Policy Statements and Procedures for Fire Alarm Project.


This paper has been constructed in order to check out the proprietary industrial and commercial standards as has been affiliated by ISO. The purpose of the paper is to give an elaboration of the incidences that determines the procedure for the application of the same. The information is all on the basis of ISO standardisation.

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The matter of concern is the fire alarm construction industry and the follow up of all the standards for the maintenance of laws as has been determined by ISO.

Summary of the Report

The fire alarm construction industry is such a sector that employs lots of people. However this is the only industry that needs to keep a track of all types of waste and pollution. The researches show that the waste from fire alarm industry is very high in European countries. Keeping this as one of the factors related to the management of fire alarm projects the matter is also o great concern for the transparency and the comprehensiveness of the assignments. This is the basic area of analysis of this paper.

This paper is going to present a report for the follow up if ISO standards so that the outcomes like these can be brought under control.


In this paper there is a structure of policy statement and procedure that will get analysed. The matter of concern is to check out; how far these policies and the statements are followed as per the instructions given in ISO. As in iso.org, the thought is to grasp the idea of fire alarm Management and Economics under the follow up of all the principles led by ISO. The expectation criteria are all as per the norms held by ISO. There is the need for a balanced managerial command for the maintenance of the money that gets invested and the application of the project as per the preconceived norms.

Levels applied

I have followed the following levels in order to implement and scrutinise the policy of ensuring the quality of 100,000 pieces of fire alarms.

  • Level I: In the 1st level of the pyramid there is the single, overarching Quality Policy in order to guide the organization in all decisions.
  • Level II: The next level is of Quality Manual that defines general guidelines for completing all sorts of ISO particulars, such as Calibration.
  • Level III: In the third level it is all about documented procedures to define the process of completing a specific task: calibrating a specific instrument.
  • Level IV: The final stage is of keeping records and forms based on the Quality Management System and at the same time showing compliance to the International standard and Customer specification.

level I – policy- Inspection by samples


In order to the policy of ensure the quality of 100,000 pieces of fire alarm as per the standards set by ISO acts as a conglomeration with strong links to legal authorisation and governments follow ups, there is the random selection for sample out of all the available products. The follow up of the regulation released by ISO 21930:2007 – ‘Sustainability in fire alarm construction’ of fire alarm is thoroughly made concerned. Rick Jelliffe, states that it is here that the policy was supposed to be a helpful tool for all kinds of people involved in the construction projects.

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For Dell’Isola, A. J, the policy must serve all the points related to the environmental impacts of ensuring the quality of 100,000 pieces of fire alarm as per the standards set by ISO acts. The process of urbanisation is very much a part of its regulation. While following this means it is very important that there should be maintenance of Quality Assurance in every section of fire alarm Management and Economics.


The criteria for inspection get followed by two levels of documentation. The first is the Quality Policy statement that gets linked to the business plan. On the other hand there is this element as has been determined by ISO 9001. In order to have all the elements get followed the projects must have proper revisions of all the papers and the various aspects of the contract with all checked dominance. The samples need to be checked out and out. The documentations as has been forwarded by the client need to be adequately scrutinised. The determined factors that are declared in the contract must have the proper declarations.

The matter of concern is all related to the quality assurance system that will affiliate that the business is capable enough to carry out the requirements as has been demanded by the client in the contract.

Confirmation and verification of quotations/tenders with all kinds of elaboration needs to be specified. Each and every sample as has been forwarded for the persuasion of the ensuring the quality of 100,000 pieces of fire alarm as per the standards set by ISO acts must go through the strict process of quality confirmation scrutiny. The control over the sample of designing is also an integral part of the process. It is the understanding of the formulation that needs to be well managed. All the samples needs to be well scrutinised as they will turn up to be the basis of the whole 100,000 pieces of fire alarm. The management factors too need to have some comprehensive contribution in the application of the projects (Adams, J. R. and Barndt, S. E. 1978, pp. 32-39).


As when the samples get analysed the matters related to the comprehensiveness of the project comes under eagle’s eye. Sometimes in some cases the supplier seems to be a t a confused state, he get bewildered by the hugeness of the assignments and often is at a stake. Most of the time the supplier follow the instruction as given by the designer and the demands of the owner thus gets transferred to him. As the supplier has to manage with productivity and costs on a fixed price contract, most of the time he ignores the act of understanding the criteria as has been determined by the owner of the assignment.

The policies and the procedures thus are all marked under question. In such cases the intervention of legal proceedings might get counted for the elaborations. The whole matter gets into limited perspective and that makes the project go loose. These are also some sample works where the contract gets followed by obscure legal language or legal niceties that are very keenly designed to protect one party against the other.

level ii – quality manual – Full Traceability


All the matters related to Quality Assurance are the provision that creates a kind of satisfactory evidence. This sense of security is very much a part of the supplier’s interest over the contractual norms. The major field for this lies in the dynamic speculation of the sections that are a part of goods, works or services as forwarded by the company. These are all upgraded and modified as per the demands and the needs of the customers.

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They are more about getting into the trend then to be a part of the store. As per the norms led by ISO, there is the need for prequalification systems. This is for the purpose of having the quality assurance compliance level and for the rigid commitment. These types of commitments are followed as to maintain regular use of the system. The follies are always over the violation of the contract. It is here that the ISO needs to be kept under consideration to avoid all kinds of discrimination.


If any kind of failure comes in for the inspected items then it is very important to have all kinds of preparation to back up the situation. The test must be full proof, but at the same time it is also very important to have the quality analyst and the supplier’s inspect over the products. The effort is to bring in full traceability. For a relevant purpose of the same it is very important to keep some alternative options for getting the best ever solution.

There needs to be the accessibility for the procedures in place to program fixed by the design process. The strict inclusion of authentic witness is equally important. There should be enough space for the development of all kinds of activities for the participation of suitably qualified persons in the fire alarm project.

The next very important section is the speculations over the documents. The rigid and authentic documents results no hassle in the continuation of a fire alarm project, whereas it is very important to maintain the standards and the dominance of all these aspects for clear demonstrations. These documents must have upgraded clarifications. All kinds of records and verifying receipts too are important to get the actual assessment over the traceability. All the documents, whether they are received or delivered must be followed under strict records. This maintenance of the records is done for the purpose of making clearance for the authorisation for the purpose of release.


International Workshop Agreement (IWA) under ISO stands very strictly for this particular section of maintaining record. According to the sources as has been initiated by IWA, the requirements for standardization in areas related to the technical structures and expertise is very much a matter of legal concern. It is very important to have technical urgency along with all sorts of industrial wideness. A misuse or in a state of mismanagement the quality of the projects fall and the things like drawings, specifications, contracts gets seriously affected. There should be the readymade preparation of all kinds of listed documents related to the current revision status.

Any kind of changes to documents is very important to keep under notification (R. M. Wideman, 1980). Whether the document is received or distributed to others the status needs to be well checked and very elaborately demonstrated and clearly identified. It is necessary for the purpose to ensure that all parties need to receive current information related to the changes in the fire alarm project.

level III – DocumentED PROCEDURES – Document Control


The levels of demonstration and in making the assignment more interesting there has to be the addition of positive management towards the maintenance of staff attitude to the use of the system. The quality of persuasion and the maintenance of the standards are all a part of quality requirements. It supports the projects to get well managed and well manufacturing specifications. There is a necessary follow up of Prequalification Benchmark Criteria, while dealing with the documents. It is equally indispensable to have the certification of ISO 9001 quality assurance systems from a JASANZ accredited certifying organisation. This is the mark of authentication that will support the validity of the documents.


As the proceedings get followed there comes in the documentation of Certification of a Quality System. This is collected in order to proof the basis of comparison with the definitions that are well elaborated and are made aware of in detailed means. According to ISO in order to have the positioning in construction industry of fire alarm as per the standards set by ISO acts, the participant must have at least 5 years experiences. This is for the accuracy and the expertise as has been collected. ISO also declares that the need is also for 3 years experience in auditing Quality Systems in the construction of fire alarms.

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These criteria needs to be accepted and the submission of proper documents related to all these experiences needs to be submitted. The years of experiences are all counted in the way of declaring proficiencies. It is the declaration of Independent certification of compliance with ISO 9001 standard that these need to be accepted. The candidatures for the same thus need to be followed.

Extensive documentation regarding all the aspects of core and critical activities of particular projects always wants justification. A certified document in such a state is really of great help and it is very important to deal with the aspects related to the same. The assurance is more for the confirm declaration of the Quality System in the fire alarm project. All the levels of quality assurance needs to be well scrutinised and there are lots to be taken under consideration for the same.

The managing skills and the preparation for the risk assessment features are very important to be noticed1. Every kind of risk associated with the project has to be made aware to all the participants. The act of fire alarm projects are always considered as a matter of spear analysis and this is the basic behind the realization of the situations that might get the project into some trouble.

The documentation part for any kind of project is very vital and every point needs to be comprehensive and well elaborated. This can be well supported by the application of periodically assessed reviews on the specified and important aspects of the Quality System. The elements that are parts of the whole system need s to be considered consideration for the future persuasion. As to follow the instruction of ISO, there is a very important practice of compiling the industry and government’s needs.


The Quality Assurance requirements to a fire alarm project, is equally important as the assessment of any kind of Risk Manager is done. It is for the purpose of an appropriate quality assurance to reduce the risk factors. The dominance has to be of ISO, and there cannot be any kind of compromise to that. The affiliations are all authenticated when ISO gets followed. It is here that keeping record of every small and important thing becomes necessary and mandatory for quality perspective. The responsibility always inclines to get over the levels and the regulations determined by ISO.

Levels IV – Records and Forms – Quality Plans


In order to have a good perspective over the collection and implementation of fire alarm projects, it is very important to have all kinds of assurance that are related to the quality. The act of assuring the implementation process is very much supported by the authentic documentation of the project. In the process of documentation of the quality assurance there is the need of having a process of manufacturing on trust2. This is a very vital point that needs to be followed. ISO strictly support the bond of trust and instructs that it is only through the process of trust that the intensive corporate lobbying can be well managed or handled.


As a matter of fact ISO declares for a clear understanding of every level in a fire alarm project and by the means of a transparent system of comprehensiveness, there is provision for a mutual set up. The declarations for quality control are equally strict and are legally supported. Establishment of a conceptual project plan for some kind of wider prospects is gets counted on the basis of quality, time and cost that get invested terms of scope. Project feasibility and the factors in support of financial viability needs to be kept in a balanced form to have detail about the way the fire alarm is manufactured (R. M. Wideman, 1995).

This can be exemplified by a pro forma analysis on the basis of a cost per square meter. The calculation and the efficiencies are all done on the basis of the total estimation that has been decided within the project. The economical factor and the investment flow too play major roles in quality assurance. The task can be made easier if experience and data can be collected on previous similar fire alarm projects. The construction costs of the fire alarms and the details related to the forward estimating of these costs during the development stage for budgeting purposes needs to be followed as per the trade practices.

The preparation for the purpose of collecting the drawings and sketches during the development phase has got all the possibilities of gathering the concept unit costs into trade category costs. This the means through which the establishment form and choice of materials gets decided.

Foundations and structure needs a detail estimation of steel, aluminium, wood, glass, block, drywall, etc., for a good concrete construction. The elements and the stuffs related to the project needs proper clearance of being eco friendly. It is equally very necessary to take care of the environment all around3. ISO supports those projects that are working with the estimations related to proper quality of the materials used and the maintenance of hygiene and harmless wastes.

The regulations are for the benefit of future and for the establishment of stronger perspective. There are lots of points that the supplier and the manufacturers need to follow for a proper legal and eco-friendly project. All kinds of products need to be expected on the non-biased information basis. It is equally very much essential to establish uniformity and consistency in all the possible ways that the environmental product declarations are made. ISO is very particular in making an overall assessment of the fire alarm projects. All its assessments are on the basis of providing good quality in an eco-friendly atmosphere.


Conceptual project plan in terms of scope are all on the primary needs of having better scope to grow and to deliver best of the results. In order to avoid the problems it is very important to have a managing team that can well speculate the issues on the basis of its experiences and its professional comprehensiveness. The feasibility of a project is directly proportionate to the team that is in charge of it. Just being a part of the project is not enough there should be appropriate sense of excellence.


It is thus has been well discovered that the aspects related to the domain of making a good fire alarm project lies in the formation and the follow ups of the ISO regulations. Added to the deliverance of high and good quality of work, the expectations are also related to the sections that are legally correct and well supported by the ISO. Along with the carefulness towards the environment and proper working atmosphere the need is also to have well documentation of every simple thing that gets into the project. The matter related to quality assurance and documentation is all very important. Added to this the participation of professionalism with the sense of maintaining trust and faith with the owner and the customer is also very much topic of concern.

In managing every level of a fire alarm project the assignment holders should have a proper transparency of communication. There should be a smooth ride of elaboration and comprehensiveness related to the matter of construction. A true follow up of all the legal proceeding is of great value. These are all determined by the regulations set by ISO. These speculations state that it is thus a matter of moral accountabilities as well as the proper demonstration of every aspect that is related to the management of the fire alarm project. Proficiencies and skills are the ingredients in it, but the sense of trust and the maintenance of good reputation too need to have some concrete space in the implementation of the project for sure success.


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  1. Implementing ISO 9001 is much like preparing a meal from a recipe and serving it to a registration auditor. You will need system documentation and auditors training to be able to successfully audit and maintain the QMS. The following task list assumes that both of these items have been accomplished and are in place.
  2. ISO 9001: 2000 was developed to give a generic set of requirements for a quality management system (or QMS) that will apply to a wide variety of organizations.
  3. The building construction industry is recognized as a major employer, but also as a sector responsible for generating a large amount of waste and pollution. It is estimated that the building industry is responsible for approximately 40% of the waste in European countries.
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