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Professional Writings and Emotions

In writing, there is a sharp difference between a statement that represents a fact and another statement which would communicate the attitude or motions the writer is undergoing. A statement of fact is a representation of the world but an emotional statement focuses on the inclination of the writer and his/her desires as well as various non-cognitive attitudes in relation to the relevant fact. Such an expression may represent both positive and negative feeling; all of which is communicated through the way the sentence has been structured (Flower, 1993). The following are examples:

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  1. My plan will work very well and I must make everyone aware about them.
  2. I hate people like Stella who pretend to be working and yet their presence is not felt by the managers.
  3. Even when we deliver high quality services at our workplace, we are not recognized because of our low level of interaction with Simon; our team manager.
  4. I think I generally like ladies and that is why I do not recognize some of the mistakes in their work. My rapport with most ladies is excellent and that makes me as a manager likeable to every employee.
  5. I feel encouraged by people who are team builders because they make a motivational working environment. This is very important for the success of any organization and every team manager should demonstrate high quality skills in mastering all the stages of team development.

Research has shown that, when a person writes about his/her practices, it is difficult to ignore the influence of the emotions the writer is undergoing even when the materials being written are professional. However, this brings a struggle between his/her professionalism and emotions because when the emotions are strong, the balance between the two is not reached and this causes loss of clarity. On the other hand, if a writer does not include his/her personal experience, the reader may not be influenced into understanding the message being communicated. Studies have also indicated that, a writer who has unresolved feelings is likely to loose focus on his/her audience and therefore the message may not meet its purpose. (Flower, 1993).

When the writer is engaged in a professional writing, he/she is not supposed to use “I” but instead should use data as well as rational argument and not include anything emotional. This is because failure to hide such emotions is likely to portray unprofessionalism of the writer. For example in the above sentences, most of them started with “I” and expressed the feeling of the writer but latter towards the end communicated the facts. The fact should be brought first in the sentence structure through the writer focusing on the audience and then end with the emotions if necessary especially if the emotions are part of the contents being written. When a powerful emotion grips the writer, it is advisable for the writer to continue writing till something perspective has been achieved without trying to deny or suppressing the emotions. If the writer latter realizes he/she had gone a bit far such as calling people names as well as using too many accusations, the work should be edited later either by the writer or by his/her team. That should be done with an aim of striking the balance between emotions and reasonable facts. This is because when emotions are denied a chance, they creep in everywhere and are noticeable in the whole written piece to a point where they become overwhelming and the writer cannot concentrate on the subject anymore. (Flower, 1993).


Flower L. (1993): Problem-Solving Strategies for Writing: Harcourt Brace Jovanovich.

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