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The Importance of Personal Value Development in Society

People live in the world where they communicate, interact and remain in the constant contact. Moreover, people are in constant development from their birth till their death and this development takes place on both mental and physical level. The physical development is impossible without mental, and the mental development may be decelerate in the case of physical disabilities. Even having learned to walk and to speak, the development continues, the personal values and principles, his/her life priorities change from time to time, depending on the life periods. The mental development of the person continues uninterruptedly and the personal qualities depend on this development, in other words, how high the person is in his/her mental abilities.

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Before considering people’s development on the personal example, it is significant to obtain the understanding what the personal development is, what meaning people put in it and how they value personal development. Personal value development is easy to understand if to imagine the long staircase. Being an infant, the personal values are on the lowest stage, then person becomes to go higher and higher. The personal development is always supported by goal. Personal development is a broad process, “concerned with motivation, attitudes and personal qualities, as well as job-related skills” (Webb & Grimwood-Jones, 2003, p. 3). So, the personal value development takes its roots from the occupation of the personal and the life aims, which are taken from the lifestyle.

The personal development is closely interconnected with the social values. It is impossible to live in the ill society with spoiled understanding of the values and to be highly moral persona, as it is the society, which influences people’s understanding of the level of the moral education and the level to be reached. The versa variant is possible, when some people do not want to reach the level of the moral and ethical development of the society and the problem of the ill personalities in the health society appears. The soul of every person is the organism, which may be either health or ill, depending on the treatment it obtains and the actions the person takes up (Yancy, 2002).

Philip R. Newman (2008) represents the audience with five assumptions of the personal value development which cannot be argued in any sense, as their reliability and trustfulness have been proved by the numerous experiments and personal experience. The personal value development of the person may be characterized by the following issues: (1) “grows occurs at every period of life, from conception through very old age”, (2) “individual lives show community and change as they progress through time”, (3) to consider the level of the person’s development, all the issues should be developed, such as emotional, social, cognitive capacities and interrelationships, (4) “behavior must be interpreted in the context of relevant settings and personal relationships”, and (5) “people contribute actively to their development” (Newman, 2008, p. 5).

All the mentioned issues have the relevance to the personal value development and the discussed points usually occur in the discussion about the personal development. Considering the personal value development in the reference to the personal experience, the best example of the personal values, its development and impact on the professional sphere are the church values and principals. The person is born in the society, where religion plays important role and it is irreversible that the new member of the society comes to be involved in the mentioned religion. From the very childhood the person is taught to the principal issues of the social religion and in the conscious life continues to follow and develop the personal principles which were applied in the childhood.

The church doctrines were applied to me from the childhood, to not abuse, do not use bad language, or do not fight and others. Becoming older, the new principles appeared to be the dominant in my life. The personal experience came to be the main teacher in the life, where the family opinion was crucial for me. The new experience, which became familiar for me, was the attitude to friends. The real value of friendship became possible with the years and the experience. The moral development of me as the personality made it possible to understand that the word should be kept, that the friend support is the most valuable and that it is impossible to betray the friend as the friendship is the most sacred relations on the Earth.

The understanding of the friendship turned to be the most significant in my life. Analyzing the situation, it became convincing that the friendship can be understood only from the personal experience as only having come through the barriers and interceptions personally, begin to understand the value of friendship. The kindergarten shows that people are friend when they share toys and do not quarrel, then at school time the understanding comes that the person is a friend who goes for a walk with you, supports you before the first date and talks to you about your lover. The school friends very often transfer to the best friends, and remain the truest for many years.

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Having left the school, the understanding comes that friendship is the deeper feeling than just common interests and the themes to talk about. During the adult life, and especially in the modern world of the capitalistic relations, it becomes obvious that the main word in the friendship definition is unmercenariness. The life experience, which develops from time to time, and which is the part of the personal value development, shows that being unmercenary in the relations is the main sigh of friendship. Furthermore, it can be concluded that friendship is the unmercenary mutual relations between people, which are based on the confidence, sincerity, mutual sympathy and common interests. The main sight of friendship is the respect and tolerance.

So, the development of personal attitude towards the friendship makes it possible for the moral development of the person. The development of any feeling, especially in the reference to the church canons, makes the person be higher, to step forward by the stares of the life development. The staircase is infinite as there is no measure to the improvement and person may develop all the time, while life continues or there is a desire to improve the soul characteristic and to improve the people’s attitude to you. The friendship qualities and characteristic are not measured by the discussed issues, and any person is always opened to the new comings and new realizations in the friendship.

The friendship feeling is very useful on the workplace as the collective relations are based on the same principles as the friendship. To be on god term with the colleagues, simple rules should be followed. First, never try to betray, as betrayal is the core principle in good relationships. Second, respect people who you work with and they will respect you. The reciprocal respect is the significant part of the good work provided and a good result achieving. Third, helping colleagues regarding the work without demanding any payment or service instead, it may be respected to get the disinterested service in future. Being a good colleague is like being a good friend, but without personal issues interference.

Having come to the work, the friendship principles are already formed and it is easy to understand a person who can be relied on and that one who cannot. The high moral principles in reference to the friendship do not allow committing wrong in reference to the colleague. The church understanding that person may not be betrayed, that person should be told only truth and the inability to hurt the person are the principles which should take place on the working place and which are rather helpful for me now. It may be concluded that the level of my personal value of the friendship and personal relation has reached the high level, but still the relation should continue ad experience gathered.

In conclusion, personal value development is the process which continues all the time, from the very beginning, till the very end of the life. People are the social beings and the interconnection in the society is the main predetermine in the direction and the level of personal values. Being a highly developed country, the USA states high standards in the level of personal relations and it is impossible to argue them as the standards of friendship and people relations in the society are supported by church canons, which is the highest level of the trust.

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