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Real Estate and Affordable Housing


The recent financial crisis in the world has had negative impact on real estate development. Many people have suffered the consequences of the crisis financially. This crisis calls for a measure that provides shelter at a reasonable rent or price. This situation requires developers of real estate to come up with strategies that will help in mitigating the effects of the financial crisis.

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Shelter is a basic human need, and everybody desires to have a home and real estate developers are under the obligation to provide better services to all people regardless of their income levels.

The slow down of the housing market severely affects the financial market, and the economy, slowing down the number of foreclosures may be the first step in the recovery of the housing market Sprague (2008). As a first step, Banks should tighten their lending requirements and increase the interest rates to discourage people from borrowing to purchase new homes. However, lending to eligible applicants has to commence again. A combination of these two actions will help reduce the inventory of homes on the market and stabilization of house prices. Drop in inventory of homes will spur increase in the construction of new homes, improving cash flows and employment, and increased spending on housing and private construction. However, realization of the benefits of such actions will take some time.

Statement of the problem

The present financial crisis has caused the rise and fall of housing market in most countries worldwide. Housing presents five to ten percent of the economy in most countries therefore the rising and falling of price in the world affects the liquidity of the market. The rise of house prices have led to collapse of mortgage homes and reducing consumer spending. A provision of reasonable housing to the people of mixed income has become a challenge of many governments and now it is up to developers to come up with structures that can sustain this housing problem.

There is a rise and decrease in low income housing causing house rent to go up consuming up to 70 percent of poor homes total earnings. Therefore availability of cheap and easy mortgages will enable real estate developers come up with cheap housing that will provide better housing to the poor people.


The main aim of the research is to find out the effect of provides sector investments in price control in the housing sector. The paper shall also find out the impact of mortgages on development of housing sector.


The role of the private sector and affordable housing in the market.

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Research methodology

The method that will be used in carrying out this research will be put in quantitative and qualitative techniques. The data will be collected in internet and library research. These two methods will employ secondary sources and qualitative research will have a major role because this saves a lot of time and will give background knowledge of the required subjects before research is carried out. Former researches by various scholars will be consulted and this will give extensive information on the subjects.

This method that will be used for conducting this research will be mostly from websites, online libraries, and online books in gathering the data. Internet will play an important role because in the world of today it has become an important component in carrying out research. The greatest importance of using internet is to access a wide variety of information from various sources with little hassle.

Online books will also play an important role since they are easily available. A person goes to the search engine to access the books and one does not need to go physically to the library to access the material. Another source that will play an important role will be online library which plays an important role. Online libraries include academic government libraries. There are various websites which offer materials that can be available in libraries. This will be the method of collecting data for this research.

Significance of the Study

Regardless of the limitations inherent in this study, the significance of this study is important for several reasons: A). housing is no longer a problem that is restricted to a select few but is becoming a real crisis in the world, targeting rich and poor countries. In order for countries to realize the enormous implications of unstable housing price, they need to be aware of just how housing problem is affecting the society. B) The real estate developers need to be made aware of their impact on housing.

Limitations of the study

There are many limitations that will affect this research and make the research become very difficult. One of the limitations of this research will be lack of funds on part of the researcher that will enable the researcher carry out quantitative research. The other factor that will affect research is because the research is meant for academic purposes. The work may be designed for the purpose of passing exams and the paper may not be thorough.

Data analysis method

There are several methods that will be employed in analyzing this research. One of the methods that will be used is qualitative data analysis where data will be described since it will be received though a qualitative research designs.

The data after collecting was tabulated and evaluated using statistical applications. Data analysis was carried out by using regression, correlation, as well as econometric time series with the help of econometric soft ware. Correlation analysis was adopted to cater for problems connected with co-linearity relationship among independent variables to see if it was applicable for a combination of explanatory variable. Before starting to analyzed data collected, it is important to review the method of data collection – quantitative or qualitative. If the data collected is quantitative in nature, then statistical methods like mean, variance, standard deviation and frequency etc. are calculated.

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Implementation Program

This research paper performs various tasks and processes ranging from literature review, literature survey, developing a method for analysis of collected information to the formal representation of the same. Few of the processes can be concurrently followed and some may warrant the completion of the previous tasks. A broad framework is conceptualized in the form of a Gantt chart to describe the activities, schedule and timeframe of the processes of this research proposal.

Research Project Schedule

Activities February , 2009 March , 2009 April , 2009 May , 2009 June, 2009
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23
Submission of Research Topic
Literature Review
Asses First Draft of Research D1
Final Research Proposal Submission D2
Assessment and approval of research proposal by supervisor M1
Data processing and analysis D3
Writing report
Submission of draft for initial assessment M2
Second draft revision
Final draft for critical evaluation
Final Research Proposal Submission M3


  • D1 = First draft of research proposal.
  • D2 = Final draft of research proposal.
  • D3 = Collection of data.


  • M1 = Approval of Research proposal.
  • M2 = Final draft of research thesis submitted for evaluation.
  • M3 = Final draft of research thesis submitted and approval obtained.


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