Overviewing Managerial Work and Organizations


The table of contents (TOC) is the kind of navigational section usually found in publications which include books and other texts like magazines. Usually, it is written near the front of a publication and indicates its content together with the specific page numbers of the various sections. It is normally provided by listing page numbers corresponding to the start of each section or chapter of the book. The book under study not only listed important sub-sections as magazines do but included also all the sections (Robbins & Coulter, 2003).

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How the managerial work and organization is studied within the literature

The literature explores background issues concerning management within organizations. This has been achieved through the discussion of the roles of a manager within the organization and the overall management functions. The text goes further discussing in detail the various requirements within every section and level of management. This involves designing strategies touching on specific responsibilities and activities used in management processes within organizations. The major strategies designed within the text addresses the major issues in all sections within the organization. The system used enables the reader to easily identify changes since each chapter is perfected based on the sub-sections discussed under it (Robbins & Coulter, 2003).

One of the major insights from this text is the inspiration of confidence and progress within organizations. This involves the processes of actively involving all participants in every activity within the management system. The text explains in detail the meaning of leading with respect done through listening and involvement of every participant including recognizing individual outstanding inputs. The text further discusses the level of engagement within the organizations (Robbins & Coulter, 2003).

As indicated, management of any organization starts from good planning leading to the adoption and articulation of workable processes that ultimately lead to the achievement of the set objectives. The conception of the text as portrayed from the table of contents is well articulated since various issues concerning organization management are presented in detail. However in the section of planning not much attention is given to the issue of organization expansion in the long run, the planning process should have indications on future development (Robbins & Coulter, 2003).

The inclusion of boxed features gives a good picture of the company’s management organization. But it is not all that necessary for the section to be blended with other topics; the boxed features could as well be included within the index section. Within the management planning process, attention should be given to the various elements which present the parts of the major discussions under the same chapter. These elements should be given priority within organization management through the development of a hierarchy. This is followed in the implementation processes. Understanding and following the order based on the objectives of the text is a very important aspect of the text (Robbins & Coulter, 2003).

Identification of key elements

All the strategies applied by the text on management focused on the growth of the organization, the attraction of more participants, the achievement of specific performance targets, and also effective competition. The literature arranges management and organization in a hierarchy format with the most important content elements listed first followed by lesser content. The focus is not only on the cover chapters but the whole content of every section. The text reveals the challenge that lies in practicing judgment and leadership in the process of determining the root cause of problems and their specific solutions (Robbins & Coulter, 2003).

The table of contents is arranged within the text in related groups. Sections and chapters on related topics appear grouped in the table of content (TOC) depending on where they appear within the text. All contents of specific interests have been grouped within one section of the text. The book enlists the various contents in page order, whereby the contents are grouped within related sections and chapters which is then reflected in detail within the TOC. Simple chapter titles and page numbers have been utilized to help reduce the work of searching for an item for long. This is because each chapter of the book does not cover very specific topics, hence has been divided into sub-sections to bring out clearly, descriptive chapter titles. This kind of organization seems to be more information reach, hence appeals to readers. The book goes beyond the bare minimum of enlisting only the chapter title and page number hence goes ahead to add subsections with short descriptions (Robbins & Coulter, 2003).

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The text has been organized in such a manner that it covers complex topics within the basic TOC which is shorter and provides information at glance. There is then a second multi-tiered table of contents that is longer and provides in-depth information which allows the reader easy navigation within specific sections of various chapters. The overall layout and organization of this book help in accurately reflecting the content for easy navigation. The book on management and organization change does not apply any complicated means when it comes to formatting the table of contents. The various areas related to the effective management of human resources within organizations is widely covered (Robbins & Coulter, 2003).

Chapter two explores the idea of the commencement of management and the changes experienced to date. It draws much attention to the central focus of management. Chapter three gives the major trends in the development of organizational culture and the environment. Subsequent chapters recognize the fact that the effectiveness of any organization depends upon the kind of staff it employs. The nature of power and the manner through which it is administered determines the level of relationship and the level of performance. The various areas influencing staff motivation and the significance of individual contribution is explored within the text (Robbins & Coulter, 2003).


The text puts into clarity major and minor sections of management and organization. The chapter and page numbers are given, with the corresponding heading. The numbers have been kept close to the chapter or the sub-section which makes it clearer. The book provides the major importance involved in understanding teamwork and group processes as the central feature that grants life to an organization. The text as outlined within TOC explains the main features within management and the gradual change required for the restructuring of organizations. The processes of management form the main backbone required for the advancement and development of Companies. Appropriation of management system and structure has also been used within the text to show alternative forms of structure management in a balanced environment. Also, the book reveals the ethical practices and the social responsibility initiatives within management systems, which depend on the personal value system of Managers, the company’s attitude, culture, and corporate philosophy.


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