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Personal and Professional Ethics

Ethics are the moral principles that govern a person’s behavior or activity. The main difference between business ethics and personal ethics is that the former is a code of conduct imposed on an employee or employee of a particular profession. In contrast, personal ethics is a code of ethics that governs a person’s entire life. Managers of different enterprises should make decisions based on personal and business ethics. Although managers should consider personal and professional ethics in engineering practice, there are still differences between them, and it is necessary to consider them when making managerial decisions.

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Work on a nuclear power plant is responsible and complex, and the confidentiality of this work complicates the situation from a psychological point of view. Each team member should remember that it is their professional responsibility to comply with standard operating rules and procedures and perform their core functions (Harris et al., 2019). For example, in the case of John, who ignores compliance with the rules, the manager needs to approach the problem with professional ethics. It is necessary to understand what prevents the employee from working with all the details of the rules prescribed for his work duties. The person probably consciously tries to avoid his duties to avoid having to manage possible problems (Harris et al., 2019). In this case, personal ethics does not have a place to be, since it is aimed at implementing the internal moral principles inherent in a particular person.

On the contrary, in the situation of Ibrahim, the probability that there is no personal ethics is higher than the probability that there is no professional ethics. In his case, dislike of federal laws can be instilled from early childhood, which resulted from his adverse reaction to these laws. Even though he does not agree with or is dissatisfied with specific federal rules, he needs to adhere to them and remain ethical at the same time. Still, people need to be honest in any situation since the lack of an ethical attitude can negatively affect the future. In the context of society, it is necessary to adhere to personal ethics not to create problems with team members who disagree with negative personal opinions about certain situations. In a global context, the situation may develop more actively, as there is already a much larger group of people who may disagree.

Engineering has a great responsibility for the natural environment, as all developments affect it and often with negative consequences. A team of engineers needs a person who will treat nature ethically and direct the entire team to do this. At present, the public increasingly believes that engineers are more responsible for preserving the environment than before (Harris et al., 2019). Engineers also need to know a certain number of regulatory laws and regulations on environmental protection to take them into account when developing new projects and implementing them.

In conclusion, to complete the project on time and efficiently, the manager needs to find an approach from personal ethics and professional ethics. This is because all members of the team have different negative attitudes towards the implementation of the project. One way or another, it is necessary to adhere to ethics in any sphere of human activity, not to offend other people’s feelings, and not violate specific prescribed rules in the workplace.


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