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Racial Identity of Ancient Egyptians

The question about the racial identity of ancient Egyptians remains debatable among scholars. Historians indicate that the country of Egypt was the origin of human civilization. Although the country is in Africa, white scholars argument about ancient inhabitants of Egypt were not Africans focuses on dismissing the idea that European civilization originated from Africans. The culture and historical aspects of ancient Egyptians confirm that they were Africans or Negros.

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Archeologists site Africa, especially eastern Africa, as the origin of man. There has never been other evidence to show more ancient origin humankind from Africa. Therefore, based on the archeologists’ explanation, it is evidence that people spread to the rest of the world from Africa (Rito et al., 2019). Thus, there is no way ancient Egyptians could have been white as most scholars want to put it.

The cultural, political, and economic activities of ancient Egyptians resembled those other Negros in Africa. According to Changach (2015), Egyptians practiced totemism like the rest of Africans. They used animals to represent a clan or a family, where the former became a taboo. This practice established a sense of continuity between man and nature and it was not recognized in western cultures. Totemism was a foreign culture to Greeks, confirming that ancient Egyptians were blacks or Africans (Kambon, 2020; Reed, 2021). Agai (2017) adds that ancient Egyptians were black people since they were doing things like the rest of Africans. Hence, human civilization can be attributed to the Africans and not the whites.

Although the racial identity of ancient Egyptians is debated by scholars, the history and culture of the inhabitants confirm that they were Africans. Archeologists explain that all humans originated from Africa before spreading to other parts of the world. Ancient Egyptians practiced totemism like other Africans, which is of foreign culture to Greeks. Therefore, white scholars should acknowledge that blacks were the origin of human civilization.


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