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Physio- and Psychological Causes of Obesity

Obesity is a complex problem in the formation of which many physiological and psychological factors are involved. This condition is one of the leading causes of death in the United States, reinforcing the need for its study (Adult Obesity Causes & Consequences). The first group of factors leading to obesity is genetic tendencies. In this context, both hereditary tendencies and the combination of many genes that increase the risk of obesity are considered. In addition, among the physiological factors, various diseases and medications are distinguished that disrupt the natural balance of metabolism in the body.

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The second group of reasons is sociological factors since the development of obesity can lead to an influence on the community. In this context, the human environment is most often considered – for example, the inability to get to the necessary points on foot or by bicycle, which reduces physical activity (Adult Obesity Causes & Consequences). This problem is widespread in American society, as is the problem of consuming widely advertised junk food. The settings in which Americans are found shape their propensity to unhealthy diets and low physical activity, leading to obesity.

There are many approaches to the topic of suicide and its causes. French sociologist Emile Durkheim, for example, believed that one of the reasons for the spread of suicide among youth is a lack of social ties with the group (Griffiths et al. 14). Durkheim confirmed this theory by examining the number of suicides according to different religions. Attention to this issue has been drawn by the sharp increase in suicides from 2007 to 2017.

However, as practice shows, it is almost impossible to single out one specific problem (Ries). The rise in suicides is caused by a simultaneous rise in mood disorders due to problems with access to mental health care and the active spread of bullying through social networks. In addition, problems with self-identification in the current political climate also lead many adolescents to suicide. Thus, it can be noted that in the current society, there is no coherence since many social problems, such as bullying and attitudes towards LGBT people remain unresolved. Adolescents do not feel supported and have little or no ground, such as religion, to build social solidarity, leading to insecurity and doubt.

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