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Personal Leadership Development and Course Goals


Self-development for improving leadership skills is an indispensable condition for any ambitious employee. It is not enough just to want to achieve high results; it is important to train and learn new techniques that will help to adapt to a competitive environment and, at the same time, become a part of a cohesive team. As for my leadership skills, I believe that I have already learned something, but there are always areas that deserve more detailed analysis. I feel that my goals are considerably justified; nevertheless, I realize that I have much to study to achieve high results.

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Personal Leadership Qualities

One of the important features that an experienced employee with the qualities of a leader should possess is integrity. It seems to me that I do not have enough professionalism yet to talk about my unique abilities. However, I cannot be called a deceitful person, and I can say with confidence that I can be trusted. I have enough knowledge not to look too self-confident and, at the same time, prove that my work skills have a rather good educational background. As for communication, I have never experienced problems with it. I think that I could become a part of the team and motivate my colleagues to organize teamwork.

Sources for Learning Leadership Skills

Obtaining useful leadership skills is possible in many ways. I have managed to find relevant information from various sources. As Daft (2014) notes, the competitive environment is suitable for achieving flexibility, which is important to any team and organization. Besides, I believe that a particular personal experience can also help me. During the training, I have learned some useful techniques, and my teachers were a good personal example for me. Certainly, additional electronic and written scientific sources are an integral part of an educational process. I know that my experience is not enough to conclude about my training. Nevertheless, I do everything possible to learn and get the necessary educational background to develop leadership qualities.

Personal Leadership Strengths and Goals

I believe that all people have their strengths, but to develop specific skills, everyone should work hard. I agree with Manning and Curtis (2015), who argue that the formation of leadership qualities is impossible without setting clear goals. It seems to me that I will be able to set specific goals, as well as help my colleagues and motivate them to achieve concrete results. Moreover, I already have some valuable information necessary for self-development.

I believe that to earn the trust of the collective and superiors, a person should be honest and open, and I think that these qualities are also inherent in me. I aim to study all the necessary techniques that can help in the process of work and hone necessary skills.

Ways to Develop Personal Abilities and Goals for the Course

According to Daft (2014), personal training is hard without an experienced coach. I completely agree with the author and know that the course we are studying is a good start for self-development. Reading specialized literature is another technique that is significantly necessary. The knowledge of professionals may be indispensable during the process of education. I suppose that taking a leading role right now would not help me much as I am still is not experienced enough to implement my knowledge. As for me, training is one the best ways to achieve success; thus, everything I need is to believe in personal strengths and self-develop regularly. This course will help me during my studies, and I wish all the materials were appropriate to our level of knowledge.

Thus, I can assume that I have much to study to become a good specialist who can motivate colleagues and improve the workflow of a particular company or organization. I hope that my studies will be a good start to my working career and give me the knowledge that is of importance for the development of leadership qualities. In addition to the information from the course, I expect to study independently, since, in my opinion, self-development is an integral part of the educational process.

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