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Psychiatric Patients Experiencing Abuse



  1. Research question: Are psychiatric patients much more vulnerable to domestic abuse than others because of the unique aspects of their conditions?
  2. Working thesis: Psychiatric patients have to deal with domestic violence because they are viewed as extremely vulnerable most of the time, and they lack understanding from the people that surround them.
  3. Angle: The most significant problem that should not be overlooked is that many individuals are taking advantage of the situation that has occurred. The fact that offenders believe that psychiatric patients are less likely to report such cases also plays a vital role.


  1. It is necessary to draw attention to this topic because the health and well-being of these people are at risk, and the process of treatment cannot be successful if they are subjected to violence, and it leads to other complications.
  2. I am not experienced in this area, but I am willing to devote enormous time and attention to this subject matter. The focus on the details is one of the aspects that is going to differentiate my work, and I will try to identify causes of such behavior, and the ways in which such incidents may be prevented. The ideas by Fogel and Greenberg (2015), and Levenson (2011) will be used t support the statements. A systematic review by Oram, Trevillion, Feder, & Howard (2013) also will be utilized.


  1. The primary audience is going to be scholars, health care professionals, and individuals that have close relationships with psychiatric patients.
  2. The secondary audience is my professor and colleagues, and I am sure that they will be incredibly interested in the topic.
  3. The audience is on my side, and most individuals have similar values and opinions.


Research collected so far

A systematic review has shown that the reported domestic violence rates towards psychiatric patients are close to 30-33 percent for women and 32% for men (Oram et al., 2013). Such findings are significant, and should not be disregarded. The fact that the individuals suffer even as in-patients can be viewed as especially problematic and healthcare professionals should take appropriate measures to ensure that such incidents are prevented. The definition of domestic violence is rather broad, and it may complicate the analysis (Levenson, 2011). Also, Fogel and Greenberg (2015) suggest that it is necessary to pay close attention to emotional reactions, and some of the worrying signs may indicate domestic abuse.

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Research to be collected

It would be reasonable to review the information regarding personal experiences. Also, it would be beneficial to get a better understanding of what course of actions needs to be taken in case there is suspicion of domestic violence, and how current guidelines can be improved in the future.


In summary, I propose that current interventions need to be improved because prevalence rates are enormous. It would be appropriate to schedule visits much more often to keep track of the treatment and evaluate risks related to domestic violence. It is expected that such changes would help to increase the experience for the patients, and may reduce readmission rates. I would like to receive approval for the development of a questionnaire that will be used to get a better understanding of the public’s perspective on this subject matter. Also, it would be reasonable to consult with health care professionals if it is possible.


It is imperative to mention that the APA format is commonly used because it is extremely convenient and helps to ensure that the ideas of other scholars are protected (Perrin, 2014). Understanding of particular rules and aspects of the style is crucial (Beins, 2012). The purpose of the in-text citation is to ensure that individuals may deliver the necessary information without being accused of plagiarism because it is an offense that can be severely punished. The referencing process is not that complicated, and all the guidelines are available. For example, Oram, Trevillion, Feder, & Howard (2012) suggest that the lack of information regarding family domestic abuse that psychiatric patients have to experience is incredibly problematic. The citation has helped to show the ideas of the authors.

The article that was selected has contained vital information, and it would be reasonable to provide some of the quotes. For instance, Oram et al. (2012) found that “among female patients, being a victim of lifetime partner violence was reported by about a third of in-patients and out-patients” (p. 97). Intellectual property should be respected, and the authors have utilized eighteen electronic databases to look for such data. Also, researchers state that professionals in this area “should be aware of the high prevalence of victimization among men and women in this group and be able to identify violence and respond appropriately to their patients’ needs” (Oram et al., 2012, p. 98). Such recommendations are incredibly important, and a citation should be provided because the authors have conducted extensive research to come to such a conclusion, and it is supported by pieces of evidence. Overall, it is possible to state that this citation style is incredibly convenient because of its flexibility.


Fogel, B. S., & Greenberg, D. B. (2015). Psychiatric care of the medical patient (3rd ed.). New York, NY: Oxford University Press.

Levenson, J. L. (2011). The American Psychiatric Publishing textbook of Psychosomatic Medicine: Psychiatric care of the medically ill. Arlington, VA: American Psychiatric Publishing.

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Oram, S., Trevillion, K., Feder, G., & Howard, L. M. (2013). Prevalence of experiences of domestic violence among psychiatric patients: Systematic review. The British Journal of Psychiatry, 202(2), 94-99.

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