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Roger Staubach: Biography and Career


National Football League in America has had several legends who have helped inspire more individuals into the game and also command a huge fan following. Roger Thomas Staubach is one of the most outstanding players in the history of football. The biographical research paper explores his early life, family life, college, and career life.

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It also discusses in detail his professional career in the NFL, particularly during his time with the Dallas Cowboys (Taylor 69). Furthermore, the paper discusses some of Staubach’s accomplishments and awards as a football player. A focus on his current life, job/occupation, and activities which he is involved in now are also provided.

Early Life

Roger Thomas Staubach was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, on February 5, 1942. He is the only child and son of Robert Joseph and Elizabeth S. Staubach. Roger attended a Catholic school in Cincinnati known as Purcell High School (Taylor 69). Where there, baseball, basketball, as well as football were his preferred games and he did very well in all of them. However, with time, he concentrated on improving his prowess in football and baseball.

He was interested in playing for Notre Dame but this did not go well and opted to enroll at Purdue. An officer in charge of recruitment for the U.S. Naval Academy was sent to Purcell where he watched some games films. The officer, Rick Foranzo, concentrated on Staubach’s playing skills and decided to convince him to join the service academy (Taylor 70).

Academically, Roger was not good in English and he decided to start acquainting himself with the requirements for joining the academy. He decided to enroll at New Mexico Military Institute (NMMI) in Roswell, New Mexico. While there, his English improved significantly as well as enhanced his expertise in football. In fact, he was able to lead the institute’s team to stunning 9-1 performance, a record!

Family Life

It was in 1965 that Staubach graduated with a degree in engineering from the Naval Academy. On September 4 of the same year, he married his girlfriend, Marianne Hoobler, with who he had been with for a very long time. Staubach then started his preparation for service at the navy. He was away from his family most of the time but as from 1970, he chose to spend the most time with the family.

College Life

Staubach went to the U.S. Naval Academy between 1961 and 1965. In 1961, Roger joined the Naval Academy and this marked the beginning of his problems. He found the lifestyle in the academy too demanding and could not stick to the rules. By the end of four months, he had already recorded about 150 demerits and knew that this signaled expulsion from the academy. After the Christmas holiday, he returned to the academy with a resolve to change for the better.

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This worked out very well for him since he successfully completed academic year. While he was at Navy Academy, Staubach led his team to a record 9-1 as well as to the second position in the national ranking of 1963 (Taylor 69). He was granted the Heisman Trophy as well as the Walter Camp memorial trophy in the same year. In 1965, Staubach got the Naval Athletic Association Sword.


Staubach’s career in the military began the same year of graduation, where he served in the U.S. Navy for about four years (Taylor 70). He traveled to Vietnam during his duty as a supply officer. Even though he some interest in the military, Staubach could not resist the urge to play football as his professional career.

Professional Career-NFL

Giving in to his deepest desire, Staubach decided to commence his would a lifetime defining turn around. It was in 1969 that he joined the Dallas Cowboys and started training there (Rand 68). When he arrived, there was Craig Morton who was known to be the starting quarterback. However, the team lost one of its crucial games in 1971. Staubach has been quoted as saying:

“Craig was really hurting in 1970, and I should have played. In 1971, coach Landry chose me and that changed my life.” (Taylor 72).

It was then that the coach decided to give Staubach an opportunity to start. He did not disappoint during the season. By the time season was half-way, he had won the hearts of the entire team members and led them to the NFC Championship. This was the time that Cowboys reclaimed their lost glory by winning the Super Bowl VI during their final encounter with Miami Dolphins. They beat them 24-3. Staubach was awarded the Super Bowl MVP.

The following season did not go well with Roger since his shoulder was injured. He returned to the team when the season was coming to an end. Staubach always turned things whenever he was introduced into the team, particular during the dying moments of the game until they were famously known as “Hail Mary” touchdown passes that would bring victory (Rand 70). Repeated last-minute victories caused by Staubach earned him the name “Captain Comeback” and “Roger the Dodger” (Monk 90).

During the 1976, 1978, and 1978 seasons, Staubach led the Cowboys to the Super Bowl from which they won one of them 27-10 against Denver Broncos. Staubach made a total of 1,685 complete passes. This was for 22,700 Yards plus 153 touchdowns on attempts totaling to 2,958 (Monk 90; Rand 71).

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Accomplishments and Awards in Football

As already mentioned in the discussion, Staubach has received numerous awards as well as accomplished a lot since the primary stages of his career. Some of them are highlighted next: In 1962, he was recognized as the player with the highest rate of completion, which stood at 67.3%. This was when he led the NCAA team. Between 1962 and 1964, he was the winner of the Thompson’s Trophy Cup with U.S. Naval Academy. In the seasons of 1971, 1973, and 1978-79, Staubach was the best NFL passer.

As mentioned above, he was part of the team that won the Super Bowl VI, and he scooped the Super Bowl MVP in 1972. Staubach worked for Henry S. Miller Realty between 1970 and 1977 as a salesman and deputy vice president. He was selected severally to play in Pro Bowl; in 1972 and 1977-80. Staubach was in the team that was victorious in 1978 Super Bowl XII. In 1977, Staubach helped found the Holloway-Staubach company where he served as the chairman and chief executive officer. He official retired from Dallas Cowboys in 1980.

Moreover, he was unanimously elected to the National Football Hall of Fame in 1981. Similarly, he made it to Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1985. To crown his numerous awards, he received the NCAA’s Theodore Roosevelt Award in the year 2000 (Taylor 76-77).

Current Life

Staubach is currently the chairman, director, as well as the CEO of Staubach Company. He has held the positions since taking charge in 1982. He also serves at the same capacity at the Staubach Retail Services Inc. He is very much involved in several businesses, particularly real estates. He also the Executive Chairman of Lang LaSalle’s company-formally his company.

Staubach is currently holding different positions in 9 boards of directors which nine different organizations spread in a total of 12 different industries. At the age of 68, Staubach is a very active individual.


Many legends exist in different fields of life and have lived at different or same periods. However, Staubach remains one of the most celebrated living heroes in the history of football. Within a span of barely two decades, he had accomplished a lot as a football player. Besides, he has made significant contributions to the general well-being of society. Despite his relatively old age, Staubach seems to have been re-energized in his quest to do his best and achieve greatness.

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