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Social Media Impact on Globalization

Among the many drivers of globalization, the advancement of digital social media platforms has been one of the most influential. The invention of the Internet in general, and the development of networking online in particular, have shifted traditional interpersonal communication toward the virtual exchange of data. In such a manner, the cultural, economic, political, and other dimensions have been globalized under the influence of social media. This posting is devoted to discussing social media’s impact on globalization.

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Social media platforms have become an essential element of contemporary individuals’ lives. Such platforms as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, Twitter, and others are now digital spaces where people from different parts of the world exchange their opinions and influence decision-making on a large scale. According to research, in the context of globalization, social media cause “transformations in culture, identity, political and symbolic power, and the relative strength of nationalist and cosmopolitan ideas” (Flew & Iosifidis, 2020, p. 9). In addition to interpersonal, cultural, and global political tendencies influenced by the connectivity induced by social media, this phenomenon also shapes economic trends (Flew & Iosifidis, 2020). Indeed, marketing strategies and business models advance toward international coverage, the appeal of which is reinforced by globalization in people’s needs, interests, and trends.

In summation, social media is undoubtedly an influential driver of globalization. It allows for people’s fast and constant exchange of information without borders, which ultimately leads to the fusion of cultures and political views. The interconnectivity of people through social media contributes to the globalization of the economy due to international corporations’ social media marketing. Thus, this phenomenon establishes strong links between the different elements comprising the globalized world.


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