Ritz Carlton Hotel and The Room Mate Restaurant: Companies Analysis | Free Essay Example

Ritz Carlton Hotel and The Room Mate Restaurant: Companies Analysis

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The Ritz Carlton is a competitive hotel based on the fundamental keys it takes to make sure every customer is contented. The hotel is also a risk taker for example, during the opening of the Ritz Carlton Boston it decided to design the chairs in the Winston Churchill’s room in red fabric to match with his favorite color. It has the best services due to the regular trainings offered to its staff (Levy and Grewal 2011). This hotel not only employs trained workers, but also looks for those with great personalities.

Anyone working in the hospitality industry should be charming, warm and caring. They should have the customers’ interest at heart, from the time a client checks in until he leaves. This facility is able to thrive due to the measures it takes in ensuring its employees are happy despite the challenges it face. For example, when the hotel needed to cut costs, it stopped the deliveries of newspapers to avoid job cuts and take care of its staff wellbeing (Levy and Grewal 2011).

The hotel faced additional revenue declines in the year 2009; therefore, it cut costs that did not have impacts on customer’s experiences (Levy and Grewal 2011). For instance, Haagen-Dazs ice cream was replaced with Eddy’s. The guest cubicles were refurbished and replaced with lobbies that had free internet and newer furniture designs that were more comfortable (Levy and Grewal 2011). They were arranged in ways that encouraged dinning and socialization activities. The professional customer relationship management policy contributed to the success of Ritz Carlton Hotel. That is why it continues to attract local and international clients.


The Room Mate Restaurant is a three star chain of hotels that was established in Madrid in 2010 next to the Teatro Real with the aim of offering quality service, a natural personal feel and good breakfast. The hotel has expanded and opened branches in North and South America. During my visit to New York City, I stayed at the Room Mate Grace Hotel. Almost all employees of this hotel were not friendly and offered poor quality services that frustrated clients.

Services were slow because the number of employees was not proportional to that of customers. Waiters and other workers took more than 15 minutes before serving customers. There were many complaints from customers about the quality of food offered and language security. Workers were poorly trained, the facility had not invested in activities customers and clients could engage in, and the costs were unrealistically high when compared to the services they were offering. The services were poor in comparison to Ritz Carlton Hotel where all workers were well trained, humble, offered quick and quality services, and even gave value to customers’ payment.

Gaps and How to Close Them

During my stay at the hotel, I expected to be attended by well trained workers, but the staff that served me did not have enough knowledge of what they were supposed to do. For example, I was served wine in a white glass. To close this gap, the hotel should open regular training programs to make sure workers have enough knowledge regarding their duties. The hotel had advertised free Wi-Fi services for its customers, but it did not have any internet connection. When asked, the management did not have a convincing answer. The hotel must make sure it advertises its services and promises what it can deliver so that its customers do not think they are always cheated.


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