Socialism Ideology Benefiting the Public Good

Under the ideology of socialism, a ruling class of social planners, intellectuals, and bureaucrats decides what is right for people and what they want. The coercive power of the state is then used for regulating, redistributing, and taxing the wealth of individuals who work to sustain their living. In many ways, socialism is an ideology that supports legalized theft as a public good is directly associated with ensuring that the members of the society sacrifice their work, life, and belongings for the mutual good (Reed, 2018). Because of this, the left-wing ideology of socialism teaches people to be willing to self-sacrifice as common good comes before private good, and the institutionalization of sacrifice is usually implemented with the help of compulsion and organized violence to expropriate wealth from the producer class and redistribute it to the ”parasitical class’ within society.

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Therefore, through the use of power, justice within socialism is being upheld through the redistribution of resources to achieve equality among the members of society. Under socialism, social justice is achieved through the communal sharing by group, which means that clashes between the exploited and exploiting groups are inevitable (“Socialism,” 2019). Hierarchies that derive socialism are also seen as oppressive because they are based on unjust privileges and target identity groups. Therefore, the principle of social equality facilitates order by ensuring a social organization based on collective or governmental ownership. Socialism discards the institution of private property and transforming it into the public, with both property and the division of the resultant income being equally and indiscriminately among all members of society.


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