Operational Manager (OM) is truly ample; creating premises for the efficient completion of the key objectives and smooth running of all operations, the specified member of an organization certainly is to be appreciated. To identify the key tasks that an OM must accomplish in any setting, the job descriptions from were analyzed. Although details concerning the responsibilities of an operational manager in the retail area may vary depending on a company, the basic requirements typically include supervision and problem-solving.

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A quick overview of the related job openings at has shown that the responsibilities that the job of an OM typically range from the “supervision of staff, managing projects, working with clients and solving various problems that arise” (Operations manager jobs, 2015, par. 1) to “execution on released sales orders, manufacturing interaction with sales and engineering” (Operations manager, 2015, par. 2).

In other words, the number of tasks that an OM must carry out on a daily basis is quite ample. However, the above-mentioned descriptions also point to the fact that the focus of an OM must be on the supervision of the staff’s performance.

In addition, an OM must also address the emerging conflicts in an adequate manner, as the further analysis of the job descriptions at the designated site shows. According to a general overview of the job openings at, 7 out of 10 advertisements pointed to the necessity to observe the performance of the staff members and direct them. The specified characteristics of the position in question stand in sharp contrast to its title, which presupposes that the processes in a firm should be observed instead of people performing them.

Seeing that the supervision of the staff and their relationships in the workplace is the key responsibility of an M, it is only reasonable to suggest that dealing with the conflict emerging between the staff members is another inevitable component of an OM’s job.

Indeed, an overview of several job descriptions at have revealed that managing the issues in the communication process is another essential part of an OM’s workplace responsibilities: “Operations Managers are also responsible for the overall direction, coordination, and evaluation of their teams while maximizing productivity and meeting overall department goals” (DC operations manager, 2015, par. 1).

Nevertheless, the key responsibilities of an OM concern primarily the supervision issues and the management of the conflicts emerging in the workplace. Particularly, an OM is responsible for the outcomes of the negotiation process and the motivation rates among the staff members. Indeed, once the communication process is well-coordinated, the workplace environment is likely to improve significantly, thus, encouraging the employees to deliver positive results.

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While the range of responsibilities of an OM may vary depending on the organization that an OM works in, the retail field traditionally presupposes that an OM should carry out supervision-related tasks and address the emerging conflicts in a manner as efficient and expeditious as possible.

In other words, an OM must incorporate the qualities that will help them incorporate adequate communication strategies in the framework of their operations and motivate the staff members for an excellent performance. Therefore, it is important that an OM should focus on not only the technical elements of the company operations but also on the development of efficient negotiation skills.

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