74 Trade Essay Topics

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  1. US International Trade and Economic Nationalism
    This essay looks at the international trade in the United States with respect to its economic nationalism, barriers to trade, and the deficits and surpluses.
  2. International Monetary Fund, World Bank, and World Trade Organization
    This paper studies three international financial organizations: the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, and the World Trade Organization.
  3. Gardena Flowers and Plants Trading Company Analysis
    The company’s mission is to be a trusted supplier of plant nurseries, ceramic pots, and outdoor deception materials that satisfy the diverse needs of its clientele.
  4. World Trade Organization and Doha Declaration
    The landmark multilateral agreement at the Bali conference in Indonesia under the umbrella of the WTO remains a major achievement of the Doha Declaration.
  5. Climate Change and International Trade
    The relationship between climate change and international trade has been on a great verge of developing a new critical issue. This was so evident at the Conference of Parties Climate Conference.
  6. Denmark’s Savings and Trade Balance
    The level of savings in Denmark increased over a period of time. A surplus of Denmark’s current account is an indication of the country’s level of savings as opposed to investment.
  7. Free Trade as a New Phenomenon in International Trade
    The free trade concept was introduced in “Theory of Comparative Advantage” by David Ricardo, and is one of the new phenomena in the international trade organization.
  8. The Theme of Trade in the Art
    In this paper, we will examine four artworks related to the theme of trade, and see how these artworks reflect the conditions of the society they are related to.
  9. Transatlantic Slave Trade: Development and Effects
    This essay discusses the development of transatlantic trade, its three routes, trade and transportation processes, and the negative impact of the trade in Africa.
  10. New France’s and the North American’ Fur Trade
    This paper seeks to explore the drivers of the fur trade and the role of New France in the whole picture. Notably, European exploration of North America jump-started the fur trade.
  11. Tradable Permit Schemes: Cap and Trade
    This paper critically examines tradable permit programs in the US and Europe by analysing the programs based on structure, costs, extent, key players, results, and effectiveness.
  12. Sony Corporation and the New Trade Theory
    The New Trade theory is referred to as an economic theory developed by several economists in the 1970s. This theory has clearly been elucidated by the Sony corporation.
  13. Trade Mark Protection in the United States Law
    The current US law provides protection for the registered trademarks to guarantee that their owners will be able to use their competitive advantage and remain beneficial.
  14. United Kingdom Trade Union Congress Mobilization
    This paper focuses on the Trade Union Congress in the United Kingdom and analyses the factors that have facilitated mobilisation and those that have hindered its growth.
  15. China-Africa Trade and Political Relations
    China and Africa have been economic and political allies for many years. This paper discusses trade and political relations between China and Africa.
  16. Economic Interdependence Theory and Future of Trade
    The paper addresses the economic interdependence theory, discovers its critical tenets and highlights the variables. It also predicts future trade and conflict.
  17. Ethical Trade in the UK Garment Industry
    This paper will aim at understanding the code of conduct that is voluntarily disclosed by the UK apparel companies.
  18. Gulf States, International Trade and Security
    World security is closely linked to international commerce. A military approach for purposes of deterrence and achievement of security in the Gulf is the most preferable approach.
  19. American Cuban Conundrum: Trade Relations
    The United States of America and Cuba need to come up with strategic plans and actions are handled appropriately to resuming their trade relations.
  20. Statistical Pairs Trading and Analyst Recommendation
    This paper focuses on the correlation between statistical pairs trading and analyst recommendations by employing the approach used by Gatev and colleagues.

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  1. International Business and Free Trade
    Globalization is at the center stage but it is affected by international trade, and free trade. This paper looks into globalization, international trade, and free trade.
  2. Carbon Tax and Cap-and-Trade System
    The problem of carbon emission into the atmosphere is highly associated with the greenhouse effect that has become a paradox in the world’s environmental economics.
  3. Economics: Carbon Tax vs. Cap-and-Trade System
    The carbon tax discourages the usage of environmentally hazardous vehicles. Cap-and-trade system involves a smooth transition from one type of energy production to another.
  4. Globalization Impacts on Trade and Employment
    Globalization refers to the integration of the world markets. It facilitates smooth movement of goods and people from one country to another.
  5. The Fair Trade Concept
    The very concept of fair trade implies that no overpricing should occur when carrying out essential financial transactions between the suppliers and the producing companies.
  6. Insider Trading Situation in 2017
    This paper summarizes the information on insider trading which was published on news websites and in newspapers and journals from January 6, 2017, to March 10, 2017.
  7. Virtual Water Savings and Trade in Agriculture
    The idea of virtual water was initially created as a method for assessing how water-rare nations could offer food, clothing, and other water-intensive products to their residents.
  8. Future Fabrication, International Trade, Transportation
    Nowadays, the development of air, rail, and road transport contributed to the development of the worldwide delivery of the products.
  9. Foreign Investment and Trade Policy in the US
    This paper analyzes and explores the article that discusses the issue of foreign direct investment in the United States of America.
  10. World Trade Center Disaster and Anti-Terrorism
    The 9/11 attacks in the United States led to the World Trade Center disaster, which was a major wakeup call for the authorities in the security field of the nation.
  11. The United Kingdom’s Fair Trade Initiatives
    The United Kingdom as one of the most powerful states engaged in the fair trade initiative provides improved trading conditions to developing states.
  12. Trade Openness and Economic Growth’s Relationship
    In the article “The Relationship Between Trade Openness and Economic Growth,” authors discover aspects of measuring trade openness and its impact on economic growth.
  13. Virtual Water Trade of Agricultural Products
    Virtual water trade is a concept associated with globalization and the global economy. Its rise was motivated by growing water scarcity in arid areas around the world.
  14. Using Free and Secure Trade to Smuggle Drugs
    The issue of terrorism and drug trafficking is a big problem of international trade. The main function of the implementation of FAST was to curb drug trafficking.
  15. Virtual Water Trade and Savings in Agriculture
    This essay discusses the savings associated with virtual water trade in agriculture and touches on the effects of a shift to local agricultural production on global water savings.
  16. Water Savings and Virtual Trade in Agriculture
    Water trade in agriculture is not a practice that is unique to the modern generation. The practice was common long before the emergence of the Egyptian Empire.
  17. Globalization Impact on Trade and Employment
    One of the notable effects of globalization is heightened trade liberalization and opening up of global labor markets.
  18. North American Free Trade Agreement’s Pros & Cons
    This report will discuss the benefits and demerits of NAFTA to the transportation industry of the United States, Mexico and Canada.
  19. International Business and Free Trade Agreement
    The paper seeks to examine both the advantages and shortcomings of the North American Free Trade Agreement and thereafter draw an individual conclusion.
  20. Canada’s International Trade Policy
    International trade strategies have changed for Canada. In fact, 2017 is proving to be the year that define the country’s international trade policy.

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  1. Nestlé’s Nescafe Partners’ Blend and Fair Trade
    Nestle UK is a leading manufacturer and an established value-adding company that provides a market opportunity for coffee farmers.
  2. The Political Economy of International Trade
    The work analyzes the book that focuses on international trade and how most governments view free trade as ideal but may interfere with the trading for political and economic goals.
  3. International Trade Theory: Hill’s Book Summary
    This work summarizes Hill’s book about international theories and the benefits of international trade through the examination of the garment industry in Bangladesh.
  4. China Trade Barriers and Their Economic Effects
    China continues its policies aimed at setting certain trade barriers and it introduces some “financial tools” in the local currency.
  5. Sugar and Cotton History and Present Trade
    In this paper, we will compare sugar with another commodity – cotton, which had a similar early history to the emergence of sugar.
  6. Modes of International Trade Payment
    The importer pays for the goods before they are shipped for export. The supplier is fully protected from non payment for the goods as it gets done in advance.
  7. Nicaragua’s Overreliance on International Trade
    Nicaragua’s overreliance on international trade can place it at the damage while bargaining primarily, due to the risk of mutual trade sanctions concerned.
  8. Labour Rights in International Trade
    In international trade, there is the interaction of different countries whose labor rights might differ from generally accepted by international human labor rights bodies.
  9. Fair Trade: Japan – Taxes on Alcoholic Beverages
    The WTO indicted Japan for what it described as a violation of the internal taxation and regulations as stipulated in the General Agreement on Tariff and Trade 1994.
  10. The World Trade Organization’s Controversies
    The World Trade Organization deals with fairness in trade. It designs rules to ensure that large economies and small economies are at par in economic growth.
  11. Christopher Columbus: Voyage to Asia’s Discover Trade Routes
    Christopher Columbus wants to attempt to find new trade routes to Asia by sailing westward. This desire is motivated by dangerous waters in the East, and high cost of shipping.
  12. Triangular Trade, Its Legs and Mechanism
    Triangular trade consisted of three parties, namely Africa, England, and the New World. This essay will discuss the development of transatlantic trade.
  13. Ethical Trade in the UK Garment Industry
    This research is relevant to understand in business ethics in the garment industry is genuine or a mere response to the pressure groups and the stakeholders.
  14. The Demographic Changes of American Trade Unions
    The labor movements in the United States of America have a long history, spanning from the mid-nineteenth century. The movements originated in Europe, from where they spread to other parts of the world.
  15. Slave Trade and Workforce in American History
    This paper describes the main problem during the first half of the XVII century in the USA, the scarcity of laborers combined with the high demand for workforce.
  16. International Trade Benefits for the US Economy
    The United States has benefited from international trade, which has brought about the rapid growth of the economy. Production has influenced the growth of trade among countries.
  17. Globalization Impacts on Trade and Employment
    Globalization is the process that refers to the coming together of the international markets. This report examines the impacts of globalization on trade and employment.
  18. Global Trade Slowdown and Protectionism
    The slow growth of global commerce has been attributed to protectionism, the slowdown in the global value chain, and technologies.
  19. Trading Instructions: Primary Source Analysis
    This essay analyzes the document that includes a set of guidelines regarding the coordination of Fort Hall as one of the essential trading posts at the time.
  20. HIV Transmission and Syringe Trade-In System
    In the modern societal culture, the transmission of HIV is more commonly found to happen via sexual intercourse rather than sharing of syringes while using narcotics.

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