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Sony Corporation International Trade Strategy Analysis


One of the largest Japanese international corporations is Sony Corporation, which has its headquarters located in Tokyo. It is also important to note that fact that the company is old because it was founded on May 7, 1946. The external environment is manifested in the fact that it is the third-largest Japanese electronics corporation after Hitachi and Panasonic (Birkinbine, Gomez, & Wasko, 2016). It primarily specializes in the manufacturing of game consoles, professional and consumer electronics, and a number of other high-tech products. In addition, Sony Corporation is among the biggest media organizations, which possesses EMI and Sony Music Entertainment, and film studios, such as TriStar Pictures and Columbia Pictures.

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The company and Comcast also have a full archive of MGM movies. The given corporations delivers its financial services in Europe, China, US and Japan (Birkinbine et al., 2016). Sony’s current objective and strategy are focused on getting closer to people, which means that the company is shifting its vector of development on creating social value. In addition, Sony aims to generate such value for society by being highly profitable in order to ensure that all company owners see the corporation as a perspective one with outstanding potential for more growth.


Therefore, if a company continues with its current strategic approach, it will be a highly socially appealing company that is highly regarded as a top-notch firm. In five years, Sony might become the leading firm in all its segments, such as game and network services, music and entertainment, and electronics. This type of strategy will also ensure that the company will avoid many political issues and controversies because it will possess excelling public relations.

Specialists in public relations implement the value criteria of the rights of the people and people to life in the conditions of humane methods of social interactions in the culture of humanity. The contradictions of the modern stage of evolution of the subjects of society with power capabilities are optimized in communication systems with the use of valuable means of information culture of persuasion.

According to the criterion for the implementation of the value content in the organization’s activities, the main and global function of the public relations system is to ensure social interactions in the modes of implementing universal human ideals of humanity, justice, kindness, truth, rationality, harmony, and others justified in the philosophical culture of humankind. An information culture of belief based on ideals is implemented in systems of the anti-chaotic essence of human activity in specific situational and regular states of trust and mutual understanding of public groups interacting with specialized actors of society.

In the context of the contradictions of a globalizing culture, public relations systems form the basis for the formation of an optimistic worldview of a person. In addition, this reinforces the belief in the implementation of the ideals of justice, harmony, humanity during the period of one’s material life.


If I were the CEO of the given corporation, I would integrate additional charity activities that target not only the country of origin but the entire world. For instance, Sony could advance its efforts to cooperate with global organizations in solving issues of poverty, hunger, and preventable diseases (Süssenbach, 2018).

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The initial target location would be an African continent, where a lot of problems are present in this regard. This will promote and enhance Sony’s brand image and reputation as an international leader in a wide range of sectors, which are not exclusively for-profit. Many charitable activities will greatly benefit the company tax deduction strategies because charity-based financial arrangements possess a number of tax benefits (Tacchino, 2018).

The properly-set up funds based on Sony’s brand will ensure that the company becomes a globally leading organization, thus becoming closer to people. In addition, it also will open a wide range of opportunities for Sony to increase its profits even more. The instrumental perception of charity in the economy has made this concept meaningful. For the poor, charity is associated with survival, for those in need — with help, for immoral people — it is a source of unearned income. Wealthy organizations and individuals relate to charity in different ways, such as a burdensome burden, a call of conscience, compensation, or pay for trust. However, Sony should be involved in charity events to strengthen the reputation and image of the company.

Sony is engaged in various market sectors, however, it is safe to consider that Apple is the main Sony’s global competitor in consumer electronics and entertainment. In the country of origin, Hitachi and Panasonic are the main rivals. Apple’s strategy is based on becoming a producer of revolutionary products that set the current trends through innovation and advanced marketing (Blake, Nazarian, & Castel, 2015).

Hitachi’s primary strategy is based on providing smart life solutions and sustainability, which can be partially adopted by Sony because the company does not share all of the market sectors. It is possible that the most effective strategy is Apple’s approach because its market share and revenue show outstanding figures.


Therefore, Sony should aim to become a leader in innovation in all its segments. In addition, the corporation can enhance and improve its marketing strategies to become more customer-oriented and position itself as a manufacturer of revolutionary products. Thus, Sony does not need to combat the competitor’s strategies, but adopt them as their own and become East’s major innovator and market leader.


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