Public Diplomacy Profession

In the world of nowadays, communication is gaining importance and power. The modern world has made a serious leap concerning the level of communication over the last several decades. Scientists came up with the technologies allowing free and speedy communication almost in every corner of the planet. In the contemporary world with its expanding influences and vanishing borders between the countries public diplomacies in the field offering a lot of important skills and providing the services that are crucial for successful communication, because the success of communication is based not only on its technological accessibility but on the skills and professionalism of the sides participating in it.

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I decided to pursue a Master’s degree in Public Diplomacy at USC because I sincerely consider this profession as one of the professions of the future. Evidence suggests that the number of professions that will remain popular during the upcoming decades is gradually getting smaller. Technological progress starts to replace many professionals with machines, many occupations become extinct. In my opinion, diplomacy that is based on highly professional communication is one of the occupations that would not lose its popularity and that will always require highly qualified professionals. The last several years in the political arena became a good demonstration that even though the modern world is getting more and more technologically advanced, people in it still have trouble finding understanding and reaching compromise.

The last decade resulted in several armed conflicts most of which were international and involved the professional participation of the diplomats from many countries of Asia, Europe, America, and the Middle East. Honestly, I cannot recall a year in human history when none of the nations engaged in open armed confrontations. At the moment it seems like the peace of Earth is a myth, yet in my opinion, it is quite a reachable goal, and one of the fields that can help with achieving it is public diplomacy. To sum up, my reasons to choose this discipline are based on both self-interest and altruism. My purpose is to become a successful professional and work in a field that is the power of making a difference for the whole world.

Being qualified in such disciplines and Business and Management I decided to turn to a different field and pursue a degree in Public Diplomacy because this is an object of my fascination on the professional level. Gaining my experience at the business companies and handling documentation and data I learned about the importance of information and the way it is presented. In my leisure time, I read a lot about international relations and the role framing and propaganda play in them. In the contemporary wired world communication and information are the starting and moving forces of the biggest conflicts and mass actions. For example, over the last five years, some of the major revolutions started in social networks and then were actively stimulated by them.

The power of information technologies directed by people is immense. Professor Nicholas Cull is an outstanding expert, I would like to learn from him and study his approach towards public diplomacy as I believe he possesses great insights based on his critical thinking. The cull is a specialist that knows how to maintain objectivity in the contemporary world where every piece of information is twisted and framed, this is why I am convinced that having this Professor as my tutor would be a major benefit and a great honor. I believe that public diplomacy is the field that studies communication on the deepest level taking into consideration all of its aspects and dimensions. In the modern world, thoroughly selected words enhanced by some psychological strategies and filtered properly can change the world. Public diplomacy demonstrates the power of carefully presented information.

After obtaining my qualification in public diplomacy I would like to develop a career in this field. First of all, this profession is filled with many challenges as well as opportunities. I know I would have to start at the very bottom and then make my way to the top. To make a successful professional, I would have to never stop improving. This is why I am determined to continue developing the skills important for a career in public diplomacy. I would have to acquire more knowledge in public speaking, diplomatic strategies, and planning, the psychology of communication, history, and culture. To be successful in public diplomacy one must be able to work with people, find understanding and common language with them notwithstanding the size of the audience. I see public diplomacy as the link that connects people with their leaders. Public diplomacy involved the citizens as a part of the communication process. Public diplomats are to show professionalism in handling social reputations, representations of events, intercultural communication, and building a harmonious environment on the international and global levels. I am excited to start the course in Public Diplomacy and learn to see and analyze social processes that are invisible to the majority of people.

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