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Personal and Professional Seminar: The Changes That Made in My Thought Process


The personal and professional seminar has made a great change in me. This essay deals with the changes that were made in my thought process and attitude by the ideas of personal and professional seminars. I have tried to reflect my understanding of my personal and professional sense in the field of human change work. I have also tried to cover my experience in supervising individuals, groups, and peers. I have also explained my plans for self-care and my relationship with supervision.

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The experience of lectures in the personal and professional seminar has been very helpful for me to coordinate the different activities in my organization as a youth group facilitator. One of the main problems I usually faced was intolerance to certain people. It becomes a big issue when the behavior of the other one is dogmatic. But the experience from personal and professional seminars helped me to learn how to be a person who can behave well to clients. Dogmatism is mainly concerned with the mindset of people. But, I also had problems while dealing with people with different attitudes. Various other classes and seminars which I had attended earlier have also been very useful for solving this problem. When I started my profession I needed some time to become a good professional. I was having a mind of a school child. “Basic task is to achieve a sense of industry, which refer to setting and attaining personal goals.” (Corey, 2008, p.80).

Effective of the seminar

The personal and professional seminar has been the best experience in many other ways too. When I was involving many activities I understood that most of my clients were mentally not much advanced. I was very confused about how to interact with those kinds of people. Even though I have read lots of books related to the subjects it was not enough to solve my problems. Most of the books and articles were dealing with the solutions which can be applied generally. As my profession was something the Ideas about ‘how to deal with clients practically’ were very important.

Some clients would be coming through different life experiences. For example, some of them lost their parent in childhood itself. When we deal with these kinds of people as to others it can only complicate their problems. So I got a set of guidelines on how to deal with the trauma-afflicted people from the seminar. Most of the clients show psychological symptoms such as depression, stress, anxiety, etc. From the seminar, I understood that my educational qualification was not enough for getting knowledge about how to deal with the problem.

There are lots of differences while we deal with people personally and professionally. Some people would not like to reveal all the problems because of many reasons. So my first target is to find the individual problems. The process of knowing personal problems needs lots of life experiences and reading. But don’t get much time to understand the individual problems as I have to coordinate the entire group of people.

The seminar was very effective in both professional and personal ways. I got lots of insights that were unknown to me. I was in dilemma about how to interfere effectively with the refugees to deal with their various problems such as psychological, suppression and exploitation from outside and inside, interpersonal problems, etc. The seminar was fully equipped to address such issues. Moreover, It brought self-confidence and positive attitudes in me. After the seminar, I am happy that I can do my job in a new way which is sufficient to solve the entire problem I face

Look into ourselves

One of my main responsibilities in the organization was to motivate clients in their activities. Unlike motivating a person, many things should be taken into consideration to motivate a group of people. To motivate a group of people, the first thing we need to do is to create an environment in which people can be motivated. People get motivated for different needs. Without understanding those different needs, it is not possible to conduct a successful class on motivation. But, motivation classes are very essential for group supervision. In many seminars which I attended, I could get chances to interact with different types of groups. These experiences have helped me a lot in supervising many groups.

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I can understand the mindset of different people only by understanding the different kinds of problems they face. To understand others, first, the motivator should understand himself. ”All people are different. They’re all motivated for different reasons. People are motivated to do things for their reasons. It’s our job as leaders, to find out what those different reasons are and create that motivational environment. Sadly, without understanding about different behaviors, most leaders will only lead with their behavioral style, creating friction with many of the people they are managing.” (Motivation and behavior, n.d.).

Another good thing with motivators is that they can easily get personal recognition if the job is done in the right way. In most professional seminars that I have attended before, some questions represent the real-life problems in the organization. The questionnaires may be waiting for an occasion to raise a problem. In that way, the authorities of the organization come to know about some problems that they were not aware of until then. In that way, professional seminars can contribute at a great level to improve the performance of the employees and organization. This knowledge is very helpful for supervising peers as well

The difference between personal and professional seminars is immense. A personal seminar is introspecting; searching the corners of one’s mind and intellect, while a professional seminar could be in terms of people sharing their knowledge and experiences with others. A personal seminar is a cathartic experience from which one emerges as a better and wiser person. This is not to suggest that professional seminars are not enlightening, but to many people, the autosuggestion is a more effective means of self-developing and soul searching than external or extraneous stimuli. It can also be used to “build confidence.” (Self-hypnosis and auto-suggestion, 2008).

Thus, when we look into ourselves, our mental personalities with all their flaws and defects can see ourselves the way other people see and interact with us. Our thought processes and actions change for the better and we become better humans. The need to seek self-improvement in life has to begin and end with ourselves, our willpower, and our determination to succeed. We cannot force anything on anybody, they need to convince themselves that they have to work hard and improve their station in life without much goading and external pressures or urges. The need should stem from within and should be fuelled and nourished by the individual in association with others of his kind. This is where professional seminar helps. Through this, the first thing is that it gets rid of our phobias and dogmas, our self ingrained beliefs that may be fundamentally wrong or may be incorrect due to the passage of time, or changing values.

My ambitions

My main ambition is in terms of helping out disadvantaged people, especially migrants and refugees who come to Australia. I am especially interested in addressing issues faced by teenagers and young people. For this purpose, I have formed a Youth Forum which meets thrice a week at a commonplace. During these sessions, I help people overcome their stage fright, nervousness and difference, feeling of social isolation, etc., and help them to become strong, capable individuals able to take care of themselves and others. During these sessions, I encourage the participants to talk about themselves, their trials, and their tribulations. I point out the good things that have happened in their lives, their positive attributes, and provide them with ample opportunities to capitalize on these assets and resources. These sessions would not only make people self-confident and have faith in their abilities but would also make them more socially comfortable and get along harmoniously with other people whom they come across during the day-to-day living. This would stimulate the positive growth of their personalities.


Again, it needs to be said that personal and professional seminars helped me polish my skills, perhaps make up more adept and efficient in my work, and if necessary even made me socially very interactive. Human beings as professionals need to sharpen their skill sets, knowledge, and experiences on the job on the whetstone of training, lectures delivered by knowledgeable and successful people, who have undergone the same kind of problems and trials that we are undergoing at the moment. How they successfully underwent the test of fire in their professional lives and have come out of it reasonably unscathed is what professional seminars need to focus on. It teaches us to be “proactive rather than reactive using profit improvement and advanced cost reduction methods.“ (Business solutions, 2009).

My reflective diary includes all the theories that I follow in my professional and personal life. Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is the most important one I want to mention here. “CBT can be done individually or with a group of people. It can also be done from a self-help book or computer program.” (Cognitive behavioral therapy, 2009).

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I need to learn lots of things to improve my work. Different kinds of experiences are necessary to improve my self-care in the future. I also want to be familiarized with the ideas that have been contributed by masters in my field. I also give importance to exercises and meditation to improve my health conditions.

Finally, it needs to be said that the ultimate purpose of personal and professional seminars is in terms of a wakeup call for us, to address long-standing and critical issues both in our personal and professional lives that need to be identified and sorted out without further digressions. “This Real-World experience gives them an intimate understanding of the issues and challenges you face every day.” (Courses, 2009).

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