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Private Car Driver-Linking Service

The transport industry has evolved with time due to ever-changing lifestyles and business dynamics. The advancement of technology has been the primary instrument of change in the sector. In this regard, iDriveYourCar has capitalized on the technology to develop a website and an app, which connect individuals owning private cars with top-rated drivers (“iDriveYourCar,” n.d.). Their drivers can execute different driving roles, such as children and leisure transportation, grocery delivery, and long-distance driving, among others, as demanded by the car owner or corporate body. Fundamentally, iDriveYourCar engages in unique service of connecting car owners to top-rated drivers at an affordable price, payable only on hourly rate rather than monthly.

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Several primary characteristics exist in the driver-linking service provided by the iDriveYourCar Company. First, the car owner has the autonomy to select their driver based on the ratings found on the firm’s website (“iDriveYourCar,” n.d.). Moreover, the service is available 24/7, indicating that a person can use the services at any time. The website also provides a large pool of top drivers for the customers to make their choices. Significantly, car owners pay hired drivers on an estimated hourly rate without any hidden fees. Payment is usually made for only the hours the consumer needs the service. As the car owner, the customer has the right and freedom to direct the driver and manage trips using a personal dashboard. Undeniably, the characteristics appeal to consumers due to their ability to control the process and pay only when they need chauffer’s services. As a result, customers’ rights and commands are supreme, and drivers often maintain a high level of discipline to remain marketable and attract more positive ratings.

The potential consumers of the driver-linking service are the car owners and corporates. For example, many people are busy in their businesses, and they own several cars. Consequently, they need drivers to take their children to and from the school or send them to buy and deliver raw materials on their behalf. Similarly, corporates would prefer to have part-time drivers to help fulfill some of their secondary activities, such as transportation of executives to the airport. I believe that car owners and corporates constitute a sufficiently profitable market segment. With increased globalization, there is a significant investment in businesses and corporates, which provide a potential market for the service. According to Webb (2019), car ownership is increasing globally, even in developing nations, thus escalating the demand for driver services. Indeed, “iDriveYourCar” (n.d.) reports that their drivers can earn approximately $1400 per week, meaning the company receives high revenues. Therefore, both existing and potential markets are enough to produce substantial profit margins with increased globalization and travels, both locally and internationally.

From a potential consumer’s perspective, I think the company misses a critical characteristic on car maintenance. The autonomy given to the car owners means they are liable for their cars. However, the driver’s negligence may cause considerable financial loss to the customer, and thus, the firm needs to include the car safety element in its terms. As for the website, I like the tag-line “Be Driven” because it allows the consumers to envision that they must have a car. It helps to highlight that the firm only offers driver-link services. Finally, I would also seek to improve the business approach by urging managers to integrate the technological method of monitoring their drivers, thus lessening attempts to transact outside the website or the app.

iDriveYourCar is a unique approach to connect drivers with car owners. With increased leisure, business, and corporate activities, hourly payment to chauffeur services may be more economical than a monthly one. The consumers’ freedom to choose a driver from a pool of positively-rated professionals help promote loyalty and trust, thus expanding the potential market. With the rise in demand in the transport industry, the driver-linking service will be vital in revolutionizing the transport sector in the age of information and globalization.


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